Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pack Pack Pack

Yay! Me going to KAY-ELLE tomorrow.
Its time for relaxation and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!

Going to collect my wedding album.
Can't Wait Can't Wait!
Make sure my money pays off.

Have to start packing now.


Monday, June 25, 2007


I was once a spoiled little princess. I had everyone's attention especially my parents.I had the best of the very best. And because I'm the only child, my parents were very supportive in whatever I did. Whenever I mumble or make stupid sound, they thought that I'm singing and will clap their hands for me. Whenever I cry and throw tantrums, they were 2 silly clowns to cheer me up. At that moment, I am their universe and they are my everything.

One sunny afternoon (I swear to you I can still remember that hot weather), I came back from play school and saw Daddy's car at home. I rushed into the house looking for Daddy, Daddy was in the living room. Daddy picked me up and told me that "You're a Jie Jie, girl."

Couldn't understand a single word. I was carried to the car and headed to a place where mummy was. All I remembered was, Daddy carried this weird looking thing towards me and wanted me to kiss it. Did you know how long it took to kiss that weird looking thing?

Today, that weird looking 'thing' is a full grown 19 y.o. adult. And to make things worse, she's back from her semester break to torture me for ONE full month. Please pray for me!

Introducing to you my 19 years of nightmare. THE MONSTER....
Mind you no matter how we fight or quarrel, we still love each other. You know why? Because my heart melts whenever she calls me "JIE". So MUI! you know what to do when I'm angry. Call me JIE JIE for MILLION TIMES and I'll be your slave. (....in ur dreams dear.....)

Wearing Your Better Half

After reading 5xmom's Wearing Your Baby post, I think I must write this post too.

Last nite when we're getting ready for a Church dinner, I asked Baby what shirt are you wearing tonite? "I wear you lar!" I cepat cepat replied, "Come, let me "wrap" you!" He gave me this disgusted and serious face, "Cannot RAPE me, we'll be late for the CHURCH dinner?" WEI!! W-R-A-P and not R-A-P-E lar dear.

*Roll eyes*

Now, LOOK!! Who's 'WRAPING' who?

Anyway, Have you ever wondered how would it feel if you can wear your better half? For me, it will definitely a heavy big koala.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bye Bye uZap

Its time to say goodbye to my uZap, it was actually a Christmas gift by Baby who thinks that I'm running out of shape last year. Hence, uZap was my on and off lover. No STRINGS attached and no commitment at all. When there's no commitment, u get zero result.

So, yesterday I did a drastic move and burned RM1488 in just 3 mins time for a 13 months membership. *gulp* I signed myself up with Y Fitness Zone, inspired by Yoga Zone kononnya. What conned me is their yoga, pilates and dance classes. SO PRAY FOR ME THAT I DON'T DONATE MY HARD EARNED MONEY TO THAT FITNESS CLUB!! Classes start in September. Can't wait to lose that extra pound.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Express Lane

Yesterday was Friday, to most working people, its the day they can't wait for. But for me, its not significant at all bcoz I work 7 days a week. I'm just a 'cheap labor'. What to do? Baby is my boss, so if my boss have to work the whole day, I hav no choice but to work. In other words, my lomantik life is doomed! Just bcoz he is a workaholic. *sniff*
BUT yesterday was different, Baby hug me and said "Come let's go CityMall hang kai tonite". The first thing that came out from my mouth was "Is it JOB related?" And thank god it wasn't. *phew*

So we spend 1 hour walking around, hold hold hands at the Mall. Before leaving the mall, I wanted to get a new toothbrush, so I drag Baby into Giant Hypermarket. I took my toothbrush and Baby like any other kids went to get his vitagen. TWO ORAL B toobrushes and ONE Vitagen only, so it makes up 3 items rite? So being a smart ass, I headed to the EXPRESS LANE. Nehh...those Below-10-Items-Counter. And I think they have at least 4-5 Express Lane. You know what happened? Dunno whether they are illiterate or kiasu, they que up at the express lane as if there are buying below 10 items only when their shopping carts are damn packed with grocerries that can feed the whole KAMPUNG. Some even hav 2 shopping carts, husband and wife handled EACH! STUPIAK!!! HEEELLLLOOOOW! You don't need a shopping cart to put ur 10 items OKAY???


Being so "BLOODY" tired, I was fuming inside. Any part which has bulu or hair sure 'terbakar' and 'hangus' at that moment. Minutes later, a lady with a walkie-talkie came to our rescue. "Come follow me to 'secret' counter." WAHH!! In my mind, this lady must be crazy, why so secretive wor! As long as I can pay for 3 blardee items, I'm happy with it. Without thinking much I followed her to check out her 'secret' place. SHe brought us to the end of all counters and pointed the CIGARRETTE counter. I almost dropped the toothbrushes. SECRET counter waa!! I was giggling like a mad woman when I walked out GIANT. What a day!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

When Broom Stick Meets Durian Trunk

Nothing beats chatting to an OLD friend. This friend of mine is damn witty and sometimes very 'irritating'. Even she's one year younger than me, she has no sense of 'BIG OR SMALL' (Canto: Mou Dai Mou Sai). But above all these, I LAP her very very much.

ZIJILL TAN! You DONKEY! This post is for you.

Our MSN conversation turned out like this....

Bcoz I was too excited and and busy luffing my head off, I TER-CLOSED the GAWDDAMN window. That is why no choice but to put up with MSN History Log. pffft! Sorry for the blur-blur-ness.

Yea Right *roll eyes* I'm 'ON HEAT'. You see how can I not LOVE this donkey of mine.

(What can you ask for more!)

So what comes to your mind when broom stick turns into durian trunk?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Its that day of the month again. Its agonizing! I'm in pain, anger and frustration! On top of that I'm very very moody!! In this horrible state of mind, it almost pulls my trigger. I was about to 'blow up', luckily I hav Baby who is there for me.

You WOMAN!! How old are you now? For goodness sake, learn how to run your own family and errands. I'm not a SUPERWOMAN! If giving excuses that you're busy to do all of these....then I think you shud rescheduled ur time and set ur priorities right. I'm BUSY too. No, I don't hav the sweet time to take my afternoon nap or whatever nap you called. My life is full with events and damn happening. So, please!!! Get a life! and don't ruin mine!



I feel a lot better now. At least I let everything out. Enough of all the rantings. I feel so GOOD now.

Blame it on the color RED!!! RED HAIR = BAD TEMPER

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Dumpling Festival

I spent the whole day making dumplings yesterday. Both index fingers of mine sores. *ouch* That's why didn't update my blog yesterday. 3kg of glutinous rice makes 80+ dumplings. So early in the morning mummy II prepared all the ingredients and laid it out on the table. We started at 9am and estimated that we'll finish by 2pm but to our surprise we finished at 12 noon. I guess practice does make perfect.

We called dumplings "guo zong" in Hakka. Everyone in the Voo family loves 'guo zong'. So in order to please everyone in the Voo family, one at least shud learn how to make 'guo zong'. Its not easy to be a member of the Voo's. I must say that I've at least learned 4 signature recipes from Mummy II; Assam Fish Head, "Kiu Nyuk" (Yam & Pork), Moon Cake & Guo Zhong. I must thank Mummy II for her passion for food and her patience to teach me her cooking skills. Thank you very very much!Now let's eat 'guo zong'. *BUURRPP*

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Steven's Wedding

Went to Kudat on Friday to attend Steven's (Baby's cousin) wedding. Its a two day affair. Its not any ordinary wedding, I must say. I think Steven's wedding is the most 'outstanding' one in a small place like Kudat. Anyway, just wanna congratulate Steven and San San, May they have a wonderful life ahead!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lizard Man

BLARDEE HELL!! When I was about to blog, something terrible happened. Baby's brother seriously eat-full-nothing-to-do. He caught a lizard with his bare hands. I nearly pengsan when he showed me!!!! Baby was like a 5 y.o. full with curiosity. He put it on his hand and claimed that its very CUTE!! Wah!! I almost fainted when I heard that.. I think he's inspired to be Cicak Man bcoz he called himself the Lizard Man! *roll eyes*

Because of all the lizard action, my thoughts are scattered around and I can't think properly.

*yawn* I think I better sleep early. Tomorrow will be a 'tiring' nite. (Uiseh, as if i'm the bride)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nip & Tuck

Today is an auspicious day that is why renovation project starts today. The workers came early in the morning. They demolished the wall. Just the WALL because I prefer the designer's contractor to do the rest.

Since its an auspicious day, I went to visit my skin specialist (yes...my skin is not so perfect). I must agree that women are vain. I was very frustrated with the progress of the skin and asked for a faster solution. I've been seeing her since October 2006 every month and sometimes twice a week without failed and my purse 'bleeds' after every consultation. Consultation fee is cheap, but the medication is a pain in the arse, I have to spend at least RM200 - RM 450. Not cheap weiii....that's why I'm frustrated. I understand that the skin needs time to heal after those 'nasty reaction' under the skin. I'm getting impatient and my doctor knows that. Before this, I was on Roaccutane medication and that box cost me RM280 but later changed to Zithromax (antibiotic) bcoz I can't stand the side effects of Roaccutane. Zithromax isn't cheap too, its RM170 for 24 tablets, you see not many is willing to pay such amount, that is why they prefer facial bcoz most of them comes with good massage.

Back to the topic, my doctor was telling me the various ways to help my skin, but neither the procedure nor the aftermath (healing period) is pleasant. End result will be bloody and full of bruises. I was damn scared. While discussing with her, she touched my face and said "I think I can do something for you today. O_O I looked at her with my eyes wide open.

Dr : I'll inject something into this area, and hopes that it can improve your skin.
Me : *blink blink* Are u saying BOTOX? I think I'm too young for that.
Dr : No, its not that. Its say-line.
Me : Are you refering to saline? The solution that we used to clean our contact lenses?
Dr : *nod*
Me : *Gulp*

At that moment, how I wished I eat back all my words. My feet are shaking and my palms are sweating. I feel like running out. Bcoz I fear Needles. I can never get along with needles. Then, I asked her the most crucial question.

"It will hurt BUT its 'BEARABLE'"

NO its NOT, I was holding my fist when she injected the needle to my face. Seconds are like hours. My mind went blank. Let me tell you I have very low threshold of pain.

I walked out her office with pain, but its even more painful when I heard that consultation fees plus medication cost RM 315. So I decided to pay with my credit card but was charged for another 3 % for it (RM 9.45). *wipe sweats*

SIGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! My first mini cosmetic surgery.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Win-Win Situation

Daddy had arranged Mr Chan K. P. a housing developer to help me out with our room's design as the 1st designer that Daddy 1st recommended was way too busy and they do not take up 'small projects'. So when Daddy called up Mr Chan, I want Daddy to inform him that its a 'small project'. Luckily Uncle was kind enough to help out and arranged that we meet today at 11am.

Uncle brought 2 of his designers to the house, Vigi (what a cute name) and Jeremy. Vigi will be in charged of the design of the room, toilets and living room. She promised that she'll show me the plan view before I go to KL. Hope everything goes well and may the price be 'merciful'. *cold sweats*

Had a busy day. Was running around searching for WC, basin, shower head and tiles with Mummy II. The reason I brought her along its because I DARE NOT make any decision. I don't want to give them the feeling that I'm 'conquering' the house. I have my fair share, Daddy II and Mummy II are kind enough to build a big wall cabinet for my shoes. So I think its wise to please them and not to irritate them. No way I'm going to dig my own grave. *wink*

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lil' Red Riding Hood

This is the first time I ever go for RED. Never ever did I know that Red is not that bad afterall. Love the color very very much. But all I need is time to get used to the new color. Mum likes it and said that I look like CoCo Lee but Dad said that I look like an Orang Utan. I think its the hairstyle that Dadi can't stop nagging bout. He just cant accept the idea of having thick fringe is nice. He said I look like 'mentally retard'. I just don't understand why he associates thick fringe to mentally retard. After a while, I finally understand. I think he's referring to 'Bak Leong Gam' 八量金 the HK actor. THAT'S THE REASON WHY!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catholic Marriage

After attending 2 days Pre Marriage Talk organized by the Christian Family Life Ministry, it changed my perspective about marriage. Marriage is not bout the gown I wear, the cake we order, the pictures we took nor the wedding banquet we hold. Its not a one day affair but its a LIFETIME learning process.

The whole world knows that Catholic is very strict in marriage. The notion of D-I-V-O-R-C-E is totally a NO NO!! 'Till death do us part.....' to the extend that you can only remarry after your spouse dies. That's why there's a joke bout Roman Catholic marriage, getting married to a Catholic is like buying urself the best 'in
surance' for ur marriage. Bcoz no matter how you sour your relationship turn out to be, God wants us to be responsible for what we have done and find a way to make things work and not irresponsibly walk out from your marriage and cut the bond you both shared. There's always a solution to a problem. All we need to do is to use the wisdom that God has granted us. That is why PRAYERS play a very very important role in a FAMILY!

I'm a blessed one I guess. Its God's arrangement that I met Baby who is also a Catholic. At least we share the same belief and this is very valuable. Before we go to sleep, we say the same prayer. We pray for each other's safety and health. And when the day comes, we can teach our children to pray together with us, and that's the essence of a loving family. Words can't describe how honored and blessed I am. With God's guidance and teachings I'm very sure that our marriage life will be in good hands.

I'm not trying to be naive or what so ever. And I know there's no Happily-Ever-After marriage. I understand that there's ups and downs in a marriage and marriage is definitely not a bed of roses. Both of us are prepared for these and that is why we chose to practise God's teachings and love. After such a 'long marathon' with Baby, marriage life only begins after we bid goodbye to our guests and take off our costumes. We ask for nothing, but all we ask is for everyone's blessing and best wishes so that we may have a wholesome marriage.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My 1st Techy Tutorial

Registered Technorati the other day and couldn't figure out what's the purpose of it. It was driving me nuts reading all the FAQs. I nearly gave up. But thanks to 5xmom who is so kind and nice to explain Technorati in such a simple term that even my 10 year old cousin could start blogging. Thanks for the effort. I think this credit must go to her.

This was what I wrote to her....

*swallows saliva* It took me 2 days to have the courage to
email you.You're the 'Goddess of Blogging' and your knowledge of the Internet
..cut cut cut..want to ask you bout Technorati. I've done my
homework, I've read FAQ bout Technorati but I don't really understand bout
Authority & Ping. Why is it 0? And why is Ping so important? Bcoz I remember
your post about Ping........

Back in my mind I was telling myself I'm just a small peanut. It doesn't matter whether there's a reply or not. But I was damn wrong. After 1hr plus, Lilian replied me telling me that she'll explain it in her blog without mentioning my name.....(u see, so damn pai seh right....ask such stupid question....lucky 5xmom was smart enough to 'save' my pretty face).

And so I was happily waiting for her post. I thought it will be just a short post. FUIYOH!! I'm wrong AGAIN. This WOMAN sure has lotsa energy I tell you. She wrote a tutorial that even my puppy will have the ambition to be a 'D'logger like her. Her post is just like any other manual guide you normally see in ur new electrical goods in the simplest and most comprehend-able manner. Can't deny how powerful she is.

So I must thank her for what she had done. And she surely has a big big heart! Once again thank you very much. So to all my friends, if you really wanna know bout Technorati and don't wish to make a total idiot or fool asking stupid question. You can check out What is Technorati and why should bloggers be part of it? I'm sure you'll pick up INSTANTLY.

pssstt...this is my 'first time' writing to a blog celebrity...very bangga u know....

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pre-Marriage Talk

Just came back from supper. I think its the 'Feng Shui' of the house. Its making every woman in the house craving for food. Today, its mummy II 's turn, she's craving for Grand Port View's Fried Noodle. Perhaps there will be 'new member' in the family....but definitely not from me. Hahaha!

Back to the topic, Baby and I will be attending a Pre-Wedding Talk/Counselling by the church. Since the rate of divorce is sky rising, the church is playing its role to curb unhappy marriage, domestic violence etc etc. Which I think its a very brilliant idea although it will be time consuming. But for our future and goodness sake. I don't mind at all.

It will be a 2 days (Sat, Sun) event from 9am - 4pm. Both of us are born in a Catholic family and brought up in a Catholic way. Sunday Masses, Hail Mary and The Rosary are the teachings that has long instilled in our mind & faith. Because of that, we would like our children to be brought up in a Catholic family too. Hence, I hope that this counselling will be a fruitful one. So that, in many things that we do, God will always protect us and love us. Amen!

Made in China

Today we were entertained by 'action movie' while having our Pan Mee breakfast at Damai. We were happily chatting and was distracted by a man who was running for his life as if he's chased after by his wife who wants to cut his dick off bcoz she found out the he's keeping a mistress somewhere.

Some of the ah pek and ah sou got off from their chairs and checked to see what's the Bollywood about. Typical M'sian, Baby was one of those 38 ah pek who left me alone to join the crowd. Then my reporter came back telling me this....

B : *smiling* The aunty is sitting on the floor crying and the man is holding her.
Me : Oh...Maybe the aunty is experiencing menopause, that's why when the hubby doesn't want to buy CLEO Magazine for her, the aunty sat on the floor 'lao gai' lor! Its for good cause dear.

B : Kenot be lar! The man is black and the aunty is white wor......
Me : Yakah? Then it must be the hubby's fault lor! He told the wife he wants to marry a younger woman! HAHAHAHAHA....

Baby and I laughed our heads off!

Within seconds, Baby poked me with his finger.
.."Nah!! That's the couple!!"

*smacks head* Couple your head! That's the China Lady who roams around coffee shop selling Made in China VZDs, Candom, Viblator, Chinese Vigor etc etc......And the 'hubby' is none other than our sangat bersemangat policeman. The Chinese Lady finally got arrested. I think its time to send those wandering cina-speaking vendor back home.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Craving for Dumplings

I was craving for 'sui jiao' & 'wo tie'(meat dumplings) yesterday but Baby was way too busy on paper work. Bo bien lor! Eat 'west-north wind'(direct translation) at the end.

Woke up early in the morning with the craving still on. We had an early dinner around 6.45pm. After dinner, I gave Baby the 'signal' and off we went to Chuan Hin for its 'Shan Dong Dumpling' (山东饺子). We ordered 20 dumplings for take-away.

When we reached home, Mummy II was joking bout me getting pregnant because of my cravings. She exclaimed "Good News! Good News!" I think she just can't wait to have her 1st grandchild. Dear Mummy II, be patient!! I don't wanna look 'huge' during my Big Day.

Jumping into the Bandwagon

Blogging has been getting more and more popular. I started blogging since 2005 @ http://www.marieyee.blogs.friendster.com/ during those days it was all sentimental blogs and my daily routine during my uni years showcasing my naive nites, my darling housemates and food. Those are the days I literally eat-full-nothing-to-do. After returning to Msia, things changed tremendously, I don't have the luxury to sit in front of the PC as I hav many things to attend to. The One that demands my attention the most is my H2B (Hubby-to-be). He's like a big baby who will wail when no one is paying attention to him, or he's a big koala or a kitty cat who is extremely manja when he's not feeling well. So why shud I bother getting a pet when I have one so demanding at home.

The very first blog I read was Kennysia.com. This guy is full with witty jokes and his humour has never failed to entertain a boring soul like me (during Perth days). I then slowly discovered Karencheng.com who was an ABC residing in Perth blogging bout her kids and family.

Later, blog hopping is so much fun that I dug out a lot of Malaysian Blogger who can write extremely well like 5xmom, michael ooi, etc etc. I can assure you that you will believe what is the meaning of 'The power of the pen is mightier than the power of the sword'.

Then after a year, I stumbled upon a lot of mummies blogs. Their babies are just so adorable that I followed each and every post everyday. Its like HK Drama Series, totally addicted to those babies and their mommies. I know the babies progress and how well they are doing. Other than that, I learned a lot from the mommies bout breasfeeding, labor pain, epidural and such. Whenever I see babies adorable pics, I can't wait to have mine. Mommies Blogs that I love the most are Jazzmint with Faythe and Vyktore, RamblingMoo with Darrius, Sasha with Jayden, Dinah with Ashley & Aiden and not forgetting 5xmom. Those babies are eye candies you know. Sure u'll shout for one when you see how adorable they are. I'm always a phantom reader for all the blogs above. hehhee. Takut to say 'HI' *blush*

They gain fame, earn $ from PPP and learn lotsa techy stuff that I don't think I'm capable of doing so when I hit 30s and beyond. I salute all you hot mamas out there. *Hats Off*

So back to blogging, I have long heard bout Technorati from lotsa bloggers. But still do not understand the hang of it. Never try never know. That's why I'm registering myself to see what's going on. Let's see how it goes....

Technorati Profile

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

1 or 2?

I have finally booked my camera man for the Big Day. He's Alfred from Jopat Fotografia. You could check out his work on http://www.pbase.com/alfred05 or http://www.jopatfotografia.com/ I saw him on many wedding occasions in KK, so I think he's good at what he does. For only RM 1168 ( RM888-Full Day + RM280-Half Day), I think its worth the money.

But my video man is giving me headache now. I like his work very very much. Check out his website at http://www.filming-art.com/. He took one of our friend's wedding at Batu Pahat. Since Baby gave me the green light, I called to confirm. We were happily talking on the phone, when I asked for his details to book the Air Asia ticket, he was telling me whether we can book 2 tickets for one for him and one for his crew member. During Dave's wedding, he's the only videoman and now he needs one of his crew member. What should I do? His wedding package for a 1.5 day cost RM 2188. We only hav to pay for his air ticket. Since Air Asia is cheaper than MAS, we don't mind to pay for the extra RM 400. But now with one more member in a team means that I need to pay RM800 for both of their air tickets.

WHAT SHOULD I DO??? 1 or 2 ???

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Renovation Project

Another 6 months till the Big Day. Besides the nitty gritty of wedding, its also a high time to sit down and design our room and toilet. We have emptied the room for the contractor to demolish the wall in between two rooms. I've called up one of the designer but his schedule was too tight that he can't take this project. So, Baby and I decided to design the room and toilet ourselves. We bought 6 magazines on interior design just pray that we don't turn our room into a temple or a bar. No matter what....I want a walk in wardrobe. I need ideas!!! HELP!

How I wi
sh I'm in KL at least there are plenty of specialists whom I can consult. DAMN!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tu Loong Again

Made breakfast for Baby today as it was raining cats and dogs outside. Later at night, wanted to accompany daddy to a relative baby shower dinner but I've promised to bring Daddy II and Mummy II for dinner at Tu Loong Restaurant. Since, I'm craving for its "La Mien" (Handmade Noodle), so no choice but to call up dad & cancelled our 'date'. Daddy no matter what I love you very very much! *smuaks*

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Since its Agong's birthday, we decided to take a day off today because we were opened for business during the Hari Kaamatan holidays. We slept like a pig till 10am. We brought Mummy out shopping since Daddy II wants to work. We brought Mummy II to Tu Loong @ Warisan Square to eat 'La Mien' and 'Siao Lung Bao'.

We went to Garden Seafood Restaurant for dinner to celebrate Baby's cousin sister 'Full Moon' celebration. They got married on Valentine's Day and now they are celebrating their baby girl's baby shower. Go figure it out yourself. Both of them are still young, 18-19 y.o. I guess.Anyway, their baby is damn cute and pretty. Her eyes are greyish like my color lens. They named her Fion. All the relatives were joking bout Daddy II's future grandchildren, saying that he'll be willing to sacrifice his time on his grandchildren instead of his work. Yes, Daddy II loves children, he normally kidnaps relatives children and bring them jogging.

After the dinner, Baby and I went to watch movie again. This time we watched SHREK 3. Its such a joy to watch. And you know what, this is my first show of SHREK. SHAME ON ME AGAIN!