Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pregestimil-Hypoallergenic Formula

Last nite, I fully breastfed Isaac from 6pm til 4am. He was a bit fussy, until Anoti had to make 1oz of formula for him to suck on and later shift him to the breast. Thank God that this trick works. Up til 4am, Isaac was really fussy and refused to latch on my breast, prolly due to slow and low milk supply. As a result, both of us surrender and made him a bottle of milk. After feeding him, I brought him over to the CL room.

U heard me right, my MIL insisted that we hire another CL for 2 weeks after Isaac's full moon, mainly for 2 reasons;
a) I looked really pale and shud practise 40 days confinement.
b) Isaac is not really easy to handle, its best for the CL to take care until he is a bit bigger.

Went to the hospital to pick up Isaac's special formula this morning. I hope my baby boy will take it bcoz its bitter.

Dear Lord,

I leave it all to your hands. Protect my little baby, and free him from all illnesses. Let the Dr. find out what's wrong with him as he's been really cranky lately. I also pray that I may produce more breastmilk so that Isaac will not have to take this awful taste milk. Give me the wisdom, courage and strength to bring this baby up. Amen.

Bloody Stool

By this time, I shud be like any other mothers posting up their newborn pictures and share my birth and confinement experience. But, sunshine has made both mummy and daddy worry, in fact both of us are so stress.

Isaac has streaks of blood in his stool, it has been on going for ONE MONTH. At first Dr said its a fissure in the anus, during the next visit Dr suspected it was Soy based formula that is not suitable for him, we changed to Enfalac A+ but the problem still exist. Went to the hospital again yday, Dr said there's this possibility that Isaac is allergic to MILK, and has to take special formula. If only I could breastfeed him completely, my poor baby would not have to go through this.

I'm torn apart.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Anyone wants to donate breast milk?

My nen-nen (milk) supply is not enough for my fussy demanding son. Its almost ONE month and the most I can pump is just 6oz, and this only happened ONCE. My daily milk supply is just 5oz (for 2 feeds), so pathetic.

Isaac boy doesnt like to latch on my breast, he prefers bottle! He will only latch on my breast in the morning and that only happens ONCE everyday. Direct breastfeeding is IMPOSSIBLE for his next feed, as he'll scream his lungs out, I tried to force him to latch on my breast, he refused to even look at the breast, scream until he turned RED.

I seriously fail big time in breastfeeding. I've tried papaya soup, fenugreek, massage, etc....but it doesnt boost my milk supply. HELP!! Else, I would have to sell my Spectra 7 pump for half price.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Son Shines

Hi Everyone,

Anoti & I are proud parents of blessed Sunshine.

My name is Isaac Voo Y. H.

Born on the 7th Sept 2009 (Morning)

Birth weight : 3.30 kg

Body length : 51 cm

Head Circumference : 35.5cm

Gender: 100% a BOY

Mummy's Condition: Thanks everyone! Recovering from C-sect. Will get back into her feet once daddy let mummy uses his lappie.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Early Sunshine

Calling him sunshine has always been the best thing I've ever done. Yes,my baby boy has arrived early on the 7th Sept 09, a morning baby at 38wks. will keep u all posted once I'm back on my feet. Thanks 4 all the support n well wishes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's in my Hospital Bag?

As days draw closer, I just can't wait to meet lil' sunshine. Hence, I think its time to pack my bags. But what should I really pack? Hm...I'll show you mine and lemme know what shud be added.

1. CryoCord Kit

Dun Play Play, we payed so much for this. Can't afford to miss this out.

2. Maternity Pad

My SIL advice was to get the L O N G E S T heavy flow night use pad I could possible find in the market. Since I'm so yim chim (fussy), I don't think I'll like the hospital pad so I got myself pads which must be COTTONY SOFT plus WINGS.

SOFY has this 40.5 cm pad, I checked out all the supermarkets and could only find 35cm. :(

As for INTIMATE, the length is 33.8cm but what I like about it was its SUPER WIDE BACK PROTECTION. That's why I bought it to give it a try.

POISE is another pad that I would recommend to friends. I call this the Stand-By-Pad. It comes really useful when your water bag has broken. Just get a small pack will do. I'm sure you do not want to soak your car seat with 'baby juice'.

3. Disposable Maternity Underwear

30pcs standby!

I can imagine how messy it will be after delivery. I don't think you want to get your sexy pretty panties stained, do you?

Cotton Material with FWAWER prints. Cool or not?
I bought this in Guangzhou on March 09.

4. Nursing Bra

5. Breast Pads
Since face mask was a hit during this flu pandemic, you can replace it with N95 Face Mask! Since they look so similar.

6. Sarongs

7. Socks-2 pairs

8. Button shirts
/ Front opening shirt

9. Small Towel for sponge bath

10. Fresh Clean Set of going home outfit. I'm going to bring my cap along, bcoz I don't want to look like Mother Mary. I remembered I saw one new mommy wearing baby towel like a tudung in the hospital lobby while waiting for discharged, just to avoid our body from masuk angin. Nope! I will not want to look like that.

11. Toiletries - Facial Wash, Toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser

12. Snacks & Energy Drink
My favorite drinks!

Friends advice: Before you go in for delivery. Drink one bottle of this. It is said to give u more energy wah...i dunno how true is this.

13. Herbs
Don't ask me bout this. It was prepared by my MIL and I know she wants me to take this after delivery.

14. Tissue Paper
According to SIL, hospital provide very low quality tissue paper or toilet roll. Its best to bring our own soft tissue to wipe our sore *ahem*.

15. Music
Its for sunshine. Just wanna get him something familiar, sense of security. Disc 1 is his favorite.

16. Baby's Bag - booties, mittens, towels, bodysuits, towel, disposable diapers.

15. Last But Not Least, ANOTI !!
How can I not bring him along. He'll be the one who is going to prepare the gadgets like camera, viewcam, handphone charger.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine's Nursery

As promised, sunshine's room is finally up. Not only have I cleaned and decorated sunshine's room, I've even packed sunshine's hospital bag but not mine. I'm so excited to meet my sunshine but have been procrastinating packing my own hospital bag, so pathetic.

I bought 4 dozens of baby bath towels and took out 2 dozen.

85pcs of hand-me-down cloth diapers from Noel.
I took out 1/3 of it. Its more than enough rite?

My DIY GD Card.
Thanks to Michelle who gave me this useful website.

Baby's feeding set almost complete. Waiting for my Spectra 7 Breast Pump to arrive this few days.

Bought animal theme wall stickers for RM145.

And this is the outcome

On the right, my breastfeeding lazy chair. I custom made the cushion cover to go with the room color. Initially it was bloody red in color.

Sunshine's Learning Wall

Sunshine's entertainment 'theater'.

What do you think? My nephew loves this room so much. He likes to be inside with me especially when I play baby songs. He even wants to dive into the baby cot n play with all the toys. Such a BIG BABY! I think he realised that there'll be a new member very soon, he's so sticky lately.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pregnancy Week 36 - Part II

Antenatal Class
Before I forget, Anoti and I attended antenatal class on the 29th Aug 2009 (Sat). I was surprised that the class was almost full house. I didnt know that parents take this baby matter seriously. Overall the class was informative, it would be even better if it is conducted in English.

Antenatal Class covered the following topics like Phases of Labor Pain, Delivery Methods, Alternatives on pain relief, Newborn Jaundice, Breastfeeding and Infant Care. After the Dr. explanation, I feel like taking up Epidural, but a lot of my family members and friends advised me not to do so. WHAT SHUD I DO? I'm in such a dilemma now.

Anyway, through out the whole session Anoti did an excellent job of cleaning baby, bathing baby, handling baby, positioning baby for breastfeeding, damn he is born to do this. SUCH A PRO!

As for me, I'm so clumsy, baby slipped from my hands, i changed baby's clothes without supporting the neck, i bumped baby's head to the edge of the basin, I was so rough at cleaning baby's umbilical cord that It was almost pulled out. Damn embarrassing you know. Those nurses and parents-to-be who were standing beside me must have thought that I'm a terrible mother. C'mon!!! I'm a new mommy-to-be, give me some credits k. (Sunshine, don't worry, daddy say he'll bathe u in our basin n place towels around the edge, so that mummy we wont bump your head to the edge.)

No matter what, I'm still very determined to breastfeed my baby. I know it maybe very demanding and tiring, all I need to do is to equip myself with knowledge, patience and determination. I just pray that I'll produce breastmilk after delivery. FYI, I just bought myself a Spectra 7 Breast Pump on Sunday, will be arriving this Friday.

Tips to reduce pregnancy Itchy Belly

Those itchiness are driving me up to the wall. Anoti has to hold my hands to stop me from scratching. Because of that, Anoti quickly get a new baby hanky from the nursery, turn on the HOT HOT water from the running tape, soaked the hanky into the hot water, rinsed dry and slabbed it on my itchy belly, INSTANTLY i could see myself on cloud nine.

NO MORE ITCHY BELLY!! For those of you, who is suffering from pregnancy itchy belly you can try this method. But then its not a good idea to put ur hot hanky on the tummy for such a long period, our poor baby will squirm due to the heat. That's why Anoti will only leave the hanky on for 5 seconds and will not repeat it after the 3rd time. If I ask for more, he'll definitely say sumthing like this "Please lar...there's a baby inside, don't punish my baby k." Fuiyoh! He made me look like a bad mother!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pregnancy Week 36

Date: 24th -30th August 2009

Undeniably I can see that the belly has dropped. I can insert my palm in between my boobs and belly. Other than that, I felt twinges or sharp pains radiating to the vagina. The increased pressure on the vagina had definitely made my visits to the toilet more frequent.

The whole week, I was busy doing 'monkey business'. Scratching my itchy belly for goodness gracious. And I can tell you that my stretchmarks are getting from bad to worst. The drastic change, the dropped belly plus my growing sunshine in me, it is more than enough to make my belly suffer. Check my next post on how to overcome itchiness.

This week is the week I pamper myself. I went to the hair salon, nail salon and beauty salon. I have to admit that my hair was a bit messy during the past few weeks. Nail salon to get my mani-pedi done, this time I went for pink shades. My beautician is kind enough to adjust the bed for me so that I won't feel uncomfortable during the 1hr plus facial. I seriously can't imagine how messy I'll look during my confinement.

Have anyone of you tried home spa or mask during confinement? Are we allowed to do so? I wonder!

The nursery wall decoration is up! Its so colorful. I hope sunshine will love it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week 35

Post Dated : 17th Aug -23 Aug 2009


Due to the recent H1N1 flu pandemic, driving, shopping, outing just don't interest me. Even if I go to the office or just our neighborhood store, I hav to put on a mask which I dun feel comfortable and easy at. Knowing that pregnant women are more vulnerable, Anoti had bought 150pcs of mask. Hence, I rather stay at home most of the time, giving instructions to the maid to clean our room thoroughly,
- wash curtains
- clean window mosquito nets

- clean ceiling (making sure that there's no cobwebs)

- wipe walls
- wash bed skirt
- floor mat - bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow and bolster cases
and I'm so proud to say that my room is dirt free. It feels like a new room to us.

Body Changes
Stretchmarks are more obvious this week. no matter how much oil I applied its still the same.

But then again, it wud be even worse if I din apply any earlier, it would definitely a disaster for now. My mom told me she got it when she was just 4 to 5 months pregnant with me. I think I'm lucky at least I had it on my 8months of pregnancy. Due to weight shift and pressure, I walk like a DUCK. yes, you are right! I WADDLE for goodness sake. I feel funny myself, my parents think that I'm cute waddling, i told them I want to be as graceful as a SWAN and not a DUCK.


Dr Lim appointment was scheduled on 20th August (Thurs). Sunshine's weight was 2.9kg at 35w4d.

Sunshine is really growing FAST. This time, Dr Lim commented that baby is SLIGHTLY big. He estimated a 3.5kg baby. O_o" Should I be worried or what. I'm scared! This is my 1st baby, i'm not big or tall in size (4ft 11 ONLY), I want a natural birth, do u think its a good idea? Dear God, I leave it all into your hands.


I've increased another 1kg. All in all, I've put on 14kg till now. With such a growth rate, its unlikely I can achieve the ideal pregnancy weight of 15kg coz I still hav 4 weeks to go. Lately, I've experienced Braxton Hicks Contraction very frequently, other than that, I find it uncomfortable when sunshine sticked his foot up to my ribs. I think he's trying to break my ribs with his karate kick.

We went to attend F.O.C Antenatal Exercise at Likas Hospital on the 22nd Aug 2009 (Sat).

Since it was FREE, both of us din have much expectation from the course. We did learn a bit of this and that & the exercise was helpful indeed. I'm glad that Anoti was so supportive, we had fun during the exercise as we played around the yoga mat.

Dear Sunshine,
This is Daddy's first baby-related activity. Mummy thought that he will not take this seriously, in fact daddy was the one who was paying attention to the speaker most of the time and jotting down notes.
Be proud of him. Make sure you are a caring person like daddy too. Love you.

Don't believe it...look at daddy's notes! Top Left Corner....The 1st picture was a bit obscene...lol

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy Week 34

Whee! its almost end of week 34. I'm so proud of myself!! Do I want to show a pic of how I look like right now? I think the answer is "I'm Not Ready."

It was so HOT during the last few days. Been sweating like crazy even the aircon was set to the max. (my electricity bill sure rockets high this month) Not only do i look 'wet', I think I smell like a "fat woman" too, (no hard feelings to those h o r i z o n t a l l y challenge ladies. I'm just trying to describe how I feel. ). I always tell Anoti I have this 'funny unpleasant' smell, but this hubby of mine always comes to me, sniff sniff and says "NO LAR! u smell great and I love it." I think something is wrong with Anoti's nose. Or he is afraid I'll run away from home just bcoz he thinks I stink.

Body Changes

My belly still measures at 39 inch but my weight has increased for 1kg over 2 weeks. My hips are bigger for sure. And my boobs and buttocks are so big & heavy, until i dunno whether to stand up right or to slouch. Other than that, I feel that the belly has dropped slightly. All the 3-Bs (boobs, buttocks and belly) are putting a lot of pressure to the back, no wonder my back feels tired and 'sour-ish".

As for stretchmarks, I'm using Bio-Oil, I'm hoping for miracle to happen. But what I'm worried now is my distorted look belly button. Imagine my cute mini-mini-10cents like bun that has turn into a squashed-overstretched-50cents like bun, how on earth will it get back to its original shape. It doesn't cause any pain right at this moment, but I'm concern with the 'aftermath'.


Went to our review on Monday (10/8/09), it showed that sunshine is already 2.6kg. Again, sunshine always seems bigger than the usual baby
size i read from babycenter.com or babyzone.com.
C'mon! I'm just 34wks. And none of the readings state 34. Shud I be worried or what?

But when Grace showed me this, I was beaming from ears to ears.

Anoti is surely excited. This week he dreamt that with the presence of Dr Lim, I delivered sunshine in our bedroom. Bcoz of this dream, he reprimanded that I shud carry my phone where ever I go, even to the toilet, he even ordered me to hang it around my neck so that I can make emergency calls if anything happens.

Anoti found out that his sunshine is really strong. Anoti will make weird 'ooh' , 'ahhh', 'waahh', 'fuiyoh', whenever he sees a wave-like movement belly. Its very scary u know....as if sunshine wants to tear me up.

I've been practicing Kegel and taking my vitamins and supplements without fail since there's s only few weeks left.

The whole week, I was busy preparing and decorating the nursery. Will post it up once I'm done, another 10% to go. Can't wait to show all of you.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Right on the 1st day of week 33, sunshine show me his 1st masterpiece. He painted his love on my tummy and I think it wud be permanent. As a mummy-to-be I shud be really proud of sunshine's 'artistic' talent, surprisingly this time I was not overwhelmed with joy but with fear and anger.

I am colored with pink and purple streaks of STRETCHMARK right under my belly! I was devastated. I summoned Anoti to check on my belly, all he could say was "Its not so bad." In fact, I was very angry. But I dunno who to blame.
-Anoti who made me pregnant?
-Nutritious food that I've been taking?
-Or my lil sunshine that just wanna grow in me?
-Or the genes since my mum got it too when she was pregnant with me?
-Or Myself, who was being too lazy to apply cream for the past 4 days?

Anoti leaned forward, hugged me and said, " Mummy, its okie. You have Daddy and Sunshine. Let's focus on our lil' sunshine and welcome sunshine with lotsa love. And don't let this small matter affect u. Just hang in there dear, few more weeks to go."

Awwww...i almost melted. I hav the best hubby on earth, and I must admit I am seriously STUPID and SILLY to think that it's the end of the world. Can sumone please slap me. I'm so sorry sunshine.


Dear mamas out there, I feel terribly bad. Not because of the stretchmarks that appeared on my belly. But my ignorance for all the sacrifices you made for your children. Bravery, selflessness, determination and perseverance are traits that I've yet to learn from you all. Hats off, I dearly look up to all of you. Help and guide me to be a better person, at least a good mama to my sunshine.

Pregnancy Week 33

I sweat like crazy. I need to take at least 2 showers a day or change 3 times in the day. I have aching and sore like pelvis, as if I ran for 5km. In fact, all I did was just sleep and rest.
Since I need a lot of rest and am tired all the time, I work from home now a day, my workstation is my ROOM.

Body Changes
I no longer put on my wedding and engagement rings as they are getting 'smaller'. *hint hint* I need a BIGGER diamond ring. =P And I have taken off my necklace because I noticed that I have melasma and mini oil seeds on my neck. Will mini oil seeds disappear once I give birth? My poor belly button is overstretched and colored with dark patches. Linea Nigra, brownish line between navel and pubic bone is so obvious that i don't feel like wearing white or any mini T shirts that reveals the belly.

Sunshine will kick and wiggle when hungry followed by hiccups once being fed. Weird rite?
Knows how to massage mummy by giving me strong & rhythmic rolling movement. And I also noticed weird 'snapping' and 'clicking' noises coming from the belly. Anyone encounter this? One more thing, sunshine doesnt like the idea of mummy placing a book on the belly when mummy reads. He'll 'kick' it away. I can swear to you it happens everytime i read at nite. I have to read by lying sideways so that i can place my book on the bolster.

He is very excited to meet sunshine. Always ask sunshine the same question "When can I meet you? " Before bed, he'll place his lips on my belly button to tell sunshine how much he loves him. He thinks that my belly button is a mic or amplifier that can send his message across to his sunshine. What a SILLY BOY!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Have I Got Myself Into?

We signed up CryoCord on Thursday, paid a hefty sum for 20 years storage. In fact, I had totally throw this back of my mind as I don’t see any significance in cord blood storage. But, Anoti felt that since we are young and can afford why not, he doesn’t want to take any risk. I think this Daddy-to-be is trying to play his daddy-role. Keep it up dear, I’m so proud of you and our Sunshine is very grateful to have you.

Once I have sunshine in me, everything changed. Planning became my daily routine, petty little things became the priority in my life. And I must admit that preparation of Sunshine’s arrival has indeed reshuffled the priority of my life.

“...now that the baby is still in our womb...we’ve so many concerns/worries/decisions to make. Imagine when the baby is HERE..” (Grace in MSN)

Grace was right, we are so busy planning for the arrival of our lil’ one, what more when our lil’ one arrives. I totally agree with her.

“ the baby is a LIFE..my job is only to make money...i used to think my job is quite difficult and so much effort...but now..I begin to enjoy it. LOL”

I simply love this statement, I think there's no turning back once we made the decision to have a FAMILY.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Life is definitely beautiful yet it is so fragile. I lost an uncle due to the recent flu pandemic, it was so devastating and heartbreaking. He was such a great man. It was far-fetch that he is no longer with us. I no longer trust the Malaysian Health System and I'm totally angry and disappointed with the public and private hospitals who treated him.

"The four death cases in Malaysia revealed that the doctors did not give the patients appropriate treatment in time and it was saddening to learn that the victims had all died in hospitals..."(source)

Dear QQ, you will always be missed. I'm sure you are at a better place right now. RIP

--- --- ---

Mom called up this morning and said that our dog Ah Boyd (old faithful) has passed away. What a gloomy day.

Ah Boyd, thanks for being such a wonderful companion for the past 12 years. You are a warrior & hero to me. We love y

Sigh...life is so so fragile. All these news are more than enough to tear me apart. I'm emotionally wrecked right now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pregnancy Week 32

We went for our review on Monday 27th July. Waited for almost an hour, but that 1-hour was worth it when we got to see our lil' sunshine. According to the Dr Lim, I'm 32 weeks now.

"Everything looks good, nothing to worry bout. Baby is doing really well. And according to the scan, baby is now 2.3kg."

"Baby's weight normal? or Big?"

Dr Lim gave me a BIG SMILE. Then I asked again, "Is baby too big?"

"Don't worry, just don't starve yourself."

I went to have a closer look at the screen and read ........

"35w2d....EDD 29-08-2009 ?" (my actual EDD is 22nd Sept k.....)

Dr Lim gave me this cheeky smile and said "at this stage, your baby is not small either."

My jaws almost dropped.

"Am eating too much? Am I the one causing it to grow so fast...." before i could finish,

my calm sexy Dr said, "Relax, I'll see you in another 2 weeks time."

Isn't he cool or what? How can I not 'laP' and trust him. Argh! I must say I admire this man.

On the contrary, can someone tell me what are these all about....*biting nails*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week 30 & 31

Dear Sunshine, the reason I started to get this blog alive again is bcoz of you. Especially you being the first baby that daddy and mummy is going to have. So many to tell but very lil' time to pen it on this faithful blog of mummy. Hence, mummy got myself this ....

Mummy's Little Black Book for personal message and also quick notes.

Week 30

"I can feel your head......your fingers......and your almighty legs."

Sunshine is in a vertex position now. Its no joke when I tell my family and friends that sunshine is 'DRILLING' with his head and poking/scratching my lower abdomen with his fingers. Its so so 'geli' and uncomfortable especially when I have a full bladder.

During that same week, I was sick. I started off with a sore throat and later flu. Anoti was really worried for sure. He was afraid I contracted Influenza A(H1N1) as I have frens who came back from Perth and Singapore that visited me. Hence, I was restricted to go out for 2 days. =(

Week 31

"....Indigestion and heartburn is taking its toll, Gaviscon is now my new friend."

23rd July 2009, Sunshine and I were awake until 4am in the morning. As I tried to throw myself into lala-land, sunshine wasn't really cooperative. Sunshine with his almighty kicks made me rolled from side to side like an obedient puppy that was commanded by his master. I guess Indigestion and heartburn had made a lot of 'noise' in the body, no wonder sunshine wasn't be able to sleep. And sunshine was trying to punish me for that.

In the wee hours like that, the only thing I could think of is Sunshine Full Moon's Dinner preparation that I have almost missed out. Theme, Color, Venue, Door Gifts, Cake, Guest List and also photo montage/video clips. And I dun think I can do it on my confinement month, hence its better to arrange it now before sunshine arrives in September. Any suggestions?

By the way, my belly was measured at 37.5 inch @ 30th and 31st Week, for those of you who emailed on my belly size.
I shud hav used a proper measuring tape, but then Anoti was too lazy to get it from my MIL's sewing machine downstairs. Hence, he took out his so called 'measuring tape'.

I look like a piece of bulky furniture to him, huh? ~_~"

I think I have outgrown IKEA's Measurement tape by now. *sweats*

Monday, July 27, 2009

My 1st Baby Related Workshop

Time zapped like a bolt of lightning, I remembered attending Pre-Marriage Talk by the Church where we were thought about the values of marriage, our role towards the church plus Billing Ovulation Method. Yesterday, I attended a workshop just bcoz of Sunshine. My first ever baby related activity, I am so proud of myself!! I almost cried, I couldn't believe I'm going to be a mummy real soon....*sob sob*

I have baby fats on my cheeks!

Johnson's Baby Touch Infant Massage Workshop @ Tang Dynasty Hotel which covered bathing, massaging and breastfeeding topics. I found it interesting since this was my first workshop and I have no others to compare.

To be honest, I'm scared that Anoti can't handle sunshine, especially bathing. I hope this Daddy-to-be will pull up his socks.

Door Gift

I'm looking forward for the next antenatal class by Hospital Likas. I hope it will be a fruitful one.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pregnancy Week 29

Yay! I can walk pain-less-ly (thanks to Fresh Milk). I'm so happy that I'm back on my feet, but shopping is out of the question at the moment. If you think you can walk like Tyra Banks on the runway, dream on woman! My belly is the size of a big watermelon and made walking so difficult. Instead of walking North to South, I'm walking East to West, have no control over my walking movements. As if there's a pillow stuck in between the legs.

Once I reach the 3rd trimester, I feel like a beach whale. I'm very fussy especially on my attire and undergarments. I just don't know why. During the 1st and 2nd trimester, I love to wear fitting T Shirts just to show off that sexy bump of mine, but NOW, i'm trying 'hide' it when it gets bigger. How weird is that.

I love to wear maternity pants/leggings that covers the whole belly and not the low waist pants.
source: Pea in The Pod
How I wish I have such long legs. So unfair!

Same to my undergarments. Wired and padded bras are not comfortable once I hit the 2nd trimester. I prefer soft granny bra, but later when i found out there's support bra out in the market, no second thoughts was given and bought it instantly even though it was so expensive like RM139.90 (2 pcs).

source: Mothercare

Comfort is my 1st priority. Mainly because Pregger sweats like a freaking fountain, that is why I'm so fussy over my attire. Plus, with my active sunshine, no way I'm wearing tight fitting attire and show the world my tornado like tummy when sunshine decides to give me sudden kicks of love and wicked back rub. It would definitely scare the shit out of people.

I think I'm the fussiest pregnant woman on earth.

A note to Sunshine: Don't worry dear. It only happens during pregnancy. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pregnancy Week 28

Today marks the day I enter 3rd semester of pregnancy, another 3 months of pregnancy left to go. Undeniably, I feel that I'm large and clumsy. And it made the situation worse, when some strangers asked "When are you due? next month?" I prefer they rather keep their mouth shut. In fact it made me worried, probably I have the fear of labor. .

Sunshine movements are so strong that I called it the 'O-Shine Belly Massage'. Not even Osim, Ogawa or Gintel beats my O-Shine. Sometimes, Anoti will put his hand on my belly for a hand massage. How nice is that. But then again, O-Shine doesnt come with a remote control. So it is not easy to operate.

I checked with Dr Lim the other day and found out that I had only put on 10kg up till this time. Its so hard to believe. I think its either his weighing scale or mine has gone cuckooed. This I hav to find out.

Remember, my post on stretch mark creams. I have finished mine and I'm now on my 4th tube of Palmer's ...

Bought this at Guardian for RM39.90. Still the same old cream but it is more concentrated, but the smell is HEAVENLY. The smell of Cocoa is just irresistable, it always makes me hungry after applying it. Now, please excuse me, I must go and have my cup of milo. *stomach growling*

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Other Me

If you think that she's some kinda Taiwanese or Japanese artist. Nope! You are definitely wrong. She's my twin sister (The only difference is that we're 5 years apart), Daphne.

My only little sista have fully bloomed at the age of 21. Time really flies rite? Another 3 months to go, she'll be 'Liang Yi Yi' (Hakka), 'Leng Yi Yi' (Cantonese) or Pretty Yi Yi. Isn't she pretty or what. I seriously think she has the potential.

Sunshine, mummy want to make this clear. This is not Mummy, this is Yi Yi. I'm sure you will like her once you see her. And you better do, cause if Yi Yi comes back for semester break, she'll be the one babysitting you. *evil plans*

P/S: Daphne, I don't think you can run away from me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week 27

Backache was really bad. I have to rest on my bed for most of the time. 2 days in the office had made my backache even worse. Hence, Anoti asked me to rest at home. I cant even put myself to sit in front of the computer for more than 30mins. Standing and sitting upright definitely put a lot of pressure to the lower backbone.

Dr Charlie, my chiropractor confirmed that I was suffering from pregnancy-related sciatica. Inflammation of the sciatic nerves have caused the muscle around my left buttock extremely stiff during the second visit. He massaged my back and my buttock just to ease the pain, putting on ice pack on the affected area definitely helps. The Dr suggested that I sleep on the opposite side of the pain and keep a pillow in between my legs. Its like magic, i tell u. Again, I can't say that I have fully recovered. To be honest, I've lost my momentum on walking. I feel that I no longer know how to walk. My 14 months nephew walks faster than I do. What a shame. But I'm sure I will get better before the 3rd trimester.

All these pain just fade off instantly when I visited Dr Lim on Friday. Its all worth it. Its such a joy to look at how active is our sunshine. I can 100% confirm that Sunshine is definitely an active baby. Sunshine was trying to kick off the scanner when Dr Lim was running the scanner over my belly. But then sunshine is a cooperative baby, he showed us his face while sucking his thumb. Dr Lim managed to capture sunshine's 3D pic.
YAY!!! At 27 wks & 3 days, sunshine's weight is already 1.5kg, please pray for me I that I will not give birth to a 4kg baby. *sweats*

Anoti was so proud of his sunshine, bcoz the nite b4 the scan, Anoti was telling sunshine that he missed the last 3D scan and hope that sunshine will show himself to daddy tmr. And it happened! Arggh!! I just love my sunshine.

Will post more next week as I get better.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pregnancy Milestone Wall & Severe Backache

This was put up last week. I know it can be done in a much creative and better way. I highly recommend friends who are now expecting to set this wall up. Its fun to look at. Anoti was so surprised when he came back from work and saw all these.

He looked at it and said "Hi, sunshine!"

Not only do I get to see changes in me, I can also look at sunshine's.

As my belly is getting bigger, the backache is getting worse. What I fear most is the moment I get out of bed every morning. Those agonizing pain!

On Monday, I couldn't bear the pain anymore, my backache has radiated to the left side of my buttock. I walked like a camel which has swollen p*nis & b*lls. Excruciating pain gets intense whenever I move. I had no choice but to visit Mummy II's chiropractor.

Dear friends, I paid RM85 ringgit for 15 - 20 mins consultation & massage and make sure you all pay attention to this. If you think that swimming and yoga is best for backache, please do your research 1st. According to the Dr, I hav an hyperarched back due to the load in front of me. Yoga and swimming had made it worst bcoz I overarched my back. DAMN!!!!

I think I strained my back few months ago doing yoga bcoz of twisting. I twisted too much and overstreched my back. Keep this fundamental rule in mind, Always keep your spine straight and DO NOT ARCH YOUR BACK. Swimming wise, breast stroke/dog style/frog style/ cat style, make us arch more, bcoz we need to keep our heads up all the time. Hence, avoid all these styles and try backstroke instead.

I feel much better today but the pain still persist. The dr had taught me several methods to ease the pain and I hope I'll get better over the weekends. Pray for me.