Friday, August 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week 35

Post Dated : 17th Aug -23 Aug 2009


Due to the recent H1N1 flu pandemic, driving, shopping, outing just don't interest me. Even if I go to the office or just our neighborhood store, I hav to put on a mask which I dun feel comfortable and easy at. Knowing that pregnant women are more vulnerable, Anoti had bought 150pcs of mask. Hence, I rather stay at home most of the time, giving instructions to the maid to clean our room thoroughly,
- wash curtains
- clean window mosquito nets

- clean ceiling (making sure that there's no cobwebs)

- wipe walls
- wash bed skirt
- floor mat - bed sheets, quilt cover, pillow and bolster cases
and I'm so proud to say that my room is dirt free. It feels like a new room to us.

Body Changes
Stretchmarks are more obvious this week. no matter how much oil I applied its still the same.

But then again, it wud be even worse if I din apply any earlier, it would definitely a disaster for now. My mom told me she got it when she was just 4 to 5 months pregnant with me. I think I'm lucky at least I had it on my 8months of pregnancy. Due to weight shift and pressure, I walk like a DUCK. yes, you are right! I WADDLE for goodness sake. I feel funny myself, my parents think that I'm cute waddling, i told them I want to be as graceful as a SWAN and not a DUCK.


Dr Lim appointment was scheduled on 20th August (Thurs). Sunshine's weight was 2.9kg at 35w4d.

Sunshine is really growing FAST. This time, Dr Lim commented that baby is SLIGHTLY big. He estimated a 3.5kg baby. O_o" Should I be worried or what. I'm scared! This is my 1st baby, i'm not big or tall in size (4ft 11 ONLY), I want a natural birth, do u think its a good idea? Dear God, I leave it all into your hands.


I've increased another 1kg. All in all, I've put on 14kg till now. With such a growth rate, its unlikely I can achieve the ideal pregnancy weight of 15kg coz I still hav 4 weeks to go. Lately, I've experienced Braxton Hicks Contraction very frequently, other than that, I find it uncomfortable when sunshine sticked his foot up to my ribs. I think he's trying to break my ribs with his karate kick.

We went to attend F.O.C Antenatal Exercise at Likas Hospital on the 22nd Aug 2009 (Sat).

Since it was FREE, both of us din have much expectation from the course. We did learn a bit of this and that & the exercise was helpful indeed. I'm glad that Anoti was so supportive, we had fun during the exercise as we played around the yoga mat.

Dear Sunshine,
This is Daddy's first baby-related activity. Mummy thought that he will not take this seriously, in fact daddy was the one who was paying attention to the speaker most of the time and jotting down notes.
Be proud of him. Make sure you are a caring person like daddy too. Love you.

Don't believe it...look at daddy's notes! Top Left Corner....The 1st picture was a bit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy Week 34

Whee! its almost end of week 34. I'm so proud of myself!! Do I want to show a pic of how I look like right now? I think the answer is "I'm Not Ready."

It was so HOT during the last few days. Been sweating like crazy even the aircon was set to the max. (my electricity bill sure rockets high this month) Not only do i look 'wet', I think I smell like a "fat woman" too, (no hard feelings to those h o r i z o n t a l l y challenge ladies. I'm just trying to describe how I feel. ). I always tell Anoti I have this 'funny unpleasant' smell, but this hubby of mine always comes to me, sniff sniff and says "NO LAR! u smell great and I love it." I think something is wrong with Anoti's nose. Or he is afraid I'll run away from home just bcoz he thinks I stink.

Body Changes

My belly still measures at 39 inch but my weight has increased for 1kg over 2 weeks. My hips are bigger for sure. And my boobs and buttocks are so big & heavy, until i dunno whether to stand up right or to slouch. Other than that, I feel that the belly has dropped slightly. All the 3-Bs (boobs, buttocks and belly) are putting a lot of pressure to the back, no wonder my back feels tired and 'sour-ish".

As for stretchmarks, I'm using Bio-Oil, I'm hoping for miracle to happen. But what I'm worried now is my distorted look belly button. Imagine my cute mini-mini-10cents like bun that has turn into a squashed-overstretched-50cents like bun, how on earth will it get back to its original shape. It doesn't cause any pain right at this moment, but I'm concern with the 'aftermath'.


Went to our review on Monday (10/8/09), it showed that sunshine is already 2.6kg. Again, sunshine always seems bigger than the usual baby
size i read from or
C'mon! I'm just 34wks. And none of the readings state 34. Shud I be worried or what?

But when Grace showed me this, I was beaming from ears to ears.

Anoti is surely excited. This week he dreamt that with the presence of Dr Lim, I delivered sunshine in our bedroom. Bcoz of this dream, he reprimanded that I shud carry my phone where ever I go, even to the toilet, he even ordered me to hang it around my neck so that I can make emergency calls if anything happens.

Anoti found out that his sunshine is really strong. Anoti will make weird 'ooh' , 'ahhh', 'waahh', 'fuiyoh', whenever he sees a wave-like movement belly. Its very scary u if sunshine wants to tear me up.

I've been practicing Kegel and taking my vitamins and supplements without fail since there's s only few weeks left.

The whole week, I was busy preparing and decorating the nursery. Will post it up once I'm done, another 10% to go. Can't wait to show all of you.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Right on the 1st day of week 33, sunshine show me his 1st masterpiece. He painted his love on my tummy and I think it wud be permanent. As a mummy-to-be I shud be really proud of sunshine's 'artistic' talent, surprisingly this time I was not overwhelmed with joy but with fear and anger.

I am colored with pink and purple streaks of STRETCHMARK right under my belly! I was devastated. I summoned Anoti to check on my belly, all he could say was "Its not so bad." In fact, I was very angry. But I dunno who to blame.
-Anoti who made me pregnant?
-Nutritious food that I've been taking?
-Or my lil sunshine that just wanna grow in me?
-Or the genes since my mum got it too when she was pregnant with me?
-Or Myself, who was being too lazy to apply cream for the past 4 days?

Anoti leaned forward, hugged me and said, " Mummy, its okie. You have Daddy and Sunshine. Let's focus on our lil' sunshine and welcome sunshine with lotsa love. And don't let this small matter affect u. Just hang in there dear, few more weeks to go."

Awwww...i almost melted. I hav the best hubby on earth, and I must admit I am seriously STUPID and SILLY to think that it's the end of the world. Can sumone please slap me. I'm so sorry sunshine.


Dear mamas out there, I feel terribly bad. Not because of the stretchmarks that appeared on my belly. But my ignorance for all the sacrifices you made for your children. Bravery, selflessness, determination and perseverance are traits that I've yet to learn from you all. Hats off, I dearly look up to all of you. Help and guide me to be a better person, at least a good mama to my sunshine.

Pregnancy Week 33

I sweat like crazy. I need to take at least 2 showers a day or change 3 times in the day. I have aching and sore like pelvis, as if I ran for 5km. In fact, all I did was just sleep and rest.
Since I need a lot of rest and am tired all the time, I work from home now a day, my workstation is my ROOM.

Body Changes
I no longer put on my wedding and engagement rings as they are getting 'smaller'. *hint hint* I need a BIGGER diamond ring. =P And I have taken off my necklace because I noticed that I have melasma and mini oil seeds on my neck. Will mini oil seeds disappear once I give birth? My poor belly button is overstretched and colored with dark patches. Linea Nigra, brownish line between navel and pubic bone is so obvious that i don't feel like wearing white or any mini T shirts that reveals the belly.

Sunshine will kick and wiggle when hungry followed by hiccups once being fed. Weird rite?
Knows how to massage mummy by giving me strong & rhythmic rolling movement. And I also noticed weird 'snapping' and 'clicking' noises coming from the belly. Anyone encounter this? One more thing, sunshine doesnt like the idea of mummy placing a book on the belly when mummy reads. He'll 'kick' it away. I can swear to you it happens everytime i read at nite. I have to read by lying sideways so that i can place my book on the bolster.

He is very excited to meet sunshine. Always ask sunshine the same question "When can I meet you? " Before bed, he'll place his lips on my belly button to tell sunshine how much he loves him. He thinks that my belly button is a mic or amplifier that can send his message across to his sunshine. What a SILLY BOY!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Have I Got Myself Into?

We signed up CryoCord on Thursday, paid a hefty sum for 20 years storage. In fact, I had totally throw this back of my mind as I don’t see any significance in cord blood storage. But, Anoti felt that since we are young and can afford why not, he doesn’t want to take any risk. I think this Daddy-to-be is trying to play his daddy-role. Keep it up dear, I’m so proud of you and our Sunshine is very grateful to have you.

Once I have sunshine in me, everything changed. Planning became my daily routine, petty little things became the priority in my life. And I must admit that preparation of Sunshine’s arrival has indeed reshuffled the priority of my life.

“ that the baby is still in our womb...we’ve so many concerns/worries/decisions to make. Imagine when the baby is HERE..” (Grace in MSN)

Grace was right, we are so busy planning for the arrival of our lil’ one, what more when our lil’ one arrives. I totally agree with her.

“ the baby is a job is only to make money...i used to think my job is quite difficult and so much effort...but now..I begin to enjoy it. LOL”

I simply love this statement, I think there's no turning back once we made the decision to have a FAMILY.