Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 4

I went to my family doctor to get our blood test report. Not that we have HIV or STD, we wanted to do the test bcoz we wanna check whether we have thalassemia that will affect our children. At the same time, I went to check whether I'm immunized with rubella vaccine.

When both of us stepped into the office, "Congratulation! Both of you can get married tomorrow." Such a funny doctor! Test results were good except my 'bad' cholestrol was way too high. Blame it on the ice cream, cheese cakes, pisang goreng, Chipster and chocolates. The only way is to cut down all the sweet stuff and more YOGA!!!!!

We burned RM628 on this blood test. How I wish moolah grows on trees!

FYI, I hate needles. And I must admit that I'm totally a chicken when I see needles. I was talking like a M16, the doctor sensed that I'm nervous and asked me to lay down on the bed.

"You better relax urself, or else your veins will shrink and I will need to poke lotsa holes to look for the right vein."

*GULP* I quickly do what I was told to. You see how can I not listen to my doctor, he knows me best. I swear to you my face is as white as a sheet of Double A paper. I look like a sick patient.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 3

Yesterday, I brought my gowns to alter at one of Mummy II's fren. When I put on my gowns, I can only see her (my tailor) shaking her head.

(Ivory wedding gown)

I must clarify that it has nothing to do with the design/pattern of the gowns. The reason of her shaking her head whenever I walked out from the changing room is because of my petite size.

(Creamy Peach Evening gown for the 27th nite)

NONE of the gowns fit well on me even its in size 'S'. That poor aunty hav to alter not only the bust and the waist line, she has no choice but to alter the LENGTH of the gowns too.(how bizarre is that) Sigh...i shud have gone to the bride's maid or flower girls section to cut all the trouble.

(Turquoise Evening Gown for the 28th nite)

So damn pai seh....So sorry aunty!! Its not my fault to be vertically challenged. I'm born like that. *sob*

(Brownish Gold Evening Gown on the 28th nite)

If genie really exists, I guarantee I won't ask for much. Just ONE simple wish will do, "HEIGHT!". I will feel a lot better if its just 5 feet. NO JOKE!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wedding Preparation # 2

The room is 80% done. The only thing left is our bed and an executive chair for our study table. Can't really wait for the full ensemble.

I'm obsessed with earth tone colors. Hence, bronze, gold, brown & beige are the core colors of my room.

(1. Netting behind the Curtain 2. Curtain 3. Wall paper 4. Cabinet pattern #1 Zebrano 5. Headboard 6. Cabinet pattern #2 Recon Oak)

Wedding Preparation # 1

I must say that I'm not ready to get married YET. Sometimes wedding is not about the two of us. It involves 2 totally different families. Different up bringing, different mentality and different lifestyle. And because of 'family' issue, conflict arise and I hate to admit that I'm not good at handling both parties. For those who has gone through this stage, you will definitely understand this 'phase', that I'm going through. And for those of you who are planning to get married, you will definitely have the chance to 'taste' it.

It was sad that I argued with my mum due to conflicting viewpoint. It was unpleasant at all. Torn between two person I love so dearly, it was catastrophic. I could only kneel down and pray. And THANK GOD mum and I are in talking terms. I don't know when will be the next bombing of Hiroshima, but I sincerely pray that it will not happen in the next few weeks. *finger crossed*

11th of November 2007 is the day Baby officially came to my house to present betrothal gifts to my parents.
14th November 2007, its our 9th anniversary. Only to realize that we were engaged for one year. Over the past one year, receiving wedding invitations that addressed us Mr. Anoti Voo & Fiancee were so jovial that brings me over the moon.

And for now....I look forward to the day I'm officially Mrs Voo. Just wish that everything runs smoothly and nothing will come in between us.