Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 4

I went to my family doctor to get our blood test report. Not that we have HIV or STD, we wanted to do the test bcoz we wanna check whether we have thalassemia that will affect our children. At the same time, I went to check whether I'm immunized with rubella vaccine.

When both of us stepped into the office, "Congratulation! Both of you can get married tomorrow." Such a funny doctor! Test results were good except my 'bad' cholestrol was way too high. Blame it on the ice cream, cheese cakes, pisang goreng, Chipster and chocolates. The only way is to cut down all the sweet stuff and more YOGA!!!!!

We burned RM628 on this blood test. How I wish moolah grows on trees!

FYI, I hate needles. And I must admit that I'm totally a chicken when I see needles. I was talking like a M16, the doctor sensed that I'm nervous and asked me to lay down on the bed.

"You better relax urself, or else your veins will shrink and I will need to poke lotsa holes to look for the right vein."

*GULP* I quickly do what I was told to. You see how can I not listen to my doctor, he knows me best. I swear to you my face is as white as a sheet of Double A paper. I look like a sick patient.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 3

Yesterday, I brought my gowns to alter at one of Mummy II's fren. When I put on my gowns, I can only see her (my tailor) shaking her head.

(Ivory wedding gown)

I must clarify that it has nothing to do with the design/pattern of the gowns. The reason of her shaking her head whenever I walked out from the changing room is because of my petite size.

(Creamy Peach Evening gown for the 27th nite)

NONE of the gowns fit well on me even its in size 'S'. That poor aunty hav to alter not only the bust and the waist line, she has no choice but to alter the LENGTH of the gowns too.(how bizarre is that) Sigh...i shud have gone to the bride's maid or flower girls section to cut all the trouble.

(Turquoise Evening Gown for the 28th nite)

So damn pai seh....So sorry aunty!! Its not my fault to be vertically challenged. I'm born like that. *sob*

(Brownish Gold Evening Gown on the 28th nite)

If genie really exists, I guarantee I won't ask for much. Just ONE simple wish will do, "HEIGHT!". I will feel a lot better if its just 5 feet. NO JOKE!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 2

The room is 80% done. The only thing left is our bed and an executive chair for our study table. Can't really wait for the full ensemble.

I'm obsessed with earth tone colors. Hence, bronze, gold, brown & beige are the core colors of my room.

(1. Netting behind the Curtain 2. Curtain 3. Wall paper 4. Cabinet pattern #1 Zebrano 5. Headboard 6. Cabinet pattern #2 Recon Oak)

Wedding Preparation # 1

I must say that I'm not ready to get married YET. Sometimes wedding is not about the two of us. It involves 2 totally different families. Different up bringing, different mentality and different lifestyle. And because of 'family' issue, conflict arise and I hate to admit that I'm not good at handling both parties. For those who has gone through this stage, you will definitely understand this 'phase', that I'm going through. And for those of you who are planning to get married, you will definitely have the chance to 'taste' it.

It was sad that I argued with my mum due to conflicting viewpoint. It was unpleasant at all. Torn between two person I love so dearly, it was catastrophic. I could only kneel down and pray. And THANK GOD mum and I are in talking terms. I don't know when will be the next bombing of Hiroshima, but I sincerely pray that it will not happen in the next few weeks. *finger crossed*

11th of November 2007 is the day Baby officially came to my house to present betrothal gifts to my parents.
14th November 2007, its our 9th anniversary. Only to realize that we were engaged for one year. Over the past one year, receiving wedding invitations that addressed us Mr. Anoti Voo & Fiancee were so jovial that brings me over the moon.

And for now....I look forward to the day I'm officially Mrs Voo. Just wish that everything runs smoothly and nothing will come in between us.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Its strange that I didnt update any pics bout my HK & Guangzhou trip especially a self-absorbed narcissistic person like me. I enjoyed my trip to the max, every seconds of it. Probably its the time constraint or I just lost interest at myself. This I need to find out.

Anyway, since today its Halloween, I shud show u my Halloween experience in Hong Kong.

Yes! I went to Hong Kong Disney. Don't luff at me! Its my 1st Disney experience.
Can you see Mickey Pumpkin?

Halloween Parade! It was fantastic! I was like 3 y.o. kid.Yep! I went to Ocean Park the next day.

Look like they celebrate Halloween too. (I still prefer Disney's one)Argh!! So cute!!!

Last but not least, it was on my desk this morning.....Baby made one for me! Thanks dear!

I think he sensed that I'm fuming inside. That's why he made me this.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Help! I'm insane....

I think I'm insane. As crazy as it sounds, I can clearly hear wedding bells. LOUD & SUPER CLEAR. Its traumatising to imagine the chaotic scene and all those fighting scene happening on that Big Day. Which contributed to my disturbed sleeps lately all bcoz I couldnt get things done! Mainly on the wedding preparation. I'm very very frustrated!! Especially when my parents are expecting me to sort out every single thing for them just bcoz my sista is not around. it even gets on my nerves when Baby only cares about his business and left all the 'job' to me. I feel like giving up. Whatever will be will be~ But I'm not those person who sits and waits. Thats not so me! I know I'm overacting, but I'm just afraid I will break down. I will seriously go crazy one day.

Sigh~ I wonder is it me or my pms talking. I think I need help!!!

Sorry guys for not replying ur comments and visiting ur blog.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Blissfully Yours #6 & #7

6th Blissfully Yours is one of Mummy's II favorite. She likes the hairstyle. I personally thinks that the head gear was a bit like astro. And my baby's shirt, oh boy, he looks like a clown. Overall, this series was beautiful.

7th Blissfully Yours, notice the gown? That's one of the reason I wanted this outfit. Go figure it out yourself. Its self explanatory.

P/s: The pictures turned out blurry and I hav no idea how to make it clear. Please bear with me k.

The Princess Returns

After so many many moons(weeks are like years), I'm finally back to the land I call home. No more walking and waiting for public transports. I dont hav to suffer from 'heels bite' and back pain. Other than that, I can stay away from kiasu, smelly and rude fellas that I met in public transports (especially those Tanah Besar Orang). It made me appreciate my country very very much. At least I hav a car that drives me right in front of or closer to the shops I want to go to.

Talking bout public transport.......

"Mummy II, next time u don't put mine inside ok? I buy you rice rice beee-uuu-ti-poool stroller."

We went to Hong Kong and Guang Zhou for the past 2 weeks 30% for business and 70% for shopping. (make sure Baby don't read this or else I'll be left at home next time when he goes to overseas trade shows or world expos.) It was 'fruitful', at least I got what I want and Baby got his gadgets and found himself a handful or suppliers.

Hong Kong was all about expos, factory outlet and shopping. Guangzhou is about bargaining and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Oh!! Besides that, I think most of you wud not bliv what I got from Guangzhou. I BOUGHT 5 GOWNS for only RMB 1290 approximately RM650. 1 Wedding Gown and 4 Evening Gowns for 2 nites wedding dinner. Plus, I can even afford to buy Mum & Mummy II 2 lovely elegant gowns for less than RM 500. And I bought 3 dresses for my bridesmaids. ALL BRAND NEW!!!! Isn't that cheap or what??? Dirt cheap! That's why I LOVE GUANGZHOU!!!!! U shud really check out Guangzhou's wedding gown street. Heaps of them! U can even custom make that takes u about 1-2weeks for only less than RM250. Isnt that a bargain or what? SO spread the words and tell ur frens.

I remembered asking how much is a custom make gown from our local bridal boutique, tell u what....it ranges from RM1k and above. And to rent 5 gowns from the local bridal shops it will cost me around RM2300. With the amount I spend in Guangzhou, I can buy Baby, Daddy and Daddy II each a set of suit/tuxedo. Wedding is just a ceremony, I dont need a gown which is full of swarovski crytals that will cost me RM3k, all I need is an elegant gown, as simple as that. So, I think I made the right choice.

Save the best for last k. So if u wanna look at my gowns, stay tune till the end of Dec. I'll showcase my 'goodies'.

CHECKED! Wedding and Evening gowns settled.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Messy Desktop

When Chin Nee gave me this tag, behind my mind I was asking myself whether I shud rearrange all my desktop icons before print screen. On second thoughts, I guess I shud reveal the 'real' me. I hav to admit that tidying up my desktop is the last thing I want to do. The one that u are looking at are way better than my previous one where there were Excels and Words FULLY occupied my desktop. I think I only sorted out those files 2 months ago when Baby can't find the file he wanted. *paiseh*

I'm a 'Rotten Apple'. Look good from the outside, but infested with worms inside. Messy-ness is in my genes I guess, I will only clear/clean/arrange when I'm in the mood (only god knows when. weeks? months? years?) Ask my former housemates, I can let my clean clothes sit in the laundry basket for dont know how long until I ran out of undies. Shame on me! I'm trying my very best to turn into a new leaf. Just give me time to adjust myself.

And now those of them who have already pimped their desktops are...

iRonnie - I Set No Corner
Thess - Thesserie
Rebecca - Skippy Heart
Knoizki - A Dialogue With K
Beng - Kauderwelch
Vanidosa Marie
Vanidosa at blogspot
MyGoodFinds with KK
Dom Lawrence
Janice said…I need a new working desk, the current one is converted from a dressing table, its a bit uncomfy to work on
Desktop of Demoments with Chinneeq
Marie with her messy Desktop

Cherry its time to show me yours. Artistic person like you must hav impressive desktop. Irene, I would love to see urs too...show me ur Justin Timberlake, if u happen to have one.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Blissfully Yours #5

Another 13 weeks to go. I have not sorted out my wedding guest list YET. Renovation work is 90% done. I'll be having headache for the next two weeks. I need to organize my wardrobe, arrange our clothes, systematize my beauty products, make ups and hair products, decorate all my open shelves. Its not easy when I have tonnes of perfumes, jeweleries and hair accessories simply lying around the house. I need time to 'find' & 'collect' all my stuffs.

The room is almost done. Waiting for the wall paper and curtain to be up and a King size bed. Have not really decided on the pattern for the wall paper and the fabric for the curtain, just bcoz I'm too picky.

I must get everything done before I go off to HK & China. Yoga is taking a lot of my time, that's why I will cut down my fitness classes next week. Ming (my classmate) said that I'm lazy lately =( , bcoz I rarely update my blog. *so ashamed* I admit that I've been slacking lately. I think I need to set my priorities right. Gosh, I must get down to business before December comes.

To all my bridesmaids, best men out there. I will call u guys once I'm back from my trip. I seriously need u guys to help me out. *smuaks*

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He's young @ heart!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday at TATU Cafe, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort.Perfect ambiance for special occasions.
Good food and yummy desert, I must say they have the best buffet in town.

"Daddy, tell me how old are u?"

"You don't know meh? I'm 38 today!"

"Yea right! You can fool the whole world but you can't fool me bcoz you have less hair and you're gonna be a GRANDPA soon. SO DREAM ON YOUR 38 TONITE." *roll eyes*

Daddy was speechless. He took out mummy's mirror and looked at himself, "Mummy, do you think that I'm old?"

"Hiya....Just admit that your age is catching up and enjoy life."

"But I'm young at heart......."

Yes Daddy I know you're young at heart bcoz u love to cam whore. Oh boy! Can u imagine a 48 y.o. uncle cam whoring! Checked his phone out, you'll be amazed how many pictures he took himself.

He even went to the extend of taking his picture like this....

*cold sweat*

Anyway, I wanna give my big birthday boy a big big hug on his big day. I LOVE YOU BERRY BERRY MUCH DD. You are the most wonderful man on earth. You shud be proud I inherited most of your naughty genes. And here's a present for you......

Hope you like it! *smuaks*

Happy Birthday Daddy dearest.
We LOVE you!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Last Pre Marriage Follow Up

Yipee Yay! Tonite was our LAST pre marriage follow up. After so many months of keeping charts......finally its has come to an end.

Guess what our speaker taught us today. Contraceptive Method that the church do not encourage. She showed us illustrations of all sorts of contraceptives, when she showed us the most common form of contraceptive i.e. condom, I was giggling like a hyena. Mainly bcoz the illustration of the 'baseball bat' is SO HUGE. Baby was embarrassed I guess, he pinched me so hard that I almost got bruises. But I can't help it. I'm only human. C'mon, they shud get the proportion of the 'baseball bat' right and not exaggerate it. It will only corrupt innocent mind like mine. hehehhe.....

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby's Kingdom



My Baby had always wanted his toilet to look exactly like a hotel's one. Since, we have limited space, that's the best we can do.

Can you see my semi recess basin, Mummy II is worried that I can't wash my face or brush my teeth when I'm 5-9 months pregnant. She's afraid that my belly will be so big that I couldnt reach the water tap. Any mummy out there who has a semi recess basin would like to share
your experience on this?

Last but not least, Baby's throne. This WC is not cheap. Its more expensive than a one-seater leather recliner. It cost us RM1650 for this piece of Toto. I wanted to get a Malaysian made WC, but Baby was fussy over the quality of his 'throne'. *shakes head*

*Tips! Use Marble Top instead of Korean Klasik Cut Basin Top. Its more elegant and its cheaper!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Onn Onn

This lil' cupcake was sent away this morning. It was heart breaking to give her away.

SIGH! You see, my future FIL is a very neat and simple man. He only needs 2 pairs of shoes. His closet has only less than 15 shirts (buy him extra shirts, he will 'donate' it to his relatives). He is also someone who doesn't use a wallet, neither wear a belt nor watch. He will throw away things that he thinks is 'UNNECESSARY' eg. mummy's II hair products, mugs, living room decos, magazines & only-god-knows-item. When Mummy II lost her things, the accused will definitely be Daddy II. Hence, I dare not risk my rabbit's life since we'll be away for holiday this month. That is why Mummy II had arranged for a nice lady to take over this lil' bunny of mine. At least she will be in good hands.

In exchanged, your new owner gave us a bag of rambutans. I think u'll love her place as she has big orchard that you can hop around. Make sure to behave like a lady.

I'll miss you Onn Onn. Be Good k. Must share your food with your friends. And be nice to them. Sooner or later, u'll understand why we send you away. Love you lil' bunny. *sob*

Friday, September 28, 2007

Blissfully Yours #4

Geez!!! Time flies. Exactly 3 months before the BIG DAY. September is not a productive month at all. Too many things had occured. My bunny died on the day I renew my passport. It was devastating. I cried like there's no tomorrow. My eyes were swollen like Ultraman that I can't even put on my contact lenses for 3 days.

Then Yoga classes started. Imagine how 'rajin' am I? Kiasu ppl like me went for classes almost EVERYDAY to get the most out of it. DROP DEAD TIRED! I dunno why am I torturing myself? For the fun of exercising? For the money I paid? For health wise? HECK! I DON'T KNOW! As silly as it sounds, I was sick due to extreme exhaustion. NOW! Go ahead and laugh ur lungs out! *roll eyes*.

We took a short break instead. We attended Frankie's Bday dinner @ Maxim and Donna's Wedding at Park City Hotel, Miri last weekend. BUT I wasn't fully recovered hence I was still SICK during the whole TRIP. DAMN! FLU, SORETHROAT, COUGHING and worst still HIGH FEVER embraced me when I set foot in Miri. I was bed ridden most of the time. What a trip!

As promised, here you go 4th Blissfully Yours.

To be continued....Showcasing my NEW toilet next....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blissfully Yours #2 & #3

Blissfully Yours #2
The Garden of Love: These were the 1st few shots that we took early in the morning. Psstt...I know I looked extremely huge in the 1st pic. But my Baby like the big size me this pic very much bcoz of my I-AM-SO-HUNG-FOOK-LOOK.

Blissfully Yours #3
The Comfort Zone: I love this series very very much. This was taken at the bridal shop's reception area, just right after u walked into the shop. I'm amazed both of us can pose so well when there were so many customers looking at us. That moment, we felt like we're superstars.

Friday, September 7, 2007

On My 12 Days of Disappearance : Part 3

Basically I've been so so busy babysitting this lil' fella.

With pneumonia and a broken limb, it aint easy to 'communicate'
with him. The only thing I can do is to feed him and pat him. No way is he going to eat from his food bowl. So what I did was to feed him by hand. So every morning and evening, I hav to spend a good whole ONE hour feeding him and the mosquitoes as well. Is this a normal behavior on sick rabbits? Can sumone please enlighten me before I spoil my rabbit.

Look at my 'mini splint'. Several of the doctors praised me saying that I did a great job.

Brought him to the vet today for his 3rd injection. I can't find a small box hence I just grabbed whatever is available and placed him inside. FYI, this is Mummy II vege basket.

Look at how manja is this sick rabbit. Don't play play! I brought this rabbit to the Sabah Animal Medical Center. SIL and BIL bought their rabbit for RM20. And I spent RM76 on its medical fees. Damn! Its the same theory as making baby. U make baby for FREE but u spend all ur coffin money on them. Ironic!

I think he's a bit over weight.

Look at how steady he is while waiting for the doctor. That's why all the nurses 'sayang' him. *roll eyes* I guess this is his tactic of winning the hearts of all the nurses.

Heh! I still prefer the small small you.Awww! Isn't he adorable. Time really flies.