Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Old Man

Received a text message from Dadi at 12.05pm.

"The family of Papa Yee cordially invites Mr & Mrs Anoti Voo for dinner tomorrow in the occasion of overcoming loneliness in life. RSVP."

The moment I read this, I almost vomitted blood, called him up and gave him a good lecture, but then how can I resist such a cute msg, I felt so guilty that I brought him out 4 afternoon tea. My dadi is such an attention seeker. Just because we didnt meet up for breakfast this morning, made him feel lonely. life just evolves around this kinda 'manja' men. I hope 'sunshine' is not as demanding as his daddy and grandpa.

Dadi, if you are reading this, I just want to remind you that your age is catching up and please act like a mature and wise grandpa. And not a cheeky 'young boy' that is in denial of his age.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pregnancy Week 23

Went to our monthly check up yesterday. Since Anoti was caught up with work, Mummy II offered to come along and this was the first time she met sunshine.

The first question from the Dr. was "How's baby movement?"

"Can't you see a sign saying "Contruction In Progress"? I think Baby is trying to build twin tower inside of me. Very very active."

He laughed and continued with his writings.

Like any other excited mummy-to-be, I asked "Can we do a 3D scan today?"

"Come, hopped up here, we'll do the general scan today. We'll do the 3D on week 27 or your next visit. But I can't promise whether we'll have a clear view on the baby or not. See how cooperative is baby."

Feeling a bit disappointed, "Ok, I hope we can see baby next month."

Once the dr placed the scanner on my tummy, even though it was just black and white, I can clearly see that lil' sunshine is facing up showing us that lil' face. Quickly I called Mummy II over to look at the screen.

Instantly, Dr switched it to 3D mode trying his luck to check whether we can have a clear picture of baby. And I was right, the 3D scan was so clear that, mummy II was so excited. Baby facial features was clearly shown, but too bad that it wasn't long enough for the Dr. to capture the image so that I can show Anoti. According to Mummy II, lil' sunshine has big nose like grandpa, chubby cheeks and double eye lids (this one i seriously can't tell, I wonder what makes Mummy II thinks that way).

What a waste that Anoti wasn't around else he would have seen how sunshine looks like. But then I'm happy that PoPo-to-be was very excited. At nite, she told everyone lil' sunshine 'waved' to her. O.o In fact, lil' sunshine was just moving his hands, doing his baby moves like this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Letter to Lil' Sunshine

Dear Lil' Sunshine,

Mummy knows that mummy have been putting a lot of pressure and stress onto you since Friday til Tuesday. Mummy attended UBS Accounting Training for 3 days, celebrated Daddy's Bday on Sun & Mon. Brought you to the park and walked for 30 mins for the past few days, and you must have been really tired.

Not only that, you might have over heard mummy's conversation with the accountants & auditors everyday, and you must have felt mummy's anger and frustration all the time. By showing discomfort and discontentment, you have been kicking really hard and punching mummy all the time. Sorry dear.

On the bright side, since month of May is accounting/auditing month and June is taxation month, you might develop interest to love numbers and will be really good with it, just like daddy. By the time you reach 1yo, you'll impress your friends by counting from 1,2,3,4...100. Make mummy proud dear. *smiles*

Mummy promise you that all of these will be over really soon, and you'll get back to your normal Mozart Antenatal Learning and story telling everyday. Love you dear.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Since that Day...

My whole life changed since the day the 'pee stick' gave me positive result. From that moment on, I knew that there will be a day that I have to bid farewell to some of my beautiful heels. It was hard, I must say, Anoti prepared 2 boxes that labeled Give-Away & Thrash. Imagine close to hundred pairs of shoes all I left was just 40% of it. Deciding on which to keep was even harder. But then it was a high time that I literally reorganized myself before lil' sunshine meets the world. In fact I'm willing to give away all of them, as I'm over the moon when I have lil' sunshine in me.

Having kids is all I ever wanted after we got married. But our 'hardwork' did not pay off last year, I was so devasted that I wrote this, this and this. Thanks to a bunch of great friends, whose words of encouragement made me feel that I wasn't alone and should never give up hope, they were the ones who told me to "TAKE IT EASY".

'Take it Easy' was my 2009 new year resolution, I did not want to pressure Anoti either as our one year anniversary was really close that time.


Anoti brought me to @tmostphere Revolving Restaurant to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary - 28th Dec 2008.

It was a lovely evening, great ambiance, nice food and most importantly great companion.

No matter what, he never fails to make me happy. Enjoyed every single moment of it.

Checked out our wedding portrait behind. I purposely took this to reassure that nothing have changed much.

Once we reached home Anoti took out our video clips and photos, those sweet moments made me cried. Both of us just couldn't imagine how time flies, we are really happy even it is just barely the two of us.


Both of us knelt down, prayed and gave thanks to God that we have each other, and that was also the same nite when magic happened. No more 2-of-us but 3-of-us. I think, God and Mother Mary really heard our prayers that nite.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pregnancy Week 22

This morning once I stepped out from my room, Mummy II told me that Noel (our Nephew) is suspected to have measles. I quickly went to check on that lil' fella and saw red tiny dots on his belly and back.

So being the smart ass, I quickly took out The Complete Book of Mother and Baby Care to confirm the symptoms of measles. *Flip* Flip* Flip*

Fever - Checked!
Mild Sorethroat - Checked!
Rashes - Checked!
Moody Baby- Checked!

While I was reading thru the description. The last sentence hit me and it really hit me HARD!

"...Your child is infectious, keep her away from any woman who might be pregnant. Although German measles is a mild disease, it can cause defects in developing baby if a pregnant woman catches it."

HOLY CRAP!!! I WAS PARANOID!!! Without hesitation, I demanded Anoti to rush home immediately and drive me to our gynae.

After putting down the phone, I quickly called up our gynae's clinic for an emergency appointment. I was even more paranoid when the nurse told me that he won't be around until 10.30am.

I'm like a mad woman and decided to consult another gynae. And I think the Emergency Gynae wasn't pleased when I consulted him, he asked me questions like "why do you come here? Who is ur dr? " I couldn't be bothered, my main concern is lil sunshine, told him the situation and asked for a scan. Thank God! Lil' sunshine was doing well inside that small pouch of mine.

Argghhh! What a relief! Lesson learned. As long as Rubella antibody level is high, everything will be fine.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Month of May

This is the month I truly feel special this year. This is also the month I wanted to pen down every single moment of this blissful experience. So much to tell and so much to learn. And yet I'm totally clueless. Where should I begin....

There's actually a reason for not updating this faithful blog of mine. After a full year of blissful and wonderful marriage, God rewarded us a gift that is beyond my expectation when I just decided to go easy on myself last year .....letting nature takes its course.



















15th and 16th Jan 2009

There you go, the main reason for my disappearance. Through out these five months, I shifted myself to 'incubating mode'. Getting myself prepared for all these, highly demands a lot of attention and care. And I tell you its not an easy task, when there are too much information and kind advices out there to be digested. It is tiring!

But then again, this month of May is a special month where I'm half way thru pregnancy, celebrated Mother's Day with all the beautiful moms I love and to celebrate Anoti's (sunshine daddy) 28th Bday this coming May 25th.

This month is even more meaningful when lil' sunshine is wiggling inside me, responding to music that I played and also to Anoti's soft spoken voice. Gosh! I think I'm falling in love with lil' sunshine. Only God knows how crazy I am.

Now, all I pray for is a healthy and smooth pregnancy, nothing much that I dearly ask for. So keep me in your prayers.