Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pregestimil-Hypoallergenic Formula

Last nite, I fully breastfed Isaac from 6pm til 4am. He was a bit fussy, until Anoti had to make 1oz of formula for him to suck on and later shift him to the breast. Thank God that this trick works. Up til 4am, Isaac was really fussy and refused to latch on my breast, prolly due to slow and low milk supply. As a result, both of us surrender and made him a bottle of milk. After feeding him, I brought him over to the CL room.

U heard me right, my MIL insisted that we hire another CL for 2 weeks after Isaac's full moon, mainly for 2 reasons;
a) I looked really pale and shud practise 40 days confinement.
b) Isaac is not really easy to handle, its best for the CL to take care until he is a bit bigger.

Went to the hospital to pick up Isaac's special formula this morning. I hope my baby boy will take it bcoz its bitter.

Dear Lord,

I leave it all to your hands. Protect my little baby, and free him from all illnesses. Let the Dr. find out what's wrong with him as he's been really cranky lately. I also pray that I may produce more breastmilk so that Isaac will not have to take this awful taste milk. Give me the wisdom, courage and strength to bring this baby up. Amen.

Bloody Stool

By this time, I shud be like any other mothers posting up their newborn pictures and share my birth and confinement experience. But, sunshine has made both mummy and daddy worry, in fact both of us are so stress.

Isaac has streaks of blood in his stool, it has been on going for ONE MONTH. At first Dr said its a fissure in the anus, during the next visit Dr suspected it was Soy based formula that is not suitable for him, we changed to Enfalac A+ but the problem still exist. Went to the hospital again yday, Dr said there's this possibility that Isaac is allergic to MILK, and has to take special formula. If only I could breastfeed him completely, my poor baby would not have to go through this.

I'm torn apart.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Anyone wants to donate breast milk?

My nen-nen (milk) supply is not enough for my fussy demanding son. Its almost ONE month and the most I can pump is just 6oz, and this only happened ONCE. My daily milk supply is just 5oz (for 2 feeds), so pathetic.

Isaac boy doesnt like to latch on my breast, he prefers bottle! He will only latch on my breast in the morning and that only happens ONCE everyday. Direct breastfeeding is IMPOSSIBLE for his next feed, as he'll scream his lungs out, I tried to force him to latch on my breast, he refused to even look at the breast, scream until he turned RED.

I seriously fail big time in breastfeeding. I've tried papaya soup, fenugreek, massage, etc....but it doesnt boost my milk supply. HELP!! Else, I would have to sell my Spectra 7 pump for half price.