Thursday, October 30, 2008

When you're away......

Anoti went to Clubmed Cherating(incentive trip) flew to KL this afternoon and will only be back till Sunday night. Since married, this is the FIRST time, he is away from me. Without him around, my world is so gloomy, and my mood is decidedly downbeat.

Tonite is my first night without him beside me, I just can't imagine the rest of nights. He called me up just now and told me that without me around, he rather keep the DSLR in the bag, no subject to take. When I heard that, tears rolled down like a leaking tape water.

Normally he is the one who shuts the window bcoz he knows that I'm scared that there might be lizards sticking on it. Tonite, I left it open. He is the one who turns off the lights when we sleep, tonite, I have to leave the bedside lightings on.

He is now in KL and will only be going to Clubmed tomorrow morning. Sigh~~I seriously miss him very very much....but I can't let him know I cry or else he will not enjoy his trip.

Blame it on me, I'm just too dependent on him. Tell me how am I going to sleep tonite......

Mrs. Anoti :(

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Your is Mine, Mine is Mine

Finally I understand the meaning of " What's yours is mine..."

Before this, I had always wanted a DSLR. After one year, my wish came true.

When Anoti decided to get me a Canon EOS 450D, Canon launched a value for money camera EOS Rebel XS. Just the right timing!

I'm as happy as a dancing bumble bee.

But later I found out that this so called gift, is not really mine. Because Anoti was playing with it every night. He even went to the extreme of buying extra lens. And those lens don't come cheap.
Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6

And when I tought he would be contented with this, he bought another lens today.

I seriously don't understand what is in his head. That day he was complaining bout the price of chicken wings, and now he spends like no body's business. I geram or not? U tell me.

"UUUIIIII!!! (no more darling, loung gung, baby) WHO LET YOU BUY THIS?"

"It's all because of you, you will need this one day, trust me!"

Get me a bucket! I WANT TO VOMIT BLOOD!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Finally I found a place with Wi-Fi, thanks to Vedablu Tawau. Went to KFC this morning and was told that, WIFI is not available during weekends and public holiday. I seriously didnt know that KFC Modems are given such a special labor 'privilege'.

Wanted to post up my pics. BUT the ultimate "prawn head", have forgotten to pack the card reader. Hence, Anoti punished me by making me pay the bill at Vedablu. (Not only did I forget to pack the card reader, instead of packing for 4 days 3 nites, I packed for 3 days 2 nites. Silly me!) I don't think I'm a very good wife....hmmph....

Have a nice Holiday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tawau Trip

I'll be away during this long weekend. Will be attending my daddy's best friend wedding at Tawau. Nothing to brag about, but when I know that his wife is barely my sister's age (20 y.o), I just couldn't help but to wonder how should I address my uncle's wife. FYI, my uncle is 47 y.o.

Love is blind. Perhaps love can really make us walk that extra mile.
This I ponder......

Daddy told us he'll bring us to savour Tawau best food. This I can't wait!! SEAFOOD SEAFOOD HERE I COME! If the weather allows, I might be going to Sipadan or Pom Pom Island. Have to put my Canon EOS 1000D to good use
. Give me my sunblock.

My 1 month old baby!! Gift from Anoti.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That has nothing to do with me....

(Picture from wokkingmum)

Isn't that YUMMY??

My mom called me up this morning and 'invited' A-noti and I to have dinner at home. We were delighted. Ever since I got married, I normally go back to have dinner once or twice a week. Mummy normally cooks like she's throwing a big feast, she can never get the potion right. I think she hates her Maths teacher and gave up counting or estimating ever since...

Today, mummy cooked her signature chicken wings which is one of Anoti's favorite. I ate so so much that my stomach was about to explode, horribly life threatening!!! the fruits that were prepared, was left UNTOUCHED. Can u imagine that?

On our way home, Anoti was still talking bout mummy's chicken wings. From chicken lead Anoti to this....

"I still remember when I was courting you, the price of BBQ Chicken Wings was just RM1. Then, when we started dating, the price of BBQ Chicken Wings was RM1.20. Before I marry you, it was like RM 1.50. And now, after getting married, its has gone up to freaking RM1.80. SO TERRIBLE!!! "

Deep inside, I was fuming when I heard that and blurted.....
"What does chicken wings has to do with me a? So for this recent economic down turn, are you putting the blame on me?" *roll eyes*

BOY!! I seriously have no idea what is in my man's mind. Enlighten me please!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Dear friends, thanks for all the emails even when I'm not active in blogging. Many of you are still very interested on the Guangzhou Wedding Gown Hunt. I hope all my emails have helped you brides-to-be.

For those of you who needs help to get something from Guangzhou Wedding Street drop me an email. I'll be going there this November to help some friends to buy their daughters flower girl dresses. Please let me know before the 9th of November 2008. Thanks!

With lotsa lotsa love,
Marie a.k.a Mrs A-Noti-Voo