Thursday, January 31, 2008

Was it a dream?

"Its so cold. I dreamt that its very cold." Anoti curled up underneath our quilt shivering and murmured this in the middle of the night.

"Come, let me hug you." I could feel that he was trembling so hard that I switched on the lights.

"Relax, yourself dear." I tried to massage his back and hands. But he was still trembling. I noticed that his eyes was closed.

I felt that something was wrong and I was getting worried. "Open your eyes dear. Look at me." He slowly open his eyes for 10 secs and shut it up. I tried my best to coax him to be calm and relax but it wouldnt help.

I quickly ran into the kitchen to get him a glass of hot water but he insisted that I stay. "Don't leave me." I hugged him real hard and he suggested that we pray together.

"Our Father, who art in heaven.........Hail Mary full of grace......Glory be..." , repeated this for countless times. Yes, at that time, I was really scared, as I don't know what was wrong with him and what to do next.

After the prayers, he asked me to get him the thermometer. I quickly ran to get the digital thermometer which was yellowish and 'old', stuffed into his mouth and waited for one minute. The reading was 39 degree celcius. At first I thought that the thermometer was faulty and tested it on me. Mine was 36.3 celcius.

Only then I realised that he was having a fever, he vomitted when i gave him a glass of water. I quickly helped him put on his shirt n rushed to SMC.

I was so relief when the doctor said he'll be fine. After this incident, I felt so bad. I felt that I'm incapable to take care of the person that I love. I'm afraid that I wont be able to take care of my lil' one. It scares me....I'm so lost! *upset*

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Air Asia is giving out FREE SEATS!

Mr. Meow called Hubby up saying that there's free ticket. Without thinking much, I throw away all the paper works thats on my hand, ran to my laptop with my sweaty palms and started searching for RM0.00 ticket in the website. Within seconds, I've got ourselves a ONE WAY free ticket from KK to KL. (Return ticket? Will buy later when I've confirmed the dates of my HONEYMOON!!)

Everyone will be surprised why on earth I bought tickets to KL and not other places like Thailand, China or Australia for honeymoon. The main reason of me doing so is bcoz I wanna fly with Cathay Pacific to Taiwan. Most of their flights depart from KL, so leaving me with no choice. Plus, flying with Cathay give me another reason to stop over at Hong plus plus...they hav extra 10kg for baggage!(10 kg is a lot weii....imagine 10kg of clothings) *faints* With such a can I resist such temptation ... Taipei and Hong Kong, its Princess Shopping paradise!

Food, shopping, spa, hot spring, shopping and more shopping!! I seriously can't wait for it, nothing can stop me from going there. In order to enjoy my trip, I warned Anoti no hanky panky business until we get back from the trip. Or else, he would hav to sleep in the living room until early March! I dont care if u call me selfish or what... *blek*This so so funny that I wanna share....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tips on Wedding Preparation

A lot of you have been emailing me and asking me how to go about planning a wedding. And now let me share my experience with you. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate soon-to-be-wed couples who are planning for your big day. Normally a wedding planner is the best person to consult. But for my own wedding, I decided to take up the role as a wedding planner since I'm a Communication graduate majoring Public Relations. Hence, planning an event should be easy peasy. Boy, I was wrong! But it was worth the hassle and stress. The end result was overwhelming and memorable. If I can do it, I'm sure anyone of you could do it.
  1. Set a Date:
    Very crucial! (especially if you plan to get married during peak season i.e. Nov and Dec) Book your venue of ROM (registration of marriage) and dinner banquet. Make sure you pay deposit.
    *5 months b4 my wedding, one big shot called me up asking whether I can push my wedding date forward or later. NO WAY, I'm going to give in!
  2. Set a budget:
    Unlike other big events, you normally pledge for sponsorship from respective companies but for your own wedding, you have to work things out yourself, in other words at your own expense. Hence, its wise to set a budget
  3. Take your pre-wedding pix:
    I took mine 9 months b4 the wedding. I checked out all the bridal magazines and flew all the way to KL. But I booked the date of our wedding shots 12 months ahead. Call me kiasu if u want to.
  4. Renovation: (if any)
    Highly suggest that you start early if you are a fussy person like me. It is also high time to eye for sales or mega sales especially your new towels, beddings, curtains,furnitures etc etc....Smart ppl buy things during sales. I got mine during Hari Raya Sales.
  5. Decide and inform you helpers:
    Its best that you have a bunch of friends who can share your pain joy with you. Start delegating or else you'll go haywire just like me. (From bridesmaid till your driver, take everyone seriously, and let them play a part in your day.)
  6. Key Person
    You can never risk your day by hiring a makeup artist that you never meet b4. Hence, go for trials instead. Here's a list of people that are very very very important to make your day a spectacular one. Makeup artist, hairstylist, videographer, photographer (if u plan to get those 'femes' one, book them real early like 6-9 months ahead), florist, caterer, cake, soundman. I would suggest that you book them 3 months b4 the big day and pay them deposit 1st to get the ball rolling. Other than that, decide on your officiant/celebrant, witnesses or emcee.
  7. Prepare you guest list:
    This may take you forever to complete. Be prepared of last minute changes. Hence, draft it out as early as possible and get both parents involved bcoz majority of the guests are mainly their friends and relatives.
  8. Wedding Invitation Cards:
    Get it printed 2 months before the wedding, It shou
    ld be given out 4 to 5 weeks before the wedding.
    *I almost screwed mine. I was too occupied with the renovation that I almost forgot to design and prepare the details for the invitation cards. Very pathetic. Thank God, I hav my sister who was around to help me out.
  9. Plan your Big Day's Programs:
    Agenda should be given to your helpers and make sure you hav an events coordinator/floor manager who is willing to run up and down like a donkey for you.
  10. Attire
    Make sure you get all the gowns and suits for the big day. Take notes of the Date of fitting, date of collection and date of return. Most of the bridal shops will require a RM200 deposit for each gown. But if you wanna have nice and cheap gowns, you should check this post. I bought mine 2 months before the wedding. Remember to spare some time for alteration.
  11. Final Check List:
    Get this done 2 weeks before the wedding. You'll find it very useful with all the info you need. Make sure it encompasses date of gown collection, rehearsal, mani-pedi session, decoration of the house, preparation of ang pow, bridal car for car wash and decoration, arrival of out-of-town guests, call up all the key person to reconfirm your wedding date, prepare cheques for catering, sound system, florist etc before hand and assign someone to pay on ur behalf ........(the list goes on).....
  12. Last but not least, have a good rest the nite before the big day. Remember, effort put into planning is just to minimize mistakes, hence if there's 1 or 2 tiny mistakes just let it be and kick it away with a smile. All the best!

On another note:
Its exactly ONE MONTH after the wedding. Being a newly wed, I just wanna wish Hubby...
Happy One-Month Anniversary Dear!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tips on getting cheap and beautiful gowns

Yay! Our wedding pics are ready. Thanks to Alfred, he is such a nice person. He even gave us extra discount. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! As are the gowns that I bought from Guang Zhou.

27th Nite: Gown #1 Champagne color with sequins and pearls to fulfill my princess dream. Check out Anoti's outfit. He's wearing a Barong Tagalog bought from Philippines. Since it was my parents nite, we make it special for them. *note: Mummy is a Chinese Filipino.
27th Nite: Gown # 2 Pink Butterflies. Nothing fancy bout it bought it because it was dirt cheap. For only RM70, cheaper than a top from MNG, what am I waiting for. The good thing bout the gown was very light and dandy, that made moving from tables to tables are like a breeze.28th Morning: Gown # 3, Ivory Wedding Gown. As I've mentioned here, it was the pearls, the quality and the workmanship that grabbed my attention. RM150 with veil, can-can and hand gloves, what ya' waiting for. Check out my bridesmaids dress. I bought all 3 at RM60 each if I'm not mistaken. Good bargain!28th Nite: Gown # 4, Creamy Bronzy Layered Gown that Anoti picked. Hav to respect my man, since he thinks that it wud be nice, why not give it a try right. I feel like Giselle from 'Enchanted', again another princessy gown. Just can't get enough of it.28th Nite : Gown # 5, Turquoise Blue. This is the most expensive gown.(Based on all my gowns k...) It cost me RMB450 which is equivalent to RM225? It was the color that I think was unique. This gown was definitely made for me. The fit was perfect, no alteration needed to be made. The only inconvenience of this gown was its super duper heavy weight. If it wasn't for the wedding, I will not even consider to put it on and walk for 10 steps. It may not seem fascinating to you in pictures, but I can assure you that it was fabulous under the spot lights. Check out Mummy II's purple gown, I bought it for her for only RMB 338. Another great deal right? I bought a gown for my Mummy too but it was a lil' too small for her. I ended up wasting RMB600!(I think I'll wear it at my sister's wedding which will be on 2013?) Can u imagine I spend more on my Mummy and Mummy II's gowns but not mine.

All these beautiful gowns are bought from Jiang Nan Da Dao a.k.a. Wedding Street, Guang Zhou for less than RM1k. Don't be fooled by some of the 'dodgy' wedding boutiques, or alley wedding shops, these are where the 'gems' are hidden, exclusive gowns just for ur taste. Trust me, I've been there and done that. You can also custom made your gown, they'll give you anything you want from swarovski crystals, pearls, lace, ribbons, just name it. And I can bet that their prices are unbeatable. The gowns you see at those 'dodgy' shops are more or less the same as the ones you see in all the bridal house in Malaysia.

Dirt cheap huh? In Guang Zhou Wedding street, not only do u need great taste, you need to equip urself with great bargaining skills too. Let me tell u a secret how I got it so cheap. Not all my gowns were cheap, I have to admit I paid a hefty sum on the 1st gown I bought just bcoz I was too 'honest'. Why honest?Bcoz I told them "I AM" searching for a gown. And bcoz of I-AM, those smart Chinese will tell u sky rising price that u have to slash into half. eg. RMB900 do the maths and bargain for 450. Get the drift?

But later I learned that its wise not to tell them your purpose. Tell them u're here for 'business purpose'(chinese : 办货, canto : ban foh). And be amazed what they can offer you. This was how I got my RM70 gown bcoz they saw me holding big 'China LV Bag' (Blue Red Vertical Stripes) and thought that I'm a bridal boutique taukeh-niong searching for gowns. *beams from ear to ear*

A bit of acting and bargaining skill, you're set to Guang Zhou. Good Luck and Happy Searching! Make sure you show me ur gowns if u happen to get them from Guang Zhou.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tutti Fruiti

Hav been sourcing high and low for our wedding pictures from friends and relatives. Wanted to show you guys all the gowns and do a wrap up for the whole wedding thingy and move on. But I'm still having trouble getting all the pics. Alfred my photographer smsed me yesterday and said that it will be ready by next week. So just hang in there k....I'll definitely do a summary as promised.

I guess life goes on, both of us still hav to work our butt off. Yesterday I was a 'bit' free, and being Mrs Anoti and Mummy II's Daughter In Law, I hav no choice but to polish shoes carry out my so called duty. Being nice, I offered help that I'm going to buy veges and fruits from the mini market.

My mood was as bright as the sun. Before I went out, I made sure I wore my best jeans, styled my hair a bit and put on my bling bling accesories and off I went. Smiled at every vege uncles and vege aunties and got myself extra 'batang' of vegetable. Smart hor! trying to psycho them to give me more....

Bought all the veges that are required and headed towards the fruits corner. Was trying my 'trick' to make the fruit leng lui to give me extra oranges. *electrifying eyes* Then I saw Datin P, who said something that I nearly dropped all my veges to the floor.


Thank God I took a hearty breakfast before I left, or else I'll sure fall off to the ground. How can it be aaa?? Is it ME or the "ACT" of buying fruits that made Datin blurted out such a BOLD statement.

Quickly ran up to the car and the 1st thing I did was called up Anoti and scolded him.

"ITS ALL YOUR FAULT THAT PEOPLE THINK THAT I'M A HOUSEWIFE! You better work hard from this moment on because I'm going to make sure you pay all my spas, facials, hair salon trips, mani-pedi sessions, all charged it into you card, ur the one to blame. Damn it! "

I was so angry that I decided to go home and locked myself at home the whole day.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mickey Mouse?

7.38am just right after he woke me up from bed.

Anoti : Lou Po, I want Mickey Mouse.

Marie : *blink blink* *yawn* Are you telling me that we are not going to Taiwan but going to Japan's Disneyland for honeymoon? (Alamak! Kenot shop lor!)

Anoti : *very disappointed* I want a Mickey Mouse at home.

Marie : OKLAR! Go honeymoon then we buy. But let me warn you, Japan very expensive.

Anoti : No darling, I want a 'mickey' running around the house.

Marie : OHhhh!!!!! But too early dear, remember, we hav agreed on, "no honeymoon no baby". I doewan to spend my trip puking. I want to enjoy our food honeymoon! (I can only think of food and shop shop shop) Wait until March lar....okay? *smooch*

Anoti : I don't care! I will check out from the travel agent today, see whether there's any nice trip for honeymoon.

Marie : Why are you so 'desperate' to have baby? We should enjoy life 1st darling. Eh..what if its a 'Minnie', how?

Anoti : long as its OURS.


I think its his morning blues...Wait till he sees the real Mickey/Minnie crying for milk in the middle of the nite. I think he will change his mind.

Monday, January 14, 2008

28th Dec 2007 Part III

"I thought its a church wedding? Why are you wearing cheong sam?"

I nearly forgot to show you my wedding gown. Sorry bout that! The cheong sam was only for the tea ceremony. Here you Ivory wedding gown, that's why Baby wore beige suit.
Notice the pearls. I fell in love with it at 1st glance. My best friend Jessica and I.

Closer View. My best friend Regina and I.Come closer. Look at the workmanship, tell me what do u think? If I tell you that this gown cost me RM150? Brand new, comes with the veil, can-can and hand gloves. No joke! Great deal huh?? *wink*

Sunday, January 13, 2008

28th Dec 2007 Part II

Few days before the wedding, both of us were tremendously stressed out! Every details of the wedding were checked over and over again. The program for 2 nites, the flowers arrangement, the church booklets, the alcohol for the dinner, our out of town guests, everything you could think of during a wedding. But what make it really bad for my Baby was the 'DOOR RAMMING' session (a.k.a GATE CRASHING) plus his speech.

You can see it from his constipated-like-look. He started 'bribing' my sister 2 weeks b4 the wedding. Poor thing! His effort was down to the drain no matter what he was still being tortured on our wedding day.
Warm up session!
I can see that Baby is enjoying this...
I seriously don't know what's in that glass....

NO WAY! Its not my idea of getting my man in my bra.

And I must tell you that this bunch of ladies has no interest with the ang pow! All they want is to torture him. SO EVIL!!! *shakes head* Money is not EVERYTHING afterall.

And thank God its just a 15 mins event. Or else I'll be sweating inside the room, having silly thoughts that my husband-to-be is being carried away by the ambulance bcoz of those only-god-knows-food that my bunch of ladies provide. *phew*

28th Dec 2007

This is a very very back dated post!

In a typical chinese wedding, red is everywhere as if its Chinese New Year. Everything we bought have to be in red,
not forgetting the set of red undergarments for hanky panky business.

'Double Happiness' is literally EVERYWHERE! The wall, the bed, the mirror, the bags, the tea pot, the ang pow, the door anywhere which is visible. Just to make sure that I will always be blessed with 'double happiness', kiasu person like me didnt get myself a double happiness jewelry (too old fashion) but I make 'double happiness' "follow" me where ever I go. Am I smart or what....*grin*
Wanted to paint it on my fingernails but am afraid that it will draw away the attention of my itsy bitsy tiny little diamond ring.

Not only did I wore red that day, our love nest was so steamingly red and heavenly 'sweet' that I can't wait to jump into.

With all the 'redness' on that day, nothing beats my red cheongsam. It was a hand-me-down cheongsam from my mom which is so beautiful and elegant, no kidding! 25 years down the road, still in one good piece! I believe that it is very auspicious bcoz I'm the 6th person to wear this, it was mom's, then later all the ah yis' wore it, and now I'm the 1st grandchildren to wear it. Damn proud of it! Don't know who will be the next one to put this on...but I must warn all my cousins and their future wives, by hook or by crook make sure u keep fit bcoz the waistline is just size 24 and the max is size 26. It was size 22 when mum tailor made this. Imagine how malnutrition were my mum back on those days.
I don't hav a full body picture with this. This is the best one. Just pray that my photographer will take a full body picture of this outfit.*finger crossed*

Sunday, January 6, 2008

27th Dec 2007

The night before the wedding......(PreWedding Dinner @ Ocean Seafood Restaurant).

It was also my parents 25th Anniversary. They deserved a grand entrance as well.

It was a lovely nite, except I was so panic that gastric attacked me. But I'm strong, I manage to put up a big big smile despite the pain.
(You see, I wanted to be like Gisselle from Enchanted, notice the hair style and the backdrop)

The most memorable moment was the song that my mummy sang to me in front of 450 guests. Everyone was so touched! And this was what she sang....


Just once upon a yesterday
I held you in my arms.
You grew into a little girl
With lovely childhood charms.
Now it seems I only turn around and I see you by his side.
Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter is a bride.

I guess somehow I always knew
This day would soon be here.
Still I wonder as I look at you what became of all the years.
And no words could ever quite express
The way I feel inside.
Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter is a bride.

All the laughter and the tear drops,
The sunshine and the rain.
I would re-live every moment dear,
If I could bring them all back again.
And now my love, the time has come
To send you on your way.
So I wish you well and happiness
And the blessings of this day.
And I hope the love I've given you will forever be your guide.

Oh I can't believe my eyes today,
My daughter.
Oh I can't believe my eyes,
My daughter.
Oh my angel and my pride.
My daughter is a bride.
Oh I can't believe my eyes.

Thankew mummy for this beautiful song. It was so meaningful. *sob* I miss you very much! =(

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Day I Became Mrs Anoti Voo...

I crawled into my parents room on wedding eve as I cant fall asleep at my own room. Felt like a little girl once again. The room was really dark, while the 3 of us were lying there chatting, tears rolled down my cheeks bcoz I know I'll be someone's wife after that nite. I wanted to hug them, but I do not want to spend the nite crying together.

Everything seems like yesterday. 28th Dec 2008 (Fri) was the happiest day of my life. The house was so so happening with loud voices, laughters and children screaming bcoz my dogs were chasing after them. I was very blessed as I have my family members around me, my best best buddies to accompany me. Flashes everywhere, videographer and photographer always at the corner of the eyes. Center of attraction, I felt like a princess that morning.

After one week....that feeling still persist. Every morning I feel like a newly wed. Baby treats me like a princess. I used to wake up before him, but after getting married Baby let me sleep till late. There's no breakfast in bed but definitely a morning kiss and hug from him.

Everyone was asking how does it feel after getting married. ONE WORD! GREAT! I love being Mrs. Anoti Voo. I like it when he calls me "Lou Po". The biggest difference is that the 'Aunty' and 'Uncle' I used to address for the past 10yrs are now my 'Ma Ma' & 'Pa Pa'. And I'm excited when he calls my parents 'Mummy' & 'Daddy'. Miss my daddy and mummy dearly even its just 5 mins drive away. I cried on the 3rd day when I saw my daddy watching us driving out the car porch. It was heart breaking!

I'm now a lil' woman. Knowing that I hav the responsibilities to take care of my Baby and his family, I'm truly afraid. But I know I can do it and will prepare myself to set up my own lil' family. I have love Baby for almost a decade and I'm sure I will always do. With that, I hav faith that it will blossom.

Wedding pics in the next post......stay tune!