Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meant for each other?

Walking down that 10 yrs, this is a question I NEVER ask myself.

Never did I ask myself, how compatible we are.....
Can sumone define compatible pls, we don't fart at the same time, how?

Never did I ask myself, can I love this man for the rest of my life....
Aiya, 'love' is just a word, I don't even know how long I'll live

Never did I ask myself, do we share the same interest....
I don't care, as long as he don't stop me from doing what I like

Never did I ask myself, do we share the same value of life....
Aren't sleep, eat, work, shit and *ahem* valueS of life, everyone does it right?

Never did I ask myself, will I find happiness....
Cheh! Happy maaa....can find elsewhere...why must it be his responsible

Never did I ask myself, is he the one for me....
Whether he's the one or not, i need someone to catch cockroach, to change the tires, to carry shopping bags, not easy to find these days

Never did I ask myself, what if I'm wrong....
How wrong wor? This is not an exam, I won't be graded maaa....

You see, I never seem to bother all these questions. Am I putting my future to RISK? *smacks head* Someone should inform me earlier.....Oh boy!! Don't start the grandmother story k....

Hmm...Are we meant for each other? It makes me ponder...

I think I need to find an answer to this.

So without thinking twice, I checked him out, search search search and found this.....

Oh yes! "Identical Moles" stamped by God when he made Anoti and I.

P/s: Lou Gung, DON'T RUN AWAY! I'm destined to spend all your earnings......*evil grins*

Saturday, April 26, 2008

You are Fired!

We fired the confinement lady yesterday! We made up a story telling her that my BIL's parents will be arriving today because they are very worried about my SIL. My BIL in a very polite manner said sorry to the aunty and said he'll pay him RM1k for 10 days.

To be honest, NON of us like the confinement lady. She's damn lazy, she doesn't know how to cook, she's very dirty and she's very kaypoh. We later found out that she's inexperienced. SEI MEI!! Coming to the house is like a Get A Way Bali Trip for her. Summore, she get paid RM2200 for this holiday....

For the past 10 days, Mummy II will complain bout the CL over dinner, can u imagine EVERYDAY non stop. I pity Mummy II, she was the one who is doing all the cookings, washings (w machine), feeding (SIL & Baby) and changing nappies. Ppl who do not know her might mistaken her as the Confinement Lady. And that so called confinement lady duty is to bathe baby and fold nappies. *smacks head*

Anoti was so furious and told Mummy II to fire her. He was the one who gave Mummy II the courage. Mummy II took Anoti's advice, called up for replacement and fire the Confinement Lady the next day.

My SIL is such a poor thing, she has infections at her *ahem* and the confinement lady is giving her pain in the *ass*. So its good for her and the baby that the aunty leaves.

It gives me a lesson, next time I'll interview my CL before I hire her. I'll show her the recipe book and see whether she can cook all the dishes inside. Or else, I wouldn't think of taking her.


>>Talking bout confinement, I'm so so lucky because I get a share on what my SIL is having. I get to drink Red & Black Dates Drinks every morning, herbal soup in the afternoon and Chicken Wine everyday. I think I'll be really healthy after all these.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Never Changing Love

I couldn't stop admiring this beautiful post from Chinnee. I think she's very lucky to have a beautiful daughter, expecting twins at this time is just another BONUS for her. I feel like falling pregnant instantly after looking at her pregnancy photos. Jazzmint is such a wonderful photographer. Not only she's good with camera, she's also very good with scrapbook.

Baby Noel right after his first bath. Very confused indeed!
Blur and innocent.

Since my SIL gave birth to baby Noel, my life has changed tremendously. I'm madly in love with this lil' fella. I must see him everyday even how busy I am. Looking at his little fingers just give me peace of mind. Better than yoga I guess. So relaxing! How I wished that he is mine.

It also gives me joy when I visit all these mama blogs. I couldnt ask for more but to admire their efforts, undeniably that their love for their kids are the greatest love of all. Dinah with her 2 darlings, Alice with Darrius, Jazzmint with 2 Hon's, Agnes with her princesses, Chinnee with QQ & twins.

After seeing what my SIL gone thru, from pregnancy to giving birth, a mother's affection and love is the courage that enables normal people like us to do the impossible, I truly admire and respect all the mummies out there.

"Dear Lord, please protect all the mummies out there. Give them the strength to overcome all obstacles that may come between them. Make them strong. Comfort them when they need you the most. Give them the courage to face all uncertainties. And most importantly, make them happy. Amen."

I just don't understand why am I so emotional lately. Perhaps, blame it on my ticking biological clock. But I sincerely hope it won't tick past a meaningless milestone. *finger crossed*

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding Gown Hunt in Guang Zhou : Part 3


There's no yard stick to this. Here's my definition of cheap: Renting a gown from bridal shop cost RM300 while a brand new gown from GZ is just barely RM130, this is what I call DIRT CHEAP!

Don't believe me, let me show you this.
Around RMB200

Less than RMB 250

Retail price RMB 400
(my friend go ahead and bargain and see what u get)

ALL these are less than RMB 290.

Tell me! Cheap or not? Hello!!!! its not RINGGIT MALAYSIA, its in REN MIN BI.
RM 1 = RMB2.2 (April 08)
So go and do the maths.

Besides wedding/evening gowns, make sure you buy your wedding accessories like necklace, earrings, headpiece, matching hand gloves from Guang Zhou. I guarantee you that its cheaper over there.
When you see shops like these....

make sure you go in and find the perfect accessories/ hand gloves/ head piece to match your gowns.

Other than that, don't miss out the all the 'Ang Ang' (Red Red) wedding necessities....
DOUBLE HAPPINESS wordings, Ang Pows

Tea sets

Or anything that you think is NECESSARY!! I repeat NECESSARY!!

I have given you all the details. And now its time for you to discover Guang Zhou wedding street on your own. And I hope all these would help.

Latest Update:
According to Mr Meow, estimated cost for low budget traveling 3D/2N for 2 to GZ (air ticket, accommodation[2 star], transportation, gowns[4 gowns] and miscellaneous) is less than RM3000. Mr Meow, I seriously "pui fuk" you!

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Wedding Gown Hunt in Guang Zhou : Part 2

Presenting to you the Famous Jiang Nan Da Dao a.k.a Guang Zhou Wedding Street.

How to get there?
Guang Zhou Metro System: Shi Er Gong (Line 2)

Take Exit D

There are at least 30-50 (or more) wedding gown boutiques there.

These are the ones I call 'boutiques', exactly like the ones you see in Jalan Ipoh or Jalan Loke Yew. With stylish decor....Price range RMB 800 and above.
Still affordable rite....wait till u see the next one....

But if u hav limited budget, remember the back alley shops I mentioned where you can find hidden gems.....this is how it looks like. Not appealing rite....

But don't be fooled by its dodgy looking alley.
Gowns here are similar to the ones at the boutiques.

See it for yourself....
Nothing fancy bout the back alley shops. No fancy decor, just plain racks of gowns.
Price wise : Most of them are less than RMB300 approx. RM130 dirt cheap ok.
(if you know how to bargain)

The short white and red gown is so cute!!!!

Other than back alley shops, you will also find "market like stalls". This is where I bought my RM 70 butterfly gown, RM100 Creamy Bronzy Layered Gown, RM100 Champagne color.
You'll be spoiled with choices over here. You can see a lot of tauke-niongs here, those with big big bags n trolleys, sourcing for the best gowns.

From wedding gowns to evening gowns, all you have to do is to survey and make comparison among the boutiques, back alley shops or market stalls. Make sure you know what sort of gown designs you are looking for. Whether you want it to be very flamboyant and extravagant.
or pretty white wedding gowns

Jiang Nan Da Dao is definitely the best place to start of with. However, bear in mind that bargaining is essential hence read my tips on getting cheap wedding gowns.
"Walk more to save hundreds"
is this the right translation? Can anyone help me? Dunno how to translate.

To Mr. & Mrs. Meow,

I'm glad that both of you made the right choice to get ur gowns from GZ. Mrs. Meow, I'm sure you'll look beautiful and stunning on your big day and I can't wait to attend your wedding.

Thanks for all the pictures!

Mrs. Anoti Voo

For more info, click here.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Gown Hunt in Guang Zhou : Part 1

I shouldn't be writing this right now because I had just admitted my SIL to the hospital. My lil' nephew can't wait to see me I guess (very perasan)...Once SIL came to the house this morning, she said "I feel gush of water coming out....." Without thinking twice, Mummy II and I rushed her to the hospital. I TELL YOU! She "leaks" all the way up to the ward. The registration counter, the chair, the corridor, the lift....leaving traces so that later when everyone comes to visit her, they can trace her down.

BUT because I have promised all of you go...

  1. Once decided on the wedding date, go ahead to book your tickets to Guang Zhou.
  2. Set at least ONE or TWO day(s) discovering that street.
  3. Plan your trip (book hotels, transportation...), the wedding street is at Jiang Nan Da Dao
  4. Most importantly, plan the number of gowns and the outfits that you need.
  • How many piece of gowns for pre wedding shots?
  • What type of wedding gown?
  • Cheongsam or Kua?
  • Bridesmaids
  • Mother/Mother In Law/Siblings dress
  • Flower girls
  • Suits
'HUNTING' TOOLS (What to bring?)
  • Vacuum bag for more luggage space. You know how bulky can the gowns be.
  • Canvas bag (lightweight and durable) Neh...those China Made blue red white big plastic canvas bag a! Very handy during shopping, just dump in all the gowns.
  • Trolley Bag (optional if you have a muscular husband, then just let him carry your 5 gowns)

'HUNTING ATTIRE' (What to wear?)
Ladies, wear a button-down top. So that you don't get exhausted and get fed up in the fitting room. Make sure you wear STRAPLESS BRA. I strongly suggest that you wear leggings instead of jeans. So that you can still try on gowns without taking off your pants. Footwear, just wear something comfortable its not necessary to wear heels, bcoz most of them provide heels when you put on any gowns. Easy peasy!

Guys, wear your runners or anything that your comfortable with, and don't complain that u're tired. Your darling is as tired as you, she's the one who is constantly changing and not you. Thank God Anoti is a very patient person. He was there to remind me to drink more water every now and then. How sweet!

Coming up next: More pics on Jiang Nan Da Dao....

What can you get in Guang Zhou Wedding Street?
How much is a gown?
How to bargain like a pro.

P/s: Sean, Cindy, Carrie, Mr. Wong, Julius and Happy Bride.....Make sure u stay tune....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


To all of you who wants to get cheap wedding gowns from Guang Zhou. Its time for you to pay attention to my blog. Hehehee!!! Jual Mahal a bit 1st.

I will upload pictures of Jiang Nan Da Dao this few days. Big thank you to Mr. Meow!!! *hugs*

Mr Meow and Soon-to-be Mrs Meow are tying the knot next year, they called me the nite before they set off to GZ and I told them my 'gown shopping' experience. In return, Mr. Meow MSN Anoti this morning and emailed us pics of the wedding street. Mrs. Meow managed to get CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL GOWNS!

See! I told you this is NO JOKE! So, if you wanna know more...MUST MUST STAY TUNE!!! I promise you that no matter how BUSY I get, die die I will give you a post on these. Bcoz I want all of you to have a beautiful wedding gown.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My battery is almost flat by now. Just finished my power point for tomorrow's presentation. ARGGH! very very tired. Summore, aunty visit at the wrong time. What a day! Just hope that everything will run smoothly tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be Mummy's II Bday....can anyone tell me what shud I buy for my Mother In Law? This will be my first present as a daughter in law. That's why I wanna give something that she will remember so that she will LOVE me for the rest of my life. (Am I asking to much ar?)

Anyway...I'm thinking of Bird Nest or Gold Earrings. What do u think? which is better? or any best-er pressie. Bear in mind I dont have much time to shop tmr. So hav to be very precise on what to buy and have to be really convenient to get.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've been FOOLED!

Damnit! I was fooled by someone really CLOSE to me. She's a part of my life and plays a really big role in my years of growing up. She could be very unpredictable at times but lately she's been really loyal to me and we'll meet each other every month. We'll hav pillow talks and such. I used to think that she's very troublesome because she gives me headache and pain all the time. She can even influence my mood and my appetite. Can you see how great is her impact on me. I couldn't believe that she did that to me!

Besides giving me all the troubles, I still love her very very much bcoz she's the only one who can bring joy to my life. Without her, I'm not a perfect woman. She's like a friend to me, some of you will feel insecured and panic if she's not around and some of you will thank her for sharing this special moment with you.

So that day I sent her away for a holiday bcoz I thought that she deserves a break. So she's been away for close 2 months (51 days) and I THOUGHT that she has found someone new and decided to travel around with her partner for the next few months. BUT I WAS WRONG!

She gave me HOPE but now she's taking it back. I'm going to show her how disappointed I am by telling the whole wide world about her irresponsible act for having too much fun, so much so that she missed her flight ! YEs, its you Ms. Period. SHAME ON YOU!

I'll punish you for making me feeling stupid! I'm not going to talk to you for this time being. And you sleep and talk to THIS from now onwards!