Friday, September 11, 2009

My Son Shines

Hi Everyone,

Anoti & I are proud parents of blessed Sunshine.

My name is Isaac Voo Y. H.

Born on the 7th Sept 2009 (Morning)

Birth weight : 3.30 kg

Body length : 51 cm

Head Circumference : 35.5cm

Gender: 100% a BOY

Mummy's Condition: Thanks everyone! Recovering from C-sect. Will get back into her feet once daddy let mummy uses his lappie.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Early Sunshine

Calling him sunshine has always been the best thing I've ever done. Yes,my baby boy has arrived early on the 7th Sept 09, a morning baby at 38wks. will keep u all posted once I'm back on my feet. Thanks 4 all the support n well wishes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's in my Hospital Bag?

As days draw closer, I just can't wait to meet lil' sunshine. Hence, I think its time to pack my bags. But what should I really pack? Hm...I'll show you mine and lemme know what shud be added.

1. CryoCord Kit

Dun Play Play, we payed so much for this. Can't afford to miss this out.

2. Maternity Pad

My SIL advice was to get the L O N G E S T heavy flow night use pad I could possible find in the market. Since I'm so yim chim (fussy), I don't think I'll like the hospital pad so I got myself pads which must be COTTONY SOFT plus WINGS.

SOFY has this 40.5 cm pad, I checked out all the supermarkets and could only find 35cm. :(

As for INTIMATE, the length is 33.8cm but what I like about it was its SUPER WIDE BACK PROTECTION. That's why I bought it to give it a try.

POISE is another pad that I would recommend to friends. I call this the Stand-By-Pad. It comes really useful when your water bag has broken. Just get a small pack will do. I'm sure you do not want to soak your car seat with 'baby juice'.

3. Disposable Maternity Underwear

30pcs standby!

I can imagine how messy it will be after delivery. I don't think you want to get your sexy pretty panties stained, do you?

Cotton Material with FWAWER prints. Cool or not?
I bought this in Guangzhou on March 09.

4. Nursing Bra

5. Breast Pads
Since face mask was a hit during this flu pandemic, you can replace it with N95 Face Mask! Since they look so similar.

6. Sarongs

7. Socks-2 pairs

8. Button shirts
/ Front opening shirt

9. Small Towel for sponge bath

10. Fresh Clean Set of going home outfit. I'm going to bring my cap along, bcoz I don't want to look like Mother Mary. I remembered I saw one new mommy wearing baby towel like a tudung in the hospital lobby while waiting for discharged, just to avoid our body from masuk angin. Nope! I will not want to look like that.

11. Toiletries - Facial Wash, Toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser

12. Snacks & Energy Drink
My favorite drinks!

Friends advice: Before you go in for delivery. Drink one bottle of this. It is said to give u more energy wah...i dunno how true is this.

13. Herbs
Don't ask me bout this. It was prepared by my MIL and I know she wants me to take this after delivery.

14. Tissue Paper
According to SIL, hospital provide very low quality tissue paper or toilet roll. Its best to bring our own soft tissue to wipe our sore *ahem*.

15. Music
Its for sunshine. Just wanna get him something familiar, sense of security. Disc 1 is his favorite.

16. Baby's Bag - booties, mittens, towels, bodysuits, towel, disposable diapers.

15. Last But Not Least, ANOTI !!
How can I not bring him along. He'll be the one who is going to prepare the gadgets like camera, viewcam, handphone charger.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunshine's Nursery

As promised, sunshine's room is finally up. Not only have I cleaned and decorated sunshine's room, I've even packed sunshine's hospital bag but not mine. I'm so excited to meet my sunshine but have been procrastinating packing my own hospital bag, so pathetic.

I bought 4 dozens of baby bath towels and took out 2 dozen.

85pcs of hand-me-down cloth diapers from Noel.
I took out 1/3 of it. Its more than enough rite?

My DIY GD Card.
Thanks to Michelle who gave me this useful website.

Baby's feeding set almost complete. Waiting for my Spectra 7 Breast Pump to arrive this few days.

Bought animal theme wall stickers for RM145.

And this is the outcome

On the right, my breastfeeding lazy chair. I custom made the cushion cover to go with the room color. Initially it was bloody red in color.

Sunshine's Learning Wall

Sunshine's entertainment 'theater'.

What do you think? My nephew loves this room so much. He likes to be inside with me especially when I play baby songs. He even wants to dive into the baby cot n play with all the toys. Such a BIG BABY! I think he realised that there'll be a new member very soon, he's so sticky lately.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pregnancy Week 36 - Part II

Antenatal Class
Before I forget, Anoti and I attended antenatal class on the 29th Aug 2009 (Sat). I was surprised that the class was almost full house. I didnt know that parents take this baby matter seriously. Overall the class was informative, it would be even better if it is conducted in English.

Antenatal Class covered the following topics like Phases of Labor Pain, Delivery Methods, Alternatives on pain relief, Newborn Jaundice, Breastfeeding and Infant Care. After the Dr. explanation, I feel like taking up Epidural, but a lot of my family members and friends advised me not to do so. WHAT SHUD I DO? I'm in such a dilemma now.

Anyway, through out the whole session Anoti did an excellent job of cleaning baby, bathing baby, handling baby, positioning baby for breastfeeding, damn he is born to do this. SUCH A PRO!

As for me, I'm so clumsy, baby slipped from my hands, i changed baby's clothes without supporting the neck, i bumped baby's head to the edge of the basin, I was so rough at cleaning baby's umbilical cord that It was almost pulled out. Damn embarrassing you know. Those nurses and parents-to-be who were standing beside me must have thought that I'm a terrible mother. C'mon!!! I'm a new mommy-to-be, give me some credits k. (Sunshine, don't worry, daddy say he'll bathe u in our basin n place towels around the edge, so that mummy we wont bump your head to the edge.)

No matter what, I'm still very determined to breastfeed my baby. I know it maybe very demanding and tiring, all I need to do is to equip myself with knowledge, patience and determination. I just pray that I'll produce breastmilk after delivery. FYI, I just bought myself a Spectra 7 Breast Pump on Sunday, will be arriving this Friday.

Tips to reduce pregnancy Itchy Belly

Those itchiness are driving me up to the wall. Anoti has to hold my hands to stop me from scratching. Because of that, Anoti quickly get a new baby hanky from the nursery, turn on the HOT HOT water from the running tape, soaked the hanky into the hot water, rinsed dry and slabbed it on my itchy belly, INSTANTLY i could see myself on cloud nine.

NO MORE ITCHY BELLY!! For those of you, who is suffering from pregnancy itchy belly you can try this method. But then its not a good idea to put ur hot hanky on the tummy for such a long period, our poor baby will squirm due to the heat. That's why Anoti will only leave the hanky on for 5 seconds and will not repeat it after the 3rd time. If I ask for more, he'll definitely say sumthing like this "Please lar...there's a baby inside, don't punish my baby k." Fuiyoh! He made me look like a bad mother!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pregnancy Week 36

Date: 24th -30th August 2009

Undeniably I can see that the belly has dropped. I can insert my palm in between my boobs and belly. Other than that, I felt twinges or sharp pains radiating to the vagina. The increased pressure on the vagina had definitely made my visits to the toilet more frequent.

The whole week, I was busy doing 'monkey business'. Scratching my itchy belly for goodness gracious. And I can tell you that my stretchmarks are getting from bad to worst. The drastic change, the dropped belly plus my growing sunshine in me, it is more than enough to make my belly suffer. Check my next post on how to overcome itchiness.

This week is the week I pamper myself. I went to the hair salon, nail salon and beauty salon. I have to admit that my hair was a bit messy during the past few weeks. Nail salon to get my mani-pedi done, this time I went for pink shades. My beautician is kind enough to adjust the bed for me so that I won't feel uncomfortable during the 1hr plus facial. I seriously can't imagine how messy I'll look during my confinement.

Have anyone of you tried home spa or mask during confinement? Are we allowed to do so? I wonder!

The nursery wall decoration is up! Its so colorful. I hope sunshine will love it.