Thursday, July 30, 2009


Life is definitely beautiful yet it is so fragile. I lost an uncle due to the recent flu pandemic, it was so devastating and heartbreaking. He was such a great man. It was far-fetch that he is no longer with us. I no longer trust the Malaysian Health System and I'm totally angry and disappointed with the public and private hospitals who treated him.

"The four death cases in Malaysia revealed that the doctors did not give the patients appropriate treatment in time and it was saddening to learn that the victims had all died in hospitals..."(source)

Dear QQ, you will always be missed. I'm sure you are at a better place right now. RIP

--- --- ---

Mom called up this morning and said that our dog Ah Boyd (old faithful) has passed away. What a gloomy day.

Ah Boyd, thanks for being such a wonderful companion for the past 12 years. You are a warrior & hero to me. We love y
ou. is so so fragile. All these news are more than enough to tear me apart. I'm emotionally wrecked right now.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pregnancy Week 32

We went for our review on Monday 27th July. Waited for almost an hour, but that 1-hour was worth it when we got to see our lil' sunshine. According to the Dr Lim, I'm 32 weeks now.

"Everything looks good, nothing to worry bout. Baby is doing really well. And according to the scan, baby is now 2.3kg."

"Baby's weight normal? or Big?"

Dr Lim gave me a BIG SMILE. Then I asked again, "Is baby too big?"

"Don't worry, just don't starve yourself."

I went to have a closer look at the screen and read ........

"35w2d....EDD 29-08-2009 ?" (my actual EDD is 22nd Sept k.....)

Dr Lim gave me this cheeky smile and said "at this stage, your baby is not small either."

My jaws almost dropped.

"Am eating too much? Am I the one causing it to grow so fast...." before i could finish,

my calm sexy Dr said, "Relax, I'll see you in another 2 weeks time."

Isn't he cool or what? How can I not 'laP' and trust him. Argh! I must say I admire this man.

On the contrary, can someone tell me what are these all about....*biting nails*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week 30 & 31

Dear Sunshine, the reason I started to get this blog alive again is bcoz of you. Especially you being the first baby that daddy and mummy is going to have. So many to tell but very lil' time to pen it on this faithful blog of mummy. Hence, mummy got myself this ....

Mummy's Little Black Book for personal message and also quick notes.

Week 30

"I can feel your head......your fingers......and your almighty legs."

Sunshine is in a vertex position now. Its no joke when I tell my family and friends that sunshine is 'DRILLING' with his head and poking/scratching my lower abdomen with his fingers. Its so so 'geli' and uncomfortable especially when I have a full bladder.

During that same week, I was sick. I started off with a sore throat and later flu. Anoti was really worried for sure. He was afraid I contracted Influenza A(H1N1) as I have frens who came back from Perth and Singapore that visited me. Hence, I was restricted to go out for 2 days. =(

Week 31

"....Indigestion and heartburn is taking its toll, Gaviscon is now my new friend."

23rd July 2009, Sunshine and I were awake until 4am in the morning. As I tried to throw myself into lala-land, sunshine wasn't really cooperative. Sunshine with his almighty kicks made me rolled from side to side like an obedient puppy that was commanded by his master. I guess Indigestion and heartburn had made a lot of 'noise' in the body, no wonder sunshine wasn't be able to sleep. And sunshine was trying to punish me for that.

In the wee hours like that, the only thing I could think of is Sunshine Full Moon's Dinner preparation that I have almost missed out. Theme, Color, Venue, Door Gifts, Cake, Guest List and also photo montage/video clips. And I dun think I can do it on my confinement month, hence its better to arrange it now before sunshine arrives in September. Any suggestions?

By the way, my belly was measured at 37.5 inch @ 30th and 31st Week, for those of you who emailed on my belly size.
I shud hav used a proper measuring tape, but then Anoti was too lazy to get it from my MIL's sewing machine downstairs. Hence, he took out his so called 'measuring tape'.

I look like a piece of bulky furniture to him, huh? ~_~"

I think I have outgrown IKEA's Measurement tape by now. *sweats*

Monday, July 27, 2009

My 1st Baby Related Workshop

Time zapped like a bolt of lightning, I remembered attending Pre-Marriage Talk by the Church where we were thought about the values of marriage, our role towards the church plus Billing Ovulation Method. Yesterday, I attended a workshop just bcoz of Sunshine. My first ever baby related activity, I am so proud of myself!! I almost cried, I couldn't believe I'm going to be a mummy real soon....*sob sob*

I have baby fats on my cheeks!

Johnson's Baby Touch Infant Massage Workshop @ Tang Dynasty Hotel which covered bathing, massaging and breastfeeding topics. I found it interesting since this was my first workshop and I have no others to compare.

To be honest, I'm scared that Anoti can't handle sunshine, especially bathing. I hope this Daddy-to-be will pull up his socks.

Door Gift

I'm looking forward for the next antenatal class by Hospital Likas. I hope it will be a fruitful one.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pregnancy Week 29

Yay! I can walk pain-less-ly (thanks to Fresh Milk). I'm so happy that I'm back on my feet, but shopping is out of the question at the moment. If you think you can walk like Tyra Banks on the runway, dream on woman! My belly is the size of a big watermelon and made walking so difficult. Instead of walking North to South, I'm walking East to West, have no control over my walking movements. As if there's a pillow stuck in between the legs.

Once I reach the 3rd trimester, I feel like a beach whale. I'm very fussy especially on my attire and undergarments. I just don't know why. During the 1st and 2nd trimester, I love to wear fitting T Shirts just to show off that sexy bump of mine, but NOW, i'm trying 'hide' it when it gets bigger. How weird is that.

I love to wear maternity pants/leggings that covers the whole belly and not the low waist pants.
source: Pea in The Pod
How I wish I have such long legs. So unfair!

Same to my undergarments. Wired and padded bras are not comfortable once I hit the 2nd trimester. I prefer soft granny bra, but later when i found out there's support bra out in the market, no second thoughts was given and bought it instantly even though it was so expensive like RM139.90 (2 pcs).

source: Mothercare

Comfort is my 1st priority. Mainly because Pregger sweats like a freaking fountain, that is why I'm so fussy over my attire. Plus, with my active sunshine, no way I'm wearing tight fitting attire and show the world my tornado like tummy when sunshine decides to give me sudden kicks of love and wicked back rub. It would definitely scare the shit out of people.

I think I'm the fussiest pregnant woman on earth.

A note to Sunshine: Don't worry dear. It only happens during pregnancy. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.