Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Its so ridiculous!

While waiting for Baby to finish his work, I can't believe that there's such an 'exclusive package' to those wealthy 'chicken' lovers out there. Read The Most Expensive Ipoh Chicken Rice from Helen, you'll know why I said its ridiculous. Catch a plan from Subang to Ipoh just for the plate of Chicken Rice? The world must be crazy!!!

(source: MyAll)

"The Most Expensive Chicken Rice in the World package is created for special occasions, excitement and purpose-seekers who appreciate personalized, true and engaging moments with people who matter during their hard-to-find-these-days free time together."

Special occasion? Ladies, imagine your Darling bring you to Ipoh for a plate of Chicken Rice on your Birthday/Wedding anniversary. Special or not? Don't be stupid, ask for a Diamond Ring instead and let him fly there alone.

Excitement? There are all sorts of 'excitement', go search for one in the bedroom. How 'thrilling' is it to eat 'Steam Chicken'? The thrill to spend that much of money to eat 10 Ringgit Chicken rice? I just don't understand.

Purpose Seeker? Alamak! Better join the St. John Ambulance, preach the Good News of the Lord, be a Monk is anyhow better than seeking for a plate of steam chicken rice to eat. *slaps head*

If you like Chicken so much, eat KFC lar! At least its everywhere in town. And I must agree with Mr. Cock, If you are seeking for thrill and excitement for a special occasion, its better you fly to Ipoh's Robin Hotel to 'taste' the juicy chicken!

Again, if you're as rich as the eat-full-nothing-to-do Paris Hilton, then I'll hav no say but to recommend you Africa's BBQ Quail, or Afghanistan's fried Lizard. I'm sure you get all the 'excitement' you want.

Working Hard for the Moolah!

Woke up in the morning feeling great. When we reached the office, Mummy II prepared a hearty breakfast for us. I guess I'm really lucky. I never have to worry bout breakfast, lunch or dinner because they are well taken care by Mum & Mum II. I don't have to spend a single cent on food during weekdays or even weekends. So other than giving my sista some pocket money, my salary bulat bulat masuk bank.

But lately, everything is about $ $ $. The renovation, the furniture and the WEDDING. That's why Baby and I have to work extra smart and hard. Out of the blue, Baby asked whether I want to run my own business, without thinking much I nodded so hard that the head nearly fell off to the ground
. Then he asked, "Are you willing to sacrifice your time?". "WHY NOT!"

I think he's up to something.....and please let it be 'something' GOOD! Can't wait for what he has in mind.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Goodies!

Yesterday I went to Sebor's Warehouse sales mainly to buy Dulux ICI paint for the newly renovated rooms. RM82 for a 5 liter Pearl Glo paint, quite a good deal for such a good paint. Bought 8 buckets.

When I was about to leave, I saw LOREA'L COUNTER. Fuiyoh, how can I miss out such opportunity rite? Warehouse sales are for kiam siap ppl like me. So I quickly joined in the crowd leaving Baby behind. Went in for 15mins and bought myself all these........
.......for just RM130 only. That's dirt cheap!!! 2 foundations for Mum & Mui Mui, 1 Mascara to keep and 11 different colors of nail polishes to be added into my collection. hehehe....I'm a happy woman!

Today, Baby went to Wisma Merdeka to have a hair cut. While waiting for him to cut his hair, I went for a 'walk' in the shopping center. Again, kiam siap ppl like me can't resist sales, especially 50% store wide sales. I took my sweet time picking the best piece of hair accessories. I guess I made a wrong move on doing so, just afte
r the 2nd rack, Baby called telling me that he's done. With no choice, I have to take what ever is in my basket and leave to meet up with the New-Hairstyle Baby. So this is the best I could do. Blue-Button-Hair Tie RM 2.90, Blue Crystal Hair Accessory RM 15.90, Black Mickey Hair Clip RM1.90 all for 50% off. And a pair of pink hair ties for RM1.20. I paid RM12.60 and later realised that I've been CONNED!

= RM10.35 + RM1.20(non-sales item)
= RM11.55

They miscalculated and charged me for extra RM1.10. My bad! I guess I was too excited to meet the Baby and paid blindly. Luckily its a small amount. The morale of the story, Never Buy Goods in a Rush! Big No No!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wabbit Wabbit!

Future SIL and BIL decided to get a partner for Lok Lok because he was so depressed for the past one week. So they went to Gaya Street this morning and bought another rabbit to accompany that lonely rabbit at home. When they brought home the new rabbit, they only realized that they had made a mistake. They bought Lok Lok's biological sista. *shakes head*

Introducing to you, Onn Onn (安安).....the princess like rabbit.

Both of them bonded immediately when they met each other. Hence, within a minute, Lok Lok invited Onn Onn to his 'crib'.....I think their daddy and mummy will have hard time disciplining them.

So they went to check out Lok Lok's crib. And found that....
Onn Onn Lok Lok sleeping peacefully together.
So cute!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pet Name

No, its not about naming puppy or wabbit. Neehh~.....those 'affectionate' names you and your better half call each other aaa...Don't be shy, I'm sure you and your darling have names that you call each other everyday. C'mon, you call your close frens nick names too, no big deal rite.

Come closer....Lemme tell you mine. I have tonnes of it but I will only disclose SOME, bcoz I doewan my Baby to feel that his privacy is being violated. In order to protect his privacy, I will only let you know how he calls me over the past 9 yrs.

We started off calling proper names i.e. Marie or Anoti, then he started calling me Siao Zu (small pig) bcoz pig is my favorite animal. A year or so....he started calling me So Zu (Silly Pig) for no reason. Then both of us went to KL to further our studies for 2 yrs, we wanted to call each other 'Lou Gung' 'Lou Po'. But it somehow struck me that we're not married yet and its not appropriate to address each other when we're only 19 and 21 y.o. Ridiculous rite? Plus, we don't want our friends to give us those disgusted looks....hence, we decided to call each other "Lou" (pronounced as Low).

It so happened that my mum heard me calling him Lou and asked why Lou? She thought I called him LOVE...

Mummy II heard that Baby call me "Lou" and just couldn't understand why he called me OLD.

We have been calling each other Lou for so many years that our family and friends are so used to it, some even accidentally called my Baby "LOU!". *smacks head*

Mummy made nice dessert, and gathered everyone in the dining area. Baby was the last one to join us. "Lou, go get yourself a bowl a dessert!" o_O My sista and I luffed at my mum so hard that she later realised she called the wrong name.

Then, the latest incident was the day we went to try on my wedding gowns for the pre wedding photo shoot.
"Lou, nice or not?"
"Lou, can or not?"
"Lou, is it too sexy?"

So, it happened that Baby went out the changing area to pick up a call. When he returned, Carmen our smart assistant blurted "
Lung, come and look at your lou po nice or not?" Both of us giggled. It was so funny that both of us decided not to rectify her and let it be. *pai seh*

Pet name is very very important in a relationship. Its a crucial cue too. When you know that you're better half is addressing you by your FULL NAME. "MARIE YEE XX XXX!" (Meaning to say u're in deep shit) So you better act fast & smart to avoid the next bombing of Hiroshima. Isn't that great?

Ironically, pet names phase out according to years. Instead of hearing nice hunny bunny names, it turns so harsh that you
rather stuff rocks into
his/her mouth. Pathetic!!!! Look at your ah gong, ah ma, gong gong, po po....
"Lou Yeh"(Canto),
"Lou Hang" (Canto),
"Bak Ye Po" (Canto),
"Bak Ye Lou" (Canto),
"Si Ngin Tiu" (Hakka),
"Si Lao Bak" (Hakka),
"Si Pat Po"(Hakka) ....the list goes on....trust me!

I hope this won't happen to me when I grow old. *finger crossed*

So any nice pet names to share? Just in case, we're bored of Lou, there's an alternative. Any idea?

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm a Millionaire?

If you were to ask me what will I do with 1 Million in 2 yrs back (after just graduated from Uni), I would probably use the Million to venture the fashion business with my Bestest Darling Regina. Our dream was and is to launch a new label that will rock the fashion industry like the famous Sass and Bide. Regina....if u're reading this...don't forget our dream.

With Million in my pocket, I would build a factory that manufactures only size 3 shoes. But I guess that's too selfish of me to spend such a huge amount of money solely on my FEET. So at the mean time, 20% of the money will most probably be spent on our wedding. We'll hire the the best photographer, the best videoman, the church and the dinner hall will be fully decorated with lotsa fresh flowers. I do not need a designer wedding gown nor a flamboyant wedding diamond ring but I'll definitely want a memorable ONE month honeymoon. How great is that.

20% will be invested to our retirement fund,forex or options and let it roll because we wanna retire young and rich. With the power of compounding interest, I'm sure we'll live FREELY before we hit 40. Just right to tag along with the kids when they go overseas for studies. How lovely is that!

20% to buy ourselves a MPV. The rest of the money will be used to buy ourselves a property and rent it out for investment. Why not live on your own to avoid conflicts with your Parents in Law? Nahh...I don't think its necessary. I rather live with them bcoz I need them to handle my kids. The essence of peace and harmony in a family is to give and take. I will try my very best to please them and respect them. And I hope they understand and love me as their daughter. And I'm sure they'll do bcoz they have always treated me very well for the past 9 yrs. Pssst...my future MIL cooks 'Drunken Chicken' (黄酒鸡) when she knows that my 'aunty visits' me every month. What more can I ask for rite?

Not forgetting, I'll contribute 5% of the money to the less fortunate ones.

You can't have everything with ONE MILLION. But i'm sure when this ONE MILLION falls into the right hand for the right purpose, it will generate more millions. Its not the money you earn that differentiate you, its the money you invest and save that set u ahead of others.

Thanks Angeleyes for giving me such a beautiful dream. I will make it come true one day. And now I'm going to share this ONE MILLION dream with:
  1. Min who loves the BF very much
  2. Thomas the man
  3. Mom2Ashley and one adorable Aidan
  4. Zara & Zaria Mama with her amazing effort for her kids
  5. Yong May who was kissed by 'him'
Instructions :

**Start Copy**

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………………


1st - Tag 5 bloggers, list down their blog and link to their blog.

2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they have been tagged by commenting in their blog or whichever method convenient.

3rd - Add your own blog link to the list below.

What They Do With Their $1 Million :
1. SYH will spend for Family.

2. Miche will give to the needy.

3. Montessorimum will keepsake

4. Healthfreakmommy will keep, invest, spend and give to the needy.

5. Chin Nee will Spend on Everything

6. Sasha will spend a little here and there and keep some too!

7. Laundryamah will spend a lot and not keep any!

8. Sweetpea will spend it like a mummy should.

9. wHOisBaBy will save it for future.

10. Chooi Peng will spend on new car, new home and a shopping trip

11. Jasmine will buy a MPV, invest in a business and shake legs

12. SiwwyPig will build her dream house, buy her dream car and travel the world

13. Lovely Mummy will spend & save

14. mommyof2angels wish there’re more millions coming!

15. Angeleyes will migrate to Ozland, start an eatery business and invest the rest.

16. Marie will have a nice wedding, invest on retirement fund, buy a MPV and buy a property to rent it out. And save as much as she could!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

Its been raining rabbits and rabbits lately. Why rabbit aa?? Will let you know later....

Bcoz of the weather, my left arm is aching. It hurts so much that I don't feel like typing. I told Baby my arm hurts, all he could think of is to bring me to a doctor. But I don't think doctors will help, the most they can do is to prescribe some pain killers thats it. I wanted to blog, but Baby had confiscated my laptop. He said I spent too much time typing, that's causing the pain. Nonsense right? I 'fai see' argue with him and went to sleep early yday nite.

Today's schedule was so tight. Meeting with the plaster ceiling sifu, our renovation contractor, our designer, our tiles supplier other than that we have to settle some work related matters, AARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!! I need a shoulder and back massage!!!!

Anyway, Baby's sister and BIL bought a very very cute fella name "Lok Lok" (乐乐) at Gaya Street for RM25 only. Not the satay-like luk luk you eat by the roadside k. Its a very handsome and cute baby rabbit. It melts my heart when Lok Lok hopped onto my lap, especially when he's tired or afraid. When Baby's sista and BIL saw their rabbit hopped onto me for so many times, they were so surprised and jealous. *Beams* I have this feeling that next time their children will run to me too....Hehehee

Introducing to you our lil' nephew.....

Lok Lok Wong

Angeleyes..thousand apologies!! I still can't make up my mind on how to use my $1 million. Very susah lar! Main reason is that I'm too greedy. hehehee....But will definitely do it in this few days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Much So For Being Lazy

I'm soooooo tired! The house, the renovation, the shop, the job, the wedding, the 'month' and the Baby. I'm drained out.

I'm so sick of the dirty and dusty house because of the on-going renovation. I hate the fact that we don't have hot water because the electrician had cut the power cable. I dislike running around looking for the best water closet, water taps, basin, tiles, lightings, lighting switches, flooring. And what I hate the MOST is to bargain/negotiate pricing with them. Baby owez leave the dirty job to me. And I know sales person hate customers like me. Sorry, I know I gave u guys such a hard time. Siggh....How I wish money grow on tree.

For furnitures, mattress, divan, bed sheets, quilt cover & curtains, I think I will only get it during sales. And I believe that there'll be heaps of it during National Day or Hari Raya. Yes, call me kiam siap or a miser, I don't mind because I think smart people buy things during sales or offer.

Anyway, Baby and I were discussing our electricity plan for all the switches this afternoon. And we came to the conclusion we need a master switch that controls all the lightings next to our bed. Simply for one reason, we are LAZY ppl who do not wish to walk 5 steps away from the bed to switch off the lights. We are the classic bummer. And we are so malu about today's conversation with our electrician.*paiseh*

"Uncle, please help us to fix a master switch beside the bed."

"Because we are too lazy to switch off so many switches"

*smacks head* too straight forward I guess.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pain Pain Go Away!

I'm having stiff neck today. And its no fun. Its so painful. I suspected 'wind' got into it. I'm a lazy bummer when it comes to drying my hair. That's why I love visiting hair salon every Saturday. I'll either make a bun or tie it up during weekdays. Its so troublesome to keep long and curly hair. But what to do...hav to keep it long for the wedding.

On the other hand, I think I have rheumatoid. My legs and arms are weak and sometimes it hurts during the nite. I hardly turn on the AC at nite as I am afraid that it will make it worse. Besides the weather, I also suspected the food that I consume lately - Salted Duck Eggs. Its so yummy that I must have half of it everyday. Is that healthy? I have no idea. But ZaraMama is making lotsa them lately. Who wants to try making homemade salted duck eggs can check this out.

I'm like a granny now, I need massage occassionally. My poor Baby is too gentle with me bcoz he's afraid that he'll accidentally break my bones or neck. IF ONLY I HAD LISTEN TO MY MUM, I wouldn't be suffering all these. SO to all my friends, it takes no harm to listen to your ah po, ah mah, mother, yi ma or gu jie, bcoz it makes lotsa difference. Trust me!

Oh boy! I can't imagine my confinement month, all the interesting Dos and Don'ts will definitely make me a 'happy' new mom.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Avirl Lavigne?!!

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend

No way! No Way!
I think you need a new one

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I could be your girlfriend

[Girl Friend, Avril Lavigne]

Even how crazy I am, no way I'm going to blurt a 'fashion' statement like Avril. Do you know what's the consequences of doing so? I might end up as pretty and cute as the China Panda. No Way!!! I'm gonna risk that. Panda: What!@#!@ Look like me very 'toh sui' meh? Wanna fight is it?

My Baby does not own a Harley, I hardly put on thick eye liners, I do not fancy leather jacket because of Malaysia weather, nor do I wear fish net stockings, although I do wear Levi's jeans. By any means I do not think I fit into the Rocker subculture.

But my dear
Min thinks that I 'rock' and awarded me with this.....
Fuiyoh! Don't pway pway. This means a lot to me you know. Just because I'm just a small peanut and amateur in all these. Thankew Min ! Sorry that I took forever to finish ur homework. Lab Yiu Berry Muchie! This badge is so COOL!

So from now onwards, I think I shud talk the talk and walk the walk. Just because I'm a ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER! Its a high time to buy meself a fish net stocking!! What say you!

EH!!! Do female rocker wear fishnet? Or did i just made a mistake.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Planning for a New Member

Baby and I had a see-riusss talk just now. We were planning for a new member to the family. I need to get him seated to let him decide because I want him to be involved. We have to equally share the responsibility and task when the new member arrive. And YES!!! We are planning to have one before the Big Day. Just because I can't wait to have one, I want to be a Mummy.

Did I just give u the fright of ur life? Don't be silly, the making of human project is put on hold. We were actually discussing bout what dog we shud get that is suitable for Baby's house. I wanted beagle for its medium-size-like-body and easily-
maintain-fur. But I still wanna keep my options wide. So I showed images of Miniature Schnauzer, Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell. But Baby didn't really like it. Baby said we better get a small and cute pup like a Pomeranian, Chihuahua or Maltese(He likes this pup the moment he saw it in the pet shop). But I told him its impossible to let a tiny dog sleep in the 'wilderness' alone. They will feel unsecured and fall sick easily. He said why not he buy a nice 'house' for it. OKay lor...give and take lor. I showed him pics of the pup and the grown up pic, to give him a better insight how the dog be like. I showed him Maltese pup, he said very cute.
Cute Kan?

Then I showed him the adult dog, he said "Why is the dog wearing skirt?" *falls to the floor*

Skirt waaaa!!! Can someone please EDUCATE my man!!!!! HELP!!!!!

******** I thought I hav posted up this long ago. But I guess I was too smart that I saved it as Draft instead of publishing it. I'm nuts!************

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Simply Delicious

*Backdated post*

I met up with the girls on the 30th June @ Delicious, Bangsar Villa
ge II. It was a great venue chosen by Zijill the Donkey, love the ambiance and also the food. Adeline was the 1st to arrive and greeted me with a big warm bear hug. Irene and Yong May joined later. It was actually a girls' nite out but I brought Baby along bcoz the wedding albums were way to heavy for me to carry around. So my poor Baby sat there whole nite long doing his work with his PDA.

Its amazing that we sat down for 4.5 hrs CHATTING most of t
he time. Our voices and laughters filled the whole room. We talked shamelessly loud as if the we have the restaurant all to ourselves. Its indeed a great dinner remembering our old silly days. Its even better getting to know how well everyone is doing now. GOSH! Time really flies. Talking bout that, Adeline said that I look like a 'Tai Tai'(太太) now. I almost fainted when I heard that, am I that OLD liao aa? or am I that haggard looking aa??? IF YES, please let me know before I turn wrinkly at the age of 30 y.o. I think I better sleep early from now on wards.

The ONLY 2 pictures taken bcoz our mouth were busy all the time.
The PR Girls
Fine!The Crazy Girls

(I guess I will only meet you girls on the wedding day. Can't wait to take nice pictures with all of you. Gonna miss you girls for now.)

An unrelated post.

Heard this from the radio.
Ppl from the West appreciate food a lot that they actually call their loved ones pumpkin, sweetie, cutie pie, muffin or cupcake. Ironically, it doesnt happen to us in the East especially Chinese, most of us relate food in a negative manner.
-Ugly girls are addressed as pork chop 猪扒, pork chop is yummy OK?
-Parents rather give birth to a piece of Char Siew 叉烧 rather than their own child, do you really wanna EAT what came out from from your *ahem*?
-They always like to say that dead ppl went to sell salted eggs 咸蛋, lack of supply meh 'up there', why need so many 'businessman'?
-Last but not least, why call clumsy or stupid ppl potato or fun shu in canto, 番薯, I like to eat POTATO ok! Its simply D E L I C I O U S! *slaps head*

WHy ar???

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tag # 1: All About Myself

Yiipee!! This is my first meme tagged by lovely Min who is also my kids future Santa Claus like Kai Ma, without the white beard of course! Writing 8 random facts bout myself, that's not too bad. So let's begin....

NO 1
I'm unique because of my height. There's only one phrase to describe me & I seriously hate to admit that I'm VERTICALLY CHALLENGED. If you still can't get the point, I barely reach 5ft, to be precise 4'11'' ft. So if you're 6ft tall, please make do with me. I prefer to chat in a sitting position and not standing position bcoz it will hurt my neck.

NO 2
I have a tiny feet. I'm a size 3, I remembered I wear size 2 Bata shoes in secondary, bcoz I can never wear a pair of white Converse. I can hardly get myself a nice pair of shoes hence it turned me to a shoe fetish. I can only buy shoes at selected stores like Vincci, Charles and Keith and sometimes Nose. Over the years, I could be the next Imelda Marcus bcoz I hav a huge collection of shoes. I buy shoes but I don't wear them, I keep them for rainy days. Just in case I can't get a pair shoes to match my dresses. I will not reveal the exact pairs I hav but I can tell you that I have AT LEAST 70 pairs of them. One of the reason is that, I don't want to scare my Future Parents In Law with the number of shoes I hav. That is why I keep most of it at home and not Baby's place.

NO 3
I'm getting married to my 9 yrs high school sweetheart on the 28th Dec 2007. He's none other than my Baby. Its a long marathon indeed. There's up and down, but we managed to overcome it. The most memorable event, is the night he brought my parents out for a fancy dinner and proposed right in front of my parents. How sweet is that. And I'm very sure that he's the Man I wanna spend my whole life with.

NO 4
My dad has the mentality of a 7 y.o. I'm exactly like him. He makes funny actions and faces, so do I. He is very cheeky and mischievous, so do I. He likes to irritate me, so do I. There's a simple reason behind this because I'm Daddy's girl. I can imagine the scene my dad will make on the our Big day in church for not wanting to hand me over to Baby. Oh God, please don't let this happen to me. I will sure cry like there's no tomorrow to see Daddy heart aches.

NO 5
I like to plan things way ahead. I started planning for the wedding since end of November 2006. Booked both venues, bought lotsa magazines for reference. One crazy thing I'm doing right now is planning for my 1st baby. Our room's design take into account for the Baby's cot and bed for a toddler. Our made sure our living room design is children friendly. You see I'm the only sick person who can think of this right at the moment.

NO 6
If someone tell you to "GET LOST", u better come and meet me. I can ensure you that you will never have to get lost or lose your way back home. Or you have a cheating husband or a cheating partner and wish to know their where abouts. I'm the best person to help you bcoz I have the perfect device to track them up. *wink* I'm your perfect person when you're lost. TRUST ME! That's is why I'm so unique.

NO 7
I love dogs. I have a Daschund and a Terrier at home. I made a deal with my Baby, if he wants kids, he better buy me a puppy 1st. Or else No Puppy, No Baby! I wanted a Labrador or Great Dane but am afraid its size will scare the shit out of my future MIL. Wanted a Golden Retriever or Schnauzer but am afraid that it will shed lotsa fur that will piss my Future FIL (he's a neat freak, Baby is exactly like him). I wanted TOY DOGS like Chihuahua, Shitzu or Maltese but Baby has a strict and fast rule that NO DOG IS ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE. That is why I hav no choice but to look at Beagle, Daschund or Cocker Spaniel, friendly dogs that will not be afraid of rats, lizards and bugs in our compound. My poor doggy. I make sure he get me my pup ASAP.

NO 8
My favorite past time is to cook and bake. My ultimate joy is to play Gin Rummy, yes I'm addicted to this poker card tiles. I used to play this every weekend. But seldom play lately bcoz NO KAKI. Anyone wants to play? *sob* So I hope I will pick up new sport or activity when Y-Fitness opens. :P

That's all from me now. And now to tag someone aa....aiyoh!! kenot lar! I'm afraid ppl will hate me. But to know you better, I will tag Val and Cherry. Cheers mate!

Occupation vs Income

Yday we celebrated Po Po's birthday at my youngest uncle's house. So its a family gathering for Daddy's siblings. I enjoyed it very much. But there was one of the uncle who thinks he knows all sat with us on a table during dinner. Baby, me, mui mui and my cousin who is currently working with us was seated at the table. My so called very-pandai uncle was talking to my cousin, asking how's business and telling that he should get 20-30% of company share bcoz my cousin is promoting our products. I cynically blurted "HAHA, very Funny!"

He is such a coward! He knows that my cousin is working with us. WHY NOT ASK US? Not that we weren't there. I was just sitting right in front of him, and he dared not look at me but looking to his left where my cousin was seated. And I clearly remembered that this is the uncle who shook his head when he knew that I am working for my future parents in law. "What a waste!" was what he blurted out. WALAU! Who are you to tell me what to do? Even my own parents didnt make a single noise.

I guess I should forgive him for being such shallow minded. He knows nothing bout business. If he's so great he shud hav a proper job at least a higher rank one. SO much for his 'intelligent' nonsense. Ask not what the company can do for you. Ask what can you do for the company. He has yet to understand this simple theory. If every promoter can get a 20-30% share of the company, I guess big companies will have not survived until this day.

I find it challenging to work for my own money and I don't like to work under the supervision of others. I like the satisfaction I get after a great deal. I know its not going to be easy to run a 'unique' business like ours, at least we have the driving to force to make it a successful one. Even if I'm a Stay-At-Home-Mom I will find my ways to earn money bcoz they are too many living examples out there earning money over the internet, 5xmom is the greatest living example. I'm sure being a mother or a father, if sumone come up to you and tell you that "What a waste! You spend so much on them. Your son/daughter could hav found a better job.... why open up a shop? or work for his/her in-laws?" or "They shud find a job related to what they have studied at overseas, why they change field?" or "Why is he/she taking up music? Musicians don't have steady income." All of these....is there a parameter measuring equipment to justify all these? I just wondered. We have excellent musicians, we have successful businessman, we have professional bloggers, we even have famous feng shui practioners, they earn bountiful buckets of gold. Do you really judge a person with a university degree he/she owns? A beautician, a make up artists, a hairstylist like our Winnie Loo they are wonderful ppl too. Its how you maximise your talent and expand your business.

It all boils down to the same answer, INCOME. Its not the job you take that classifies you. Its the income and the investment you make plus the SAVINGS in your bank that differentiate you. Before anyone has a say to this, think twice.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Late Friday the 13th

This so called 'unlucky day' graced me one day later. It all happened on the next day, SATURDAY! Today's post can be written to 4 posts but I'll put everything in ONE. And bare with me, it will be a VERY VERY LONG POST.

  1. We met a MALAY AH PEK road bully around 10am. Driving his PROTON WIRA AEROBACK CHAMPAGNE COLOR, SAA 1427D together with his wife & his son.(For whoever is related to this man aaa...I seriously feel very sorry for you) Please refer to the picture how he pissed us off.

KNN CCB!!! WHo on earth DRIVES like that!!!! He is ASKING for trouble!

I quickly took out my camera and kept the video mode rolling. This stupid idiot approached the driver side telling us earlier on we had pissed him off, that is why he purposely did that to us. WAH!! Its like my business like that to piss you off. MCH!!!!! According to his nonsense reason is that we cut his lane. STUPID PHXXKER!! Is there a law the we can't cut lane aa?? EVERYONE CUTS LANE! As long as the coast is clear, we can manouver our car to any lanes we wish right?? ITS SO RIDICULOUS!!!TOTAL MADNESS!! I was super furious and mad I flashed the camera at his face. Immediately he showed his fist and wanna tumbuk my Baby. I BAWLED at the top of my lungs "OOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIII, HOW DARE YOU!!"

He kept on repeating "DO YOU UNDESTAND?" for thousand of times. BLOODY MALAY OLD MAN! I was so angry I used my POWDERFUL ENGLISH and said " We have no intention at all, but you did it TWICE to us. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? WHOSE FAULT? SETTLE IN POLICE STATION NOW. I MEAN NOWWWW!"(it was not so short actually, but dunno why i can't remember) I think he doesn't speak English but only know the phrase "Do you undestand?" . When he heard me speaking my Australian Slang English, he dared not looked at me and dealt with my Baby. HE took out his hand and wanna reconcile by shaking hands. MY FOOT
!@$#@!$ ! Its like slapping a person hard on the face and later shake hand to say sorry. CCB!!! Who are you to get mad, scold them, create trouble and SHAKE HAND? You Said I panas or not??? WHen he left, straight away we headed to the police station to lodge a report. I told the police that man had threaten us. Seriously don't mess with me. (Any lawyers here who can give me advice?)

You OLD MAN, you have NO RIGHT to get so mad bcoz we changed lanes. If you wanna cause accident and hold a funeral for your family GO AHEAD & RISK UR FAMILY'S LIFE FOR YOUR HEROIC STUNT AND VENGEFUL MINDSET! STAY AWAY FROM US OR PICK A BIGGER CAR LIKE A 10-ton TRUCK! bCOZ we will not grieve for you nor shed a single tear. One piece of an advice, GO AND QUICKLY JOIN SOME ANGER MANAGEMENT COUNSELLING NOW BEFORE YOU DIE OF HEART ATTACK OR STROKE DUE TO YOUR POOR ANGER MANAGEMENT SKILL. IDIOT! I can't believe there's such irrational person. ( I have never been that mad before. Sorry for all the vulgarity.)

2. Went back to work as usual. After 4pm, I went to the salon to wash my hair. Dunno whether I'm 'sui' or what, I was washed by this new shampoo girl bcoz the one who always washes my hair was busy with another customer. So bo bien lor. Her skills wasn't too bad, but when its time for blow-dry. Came another shampoo girl, lets call her Big Eyes, big mistake. I always like my hair blown curl, Big Eyes was so smart that she inverted all the curls. What a day! I need to get a senior and the Sifu to fix up all the curls. SIAO!! BLOW CURL took me ONE HOUR. Poor Big Eyes was heavily bombarded by the boss.

3. When it comes to dinner time, the restaurant that we wanted to eat was having a function hence we have to eat else where. ARGH!!! Was having gastric summore. So no choice but to eat at another restaurant in the city. When the food came, our favorite lamb ribs was over-grilled. How on earth can we eat charcoal-like lamb. So i told the waiter " I'm very disappointed with today's lamb. It is BLACK and DRY. How do you expect us to eat this carbonized lamb?" He quickly ran into the kitchen to inform them. As a result he gave us a 10% or 15% discount. Better than none right? So towards the end of the dinner, I had a really bad stomach ache and had to 'unload'. With a bad and discomfort tummy, I had occupied the cubicle for at least 10-20mins causing outrageous activity behind door. Those waiting for my cubicle was furious and mad. I heard them whining and cursing. But my ass is full of shit wor, what do u expect me to do? I feel so so sorry for those who hav waited for ages and the next unlucky one to enter the 'perfumed-scented' room. SIIGGHH~~ I'm such a pity being.

4. SO when I thought I was FINE and were ready to watch Die Hard 4, my stomach was giving me an excruciating pain again. With no choice, Baby said we better head home and asked our friends to go ahead without us. RM19 gone with the wind. DOUBLE SIGGHHH!!!!

I told Baby its not our day today its better to stay home. So when I thought I could blog the DAMN internet was DOWNNNNN!!!


At the end, I 'lao bao bao' (Moody and angry) and went to bed.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Love Nest"

Our room's design is finally out!! And its so pweety. Thanks Vigi (Baby always call her Vegetable, poor thing) & Jeremy, and Mr Chan Nice Nice-the boss.

My Baby is very 'yim chim'. He emphasized that he wants his 'Kingdom' to be very 'comfortable' especially 'his palace' (aka the toilet). So our poor designers have to crack their heads to come up something 'comfortable' for 'Your Majesty'. 'Your Majesty' do not like things scattered around hence he build me a 'dungeon' (walk-in wardrobe) to lock all my things up. (Psst...i'm a very messy person if you compare me to my Baby, he's a NEAT FREAK) Overall we are very satisfied with their work and paid the 40% downpayment today. YIIPEE!!.

*flush* This is our love nest. *super flush flush*

Did you notice that there's mirror on the Left, Right and Center. I asked them to change ALL. I rather they spread wall paper and not mirror. The reason behind that is because I'm very superstitious! Bad Feng Shui for a marriage life. It is believed that with mirrors reflecting the bed is said to attract 3rd parties into our lovey dovey relationship. Don't believe me, read Taboos in bedroom. NO WAY! I'm gonna risk that!

Yii Haa!! My walk-in wardobe is just behind our TV set....Yii Haa!! Can't wait to see the REAL ONE. *Beams happily from ear to ear*

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Names

Lately I've been very cranky bcoz of PMS. I'll be very very moody if things do not go according to plan. Better not kacau me during this period, coz I'm very unfriendly.

Baby wanted to cheer me up, so he said something like this ...

"How many kids do you think we'll have?" (He knows I like this kinda topic)

"TWO LAR! You think so easy to give birth aaa!"

"TWO ONLY AAA???(Very disappointed but dare not to ask for more) Ok lor..we'll stick to "2" at the moment."

"DO you hav a name for them already?"

"WOOII !!! You eat full nothing to do is it? HOW DO I KNOW WOR? Cincai lar...Bubble and Bumble Bee."

He gave me those unbelievable look.

"I think I shud name our kids August and October."

"You chi seen lar...u think it will go according to plan aa!! What if they come out in March or September?"

"Just like my mom maa...She's Alxxe, and she named all her kids with "A", Anxxe, Anthony & Anxxxw. You're 'Oak Gai Ma', so we name our kids 'Oak-Gust' & 'Oak-tober' lor."
('Oak Gai Ma-Hakka, 'Oak'=Fierce , 'Kai Ma'=Hen, it literally means Fierce Chicken, its the same meaning with 母老虎-Mandarin and Lou Fu La-Cantonese) .


"HAHAHAHHAAA!! You wanna 'fight' is it?"

"My real intention is to make you happy."

You see, how can I survive PMS without him.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Teehee! I'm at Starbucks now. As pathetic as it sounds, this is my 'first' outdoor blogging experience.

I'm here because my Baby wanna show off his photo albums to his classmates. Another reason is that, he wants me to answer all the questions posed by the girls bout make up, gowns and accessories. I'm such a poor thing.

Anyway, did u guys read about the 4 y.o. little girl. So "yim gung"! The STUPID MOTHER and THE CRUEL BF should be burned in HELL. HOW CAN YOU KILL SUCH AN INNOCENT BABY!! May the 2 of you rot in ur sleep, u useless beings. And to Baby Ying Ying, May you rest in Peace. so geram when I read the news. *fan fan* I better not think of the 2 bastards. "sai hei" only.

I better sign out and enjoy my Hot Chocolate and Marble Chee
secake. Adios!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Mui Mui entertained us with this......

Wife : "Why do men bald as they aged?"

Hub : "Bcoz we THINK a lot. Its the same theory why women don't have beard or moustache, bcoz they TALK non-stop."



3 days ago, Baby came to me and said "Finally, I found my TRUE LOVE."

I was so mad and decided not to talk to him.

He sensed that I was not really friendly and quickly showed me a picture in his phone.


He has been searching high and low for the perfect toilet bowl. And now he hav found ONE.


Please be gentle with my Baby's ass.


I found it so silly to be jealous with a toilet bowl. MY BAD! I think I shud hide my head in the toilet bowl instead. SHAME ON ME! *paiseh*

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Triple Seven

I planned to wake up at 7.07am but I was too tired that I woke up at 7.37am instead.

According to Lilian Too WOFS, I'm KUA NO. 7. I think it has something to do with Heaven Luck. Don't know how true is this. Can any sifu tell me will it be a good day for me?

So I thought in this special day, my Baby would give me surprises like....

2nd Proposal Ring?

Candle Light Dinner?

Airticket to Bali?

A Puppy?

Or anything with 7...

7 Roses?

7 Chocolates?

7 Greeting Cards?

7 Cup Cakes?

7 Jagung?

7 Banana?

Anything S-E-V-E-N!!!!



Was flaming inside, I asked...

"Today is 070707, what are we going to do later?"

"Lets eat at 7pm SHARP!!!"

Can sumone go get me a knife!!!!!!

Thank God he bought Transformer tickets just now or else I'll be GRILLING him tonite!

Come to think of it, my Baby did give me more than 7 kisses today.

Friday, July 6, 2007


NOOOOOOOOOO!! Mind you, this is not an angry post! My Baby did nothing wrong and he's still dearest H2B. I loooovvee my baby very very much.

Tell u a secret, as days go by, I realised that my Baby is as cheeky as me, how shud I put this...he's is so ME!!! In the midst of work, he'll wiggle his butt. He'll tickle me when I'm off guard. He'll make silly faces when he has the mood. He'll dance like Goofy when he's happy. He talks to my dog. He talks to my soft toys, my shoes, my pillow when I don't give him the attention he needed. He sings ABRUPTLY that scared the shit out of me. He likes things that I don't like example Lizard just to irritate me. *roll eyes*

Just because 'someone' has changed his name ....Take a closer look!
My Baby's name is Anthony Voo not ANOTHY! No wonder he is acting weird. But I like the NEW Anothy, he's very cute.

Thank You Air Asia.
(what a lovely surprise)

TOMORROW 07.07.07!! Auspicious date summore!! How I wished we were married last year so that I can have my Baby tomorrow. Sigghh...too late for that!

My Secret Admirer(s)

Psst....I think I hav secret admirer(s). If my Baby knows this, he'll sure be very busy with me. To make things worse, I suspected there are TWO of them. LAGI MATI! I dunno what should I do if I caught he/she/them red handed. WANNA KNOW WHY??

Since I came back from KL, our wedding photo collections are based at Baby's house (to be exact his living room). All together they are 5 photo frames. Bcoz there are too many of them and I don't wish to turn Baby's home into OUR GALLERY , I normally stack it together at one corner.

Like this

But for the past two days, every morning when I go to Baby's place to change for my work wear(60% of my work wear is at his place), I see pictures around. Our pictures are being DISPLAYED in the living room, the TV area. So I thought it was Kakak's idea, probably she dusts it for us every morning. I queried her this morning, in returned this is what she said "I tengok Aunty(Mummy II) atau Uncle(Daddy II) yang susun. Mereka suka gambar kamu..." *BLINK BLINK*I think I've slowly turned my future parents-in-law into my secret admirers. These 2 days, I think they skipped their morning exercises and exercised their eyes instead. Hehehe...Am I smart or what?

A bit of 'hocus pocus', I've turned my Baby and his family so into me. Who wants my alibaba-jampi-hocus-pocus formula?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transportation Frustration

Finally we took our albums and our photos at TOM Wedding KL. The album turned out lovely and both of us love it very much. Next we faced another problem, we cracked our heads on how to deliver this big piece of photo back home SAFE AND SOUND!

Just to remind you again, we enlarged our photo to 6 x 2 ft to be hung in the room. On top of that, Carmen, TOM's person in charged were so thoughtful that they wrapped our frame with extra foams making it BIGGER by 7x3ft. OMIGOSH! That freaking picture of ours is extra 2.1 ft taller than me. Can u imagine how huge it is. I remembered when Baby asked me to push the airport trolley, I could NOT even see my way and see what's in front of me bcoz my smart Baby left it standing. How can I push or walk?!#?$@!$%Ppl around will be amazed by saying "LOOK!! The trolley is moving by itself!! AWESOMEEE!!"

But who cares, my main concern was to deliver this bloody huge thing bac
k. By Hook or By Crook!! Obviously we were overweight. U know with Malaysia's Mega Sales going on, how can i resist not buying anything for myself. With all my goodies plus 3 albums and 4 photo frames, we paid for extra 10kg which is just RM120. Quite a GOOD DEAL you know!

Bcoz of this big frame, not any normal taxis can deliver this thing. We ha
ve to call up TOM's Manager who drives a Citra to send it to the condo. Called up a bigger taxi (Matrix like) to pick us up the next day plus called up Mummy II to drive a bigger car. Don't pway pway. This is not an easy job. At last, we brought back our Big Baby safe and sound. PRICELESS!!!

The night before this was how it looked like. Pathetic yet thrilling!!

And this is the masterpiece that gave us all the trouble. Wrapped in 'swaddling clothes'.

More PICTURES coming up SOON.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I hav really bad allergies since I touched down Terminal 2. This is my FIRST severe allergy. I seriously looked like a mutant . With a face like that I'm sure gonna freak ppl out especially young kids. Ppl who see me will think that I hav some kinda weird diseases. I was devastated. I hav no confident at all. I wanted to close myself in the room and deep inside I know I can't. (That's why I don't think its appropriate to post any of my ugly pics to scare ppl off)

I went to our family GP to get some medicine bcoz my face was swollen and damn itchy yesterday, the other reason was that I can't get hold of my skin specialist in the afternoon. So today, I went to see her hoping that she'll give me a miracle potion to fix my face up. In dismay, she only prescribed some medicine that will only take me 2-3 days for the allergies to subside. HEH!! Better than none!

The best thing is that she gave me 4 days leave. But too bad that I can't afford to miss any of my workings days after such a long trip. So I have no choice but to set my butt in the office with such a daunting look. Luckily I don't have to meet any of our clients. My work is piling up like Mt Kinabalu and that's the consequences of taking such a long leave.

For now, all I hope is a fast recovery so that I can wear all my nice new shoes. Hehehe

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Baby woke me up at 11am this morning bcoz he wants to go to IKEA. Jumped off from the bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face and put on my lenses. Before I put on the lenses, I made sure that I'm wearing mine and not Mr Meow's one.

Went to have brunch at "Dragon's People" (direct translation kay...) and I must say that I still prefer Tu Loong bcoz it tastes better. "Dragon's People" 2 dishes were a major turn off.
Don't be deceived by its yummy outlook. The wings were served cold and the meat was raw. The first bite was horrible bcoz of the bloody taste. YUCK!!!
This is Black Pepper Chicken Fried La Mien. What is so 'best' about this dish is that the chef splashed in ONE BIG BOTTLE of black pepper. No wonder I'm so "HOT" in there!!!! $%C^$#C%^B$%^ How can they serve such horrific food. Its like making urself a cup of black pepper drink. SO STUPIAK!

Beside these 2 dishes, the rest was fine. I somehow like their Siao Loong Bao and Dumplings.

After Brunch we went to IKEA to get our things. I was so damn tired bcoz I didn't really sleep well last nite thanks to the contact lenses! How I wish I can just sleep on those nice beds at IKEA. Baby was so busy shoo-ing me around. Sorry dear.

Anyway, after a long day at IKEA, we burned close to RM1.5K just buying accessories and not even a piece of furniture......DAMN! IKEA sure knows how to make things cheap s
o that we BUY MORE!
And because of IKEA, we have to postpone our dinner with Mr Meow and Mrs Meow to the next day. Sorry Mr Meow. Anyway, just wanna tell you that Mr Meow is so hensem without his contact lenses. Don't believe me? See it to believe it!



So sorry girls...he's attached to Mrs Meow edi.

Contact Lenses Routine

Its 1am ++ and I'm damn sleepy. So being a sleepy head, I went to the toilet to take off my contact lenses. For the past 9 yrs my routine goes like this....

  1. Wash contact lenses casing

  2. Fill up Right and Left casing with solution

  3. Take out my Right lense and rub it with solution (sometimes skip the rubbing part)

  4. Dump it into the Right casing

  5. Take out my Left lense and rub it with solution

  6. Dump into the Left casing

  7. Close tight

  8. The End

So because of my stupid routine, I brainlessly took Mr. Meow's (Baby's friend) casing open it up and WASHED away his contact lenses just because mine is similar to his.

I was shocked!!! I rushed into Mr Meow's to verify whether he has taken off his lenses. He nodded. At the end, I have no choice but to tell Mr Meow the excruciating truth that I have washed away his contact lenses. Luckily, Mr Meow's heart is made of gold, he's fine with it. But deep inside, guiltiness invades the whole body within seconds. I feel very bad and that's why I'm writin this before I go to sleep.

Dear Mr Meow,

I'm truly sorry for what I've done. For the past few days, we bring you lotsa trouble. We conquered your house, your toilet, your car and even your computer. We are good-for-nothing-friends that bring hassle and nothing but hassle. And yet u're so kind to let us stay at your place everytime we visit KL. No words can describe how grateful and thankful we are to have a wonderful friend like you. And to show you my sincerity, I'll buy you doughnuts and bring you and Mrs. Meow out for dinner tomorrow night. You can eat whatever you want and Baby will settle the bill. I hope that the above will compensate my wrong doings. Last but not least, from the bottom of my heart, I'm truly truly SORRY.