Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Anoti and I saw this when we left the office, walking towards the car park.

Goodness Gracious!!!

Indeed very very high level of security but then I wonder does it serve its purpose.

No joke! Throw it to a burglar, I'm sure he'll be bed ridden. Do u know how heavy are these 'metal langsat'?

I guess the Complex Management cant afford high tech security system but only these. LOL!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shaving Private Parts

This post is not about shaving ur bushy nest into heart, flower or durian shape. Before you judge me and say that I'm some kinda psycho or pervert. Please READ ON!

When I was about to shut down the computer, Anoti has already tucked comfily in bed with the remote control randomly zapping thru Astro.

"OMG!!! Astro is showing "Shaving Private Parts." O_O

My first reaction was,
" SEE! SEE! Let me WATCH!"

Then I spotted this....






What a turn off!! SAVING PRIVATE RYAN pula! Such a HUGE difference! Hahahaa...Anoti is definitely an attention seeker.

My sincere apology to Director Steven Spielberg or Lead Actor Tom Hanks, Anoti has no intention to condemn ur wonderful movie but he was trying to grab my attention.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Star Of Tomorrow Showcase @ 1Borneo

I've been conned! Anoti said he wanted to go to 1Borneo to watch Madagascar 2.

Before we left the house, he quickly took his DSLR & 55-250mm teleport lens. Wasn't bothered to ask him.
We headed to GSC upon arrival, but was shocked when he returned without the tickets. All he said was, "I'll bring u tmr nite." "What happened?" I asked. All he said was bcoz the Showcase starts at 2pm too, I dont want to miss this event.

Yes...the showcase that he was so excited was this Canton Pageant (Chinese chicks) hosted by Eric Tseng.

We reached there really early...see it for urself....

Out of 12 candidates, only 3 candidates that I personally think that are pretty.

The rest was....hmm...too chinese looking.....eyes were too small and some are are TOO SKINNY!

My favorite was this....(sorry aaa...i 4got ur name and ur number)

She has this ABC look and her eyes are just so electrifying...*shivers*

But then, the judges gave the honor to candidate no.5 which is a dentist. Fair enough, she's very confident during the whole show.

Congratulations No. 5!

The 2 hours event was very entertaining, I'm not really into the girls BUT BUT I admit I was really entertained by this funny fella...

Eric Tseng

Do you know why I'm so into him? Hehehe...while Anoti was busy snapping photos, this man pointed at me and smiled at me. Yiiiihhhaaa!!! I'm a happy chick!

PS: FYI, I'm not into older man, just that I never experience this kinda celebrity encounter. *blush* I live on top of trees remember?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

More You & Less Me

"It is a long journey to learn that not everything is about ME and MYSELF. In fact, I am still learning." Cherry
I couldnt agree more to her when she mentioned bout this on her post. What she mentioned has waked me up.

I always blame Anoti for not putting any effort in this baby making project. It is all his fault bcoz all I know that he only cares for his business and nothing else. I guess I am absolutely wrong. I think he wants lil' sunshine as much as I do. What he is doing now is for our future, for a better living.

If he's not keen on having one...he would not have spend good ol' 30 mins with this lil' fella every morning....
Noel, our Nephew @ 7 months

I'm so sorry dear! How silly to think that u are being selfish and you love only your job. *smack meself* Anyway, it gives us more excuse to 'work harder'... Labbiuuuuu....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Everything happens for a reasons...

Have you ever questioned yourself for the things that turned out bad or things that turned out what we call 'unexpected'. I'm a believer of The Means Justify the Ends school of thoughts. Call me old fashion.

When I was in Uni back in Perth, a drastic transformation happened. My weight sky rocketed and my face were as big as the moon. Its every girls nightmare! I broke my own record by going up to 48kg. Everything went out of shape. Horrifying!

What happened? Blame it on my hedonistic lifestyle I supposed. I was just a student, what can you expect from a student. Parties, night lives, drinking nites, pizzas, yum cha sessions, suppers during the odd hours, junk foods like chips and chocolates, the list goes on....... serve me right! Carefree lifestyle the consequences are putting on extra weight.

2 years after graduation, Anoti proposed and we tied the knot last year. Those months before the big day, I believe I was at my best appearance. I was really into making myself healthy and pretty. Went for yoga, facials, dermatologist appointments, manicure pedicure sessions, weekly salon visits. And it all paid off as I feel absolutely great and beautiful during the big day. Not only did I feel absolutely pretty, confidence level was sky high.

After getting married, Anoti wants to hav a mini. After 7 months of trying, all I got was strawberry jam bread every month hence that got Mummy and Mummy II worried. Went to the doctors, paid couple of hundreds just to hear that we should take it easy and relax ourself because we are still young. As I looked back and analysed our lifestyle, both of us were very indeed busy. Juggling btween works is not doing any good to us especially Anoti. His laptop is only put to rest when he sleeps. Being too caught up with life and work sure wont give us any luck of conceiving. Everyone was telling me that I shud be on folate...but then again, i'm not consistent enough. I guess, both of us weren't really trying hard....

Since Christmas is around the corner, if only Santa could hear me, can I hav this.....

....under my christmas tree. Or else just sprinkle me some baby dust because I've been really good and nice this year.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its the thought of Love

I couldn't be more happier when I picked him up from the airport on Sunday nite. Daddy took the driver seat and both of us sat behind. The whole journey home, Anoti hold my hand by cupping it with his both hands. I think he missed me too. I just kept quiet.....enjoying that silent moment. When we reached home, the 1st thing he did was gave me a big tight hug and lotsa kisses. *paiseh* Distance does make the heart grows fonder. Then, he said he bought something for me from Club Med. Patiently I waited for him to unpack his bag...

...and he bought me this......
For Club Med, its quite a nice Polo T , but I would never purchase it if I see one on the mall or streets. Afterall, its the thoughts that I gave Anoti a big hug. Then I spotted a tag, when I saw it....i wanted to shout at him.....

SO BIRDIE EXPENSIVE!! #@$*(#$(@*#&(#@*&$)))(*@#@!

What a ripped off! Wanted to tell him, how silly he was to buy such an overpriced Polo T, but then I rather keep it to myself, or else, I'll be getting nothing next time. To calm myself down, I quickly go get myself a glass of ice water. *gulp*

Girls, how do you respond if your darling buy something that is ridiculously overpriced or some unattractive gift for you? Do you break his heart? Or you put up a Julia Robert smile and act that you love it very much.

In my humble opinion, I think someone shud conduct a class like THE ART OF BUYING GIFTS FOR YOUR LOVED ONES
. What do you reckon?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its not easy....

Day one was really bad, I could hardly fall asleep. Only till then I realised that our king size bed is unquestionably huge. I slept at his side, used his bolster and pillow, but that doesn't stop me from thinking of him. I tucked myself in before 11pm but I only manage to drift into lalaland around 2am in the morning. I woke up at 9am the next morning.

I dislike driving to work alone. I have to carry my own laptop bag, this is not fun. All these while I took all his effort for granted, all his small little gestures like carrying my laptop bag and my water tumbler means a lot to me. Driving home after work was even worse, we usually talk and discuss bout our daily encounters and events, yesterday I was sitting alone listening to Hitz FM until MIL called and asked where about. I told her, "I'm on my way home."

Last year's Halloween, Anoti made me this cute lil' fella...

If I were to celebrate Halloween in KK, give me a flying broomstick please.

I want to dress up like the pretty Nicole Kidman riding on her flying broomstick. Gosh I miss him so much.

2 sleepless nights are good enough to make me a member of the panda family. I think its wise that I go home to sleep with my mum tonite or else I might give Anoti a shock when he sees me on Sunday nite. Wouldn't want to risk myself looking like this.

Till then have a good weekend!!