Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Its strange that I didnt update any pics bout my HK & Guangzhou trip especially a self-absorbed narcissistic person like me. I enjoyed my trip to the max, every seconds of it. Probably its the time constraint or I just lost interest at myself. This I need to find out.

Anyway, since today its Halloween, I shud show u my Halloween experience in Hong Kong.

Yes! I went to Hong Kong Disney. Don't luff at me! Its my 1st Disney experience.
Can you see Mickey Pumpkin?

Halloween Parade! It was fantastic! I was like 3 y.o. kid.Yep! I went to Ocean Park the next day.

Look like they celebrate Halloween too. (I still prefer Disney's one)Argh!! So cute!!!

Last but not least, it was on my desk this morning.....Baby made one for me! Thanks dear!

I think he sensed that I'm fuming inside. That's why he made me this.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Help! I'm insane....

I think I'm insane. As crazy as it sounds, I can clearly hear wedding bells. LOUD & SUPER CLEAR. Its traumatising to imagine the chaotic scene and all those fighting scene happening on that Big Day. Which contributed to my disturbed sleeps lately all bcoz I couldnt get things done! Mainly on the wedding preparation. I'm very very frustrated!! Especially when my parents are expecting me to sort out every single thing for them just bcoz my sista is not around. it even gets on my nerves when Baby only cares about his business and left all the 'job' to me. I feel like giving up. Whatever will be will be~ But I'm not those person who sits and waits. Thats not so me! I know I'm overacting, but I'm just afraid I will break down. I will seriously go crazy one day.

Sigh~ I wonder is it me or my pms talking. I think I need help!!!

Sorry guys for not replying ur comments and visiting ur blog.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Blissfully Yours #6 & #7

6th Blissfully Yours is one of Mummy's II favorite. She likes the hairstyle. I personally thinks that the head gear was a bit like astro. And my baby's shirt, oh boy, he looks like a clown. Overall, this series was beautiful.

7th Blissfully Yours, notice the gown? That's one of the reason I wanted this outfit. Go figure it out yourself. Its self explanatory.

P/s: The pictures turned out blurry and I hav no idea how to make it clear. Please bear with me k.

The Princess Returns

After so many many moons(weeks are like years), I'm finally back to the land I call home. No more walking and waiting for public transports. I dont hav to suffer from 'heels bite' and back pain. Other than that, I can stay away from kiasu, smelly and rude fellas that I met in public transports (especially those Tanah Besar Orang). It made me appreciate my country very very much. At least I hav a car that drives me right in front of or closer to the shops I want to go to.

Talking bout public transport.......

"Mummy II, next time u don't put mine inside ok? I buy you rice rice beee-uuu-ti-poool stroller."

We went to Hong Kong and Guang Zhou for the past 2 weeks 30% for business and 70% for shopping. (make sure Baby don't read this or else I'll be left at home next time when he goes to overseas trade shows or world expos.) It was 'fruitful', at least I got what I want and Baby got his gadgets and found himself a handful or suppliers.

Hong Kong was all about expos, factory outlet and shopping. Guangzhou is about bargaining and FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Oh!! Besides that, I think most of you wud not bliv what I got from Guangzhou. I BOUGHT 5 GOWNS for only RMB 1290 approximately RM650. 1 Wedding Gown and 4 Evening Gowns for 2 nites wedding dinner. Plus, I can even afford to buy Mum & Mummy II 2 lovely elegant gowns for less than RM 500. And I bought 3 dresses for my bridesmaids. ALL BRAND NEW!!!! Isn't that cheap or what??? Dirt cheap! That's why I LOVE GUANGZHOU!!!!! U shud really check out Guangzhou's wedding gown street. Heaps of them! U can even custom make that takes u about 1-2weeks for only less than RM250. Isnt that a bargain or what? SO spread the words and tell ur frens.

I remembered asking how much is a custom make gown from our local bridal boutique, tell u ranges from RM1k and above. And to rent 5 gowns from the local bridal shops it will cost me around RM2300. With the amount I spend in Guangzhou, I can buy Baby, Daddy and Daddy II each a set of suit/tuxedo. Wedding is just a ceremony, I dont need a gown which is full of swarovski crytals that will cost me RM3k, all I need is an elegant gown, as simple as that. So, I think I made the right choice.

Save the best for last k. So if u wanna look at my gowns, stay tune till the end of Dec. I'll showcase my 'goodies'.

CHECKED! Wedding and Evening gowns settled.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Messy Desktop

When Chin Nee gave me this tag, behind my mind I was asking myself whether I shud rearrange all my desktop icons before print screen. On second thoughts, I guess I shud reveal the 'real' me. I hav to admit that tidying up my desktop is the last thing I want to do. The one that u are looking at are way better than my previous one where there were Excels and Words FULLY occupied my desktop. I think I only sorted out those files 2 months ago when Baby can't find the file he wanted. *paiseh*

I'm a 'Rotten Apple'. Look good from the outside, but infested with worms inside. Messy-ness is in my genes I guess, I will only clear/clean/arrange when I'm in the mood (only god knows when. weeks? months? years?) Ask my former housemates, I can let my clean clothes sit in the laundry basket for dont know how long until I ran out of undies. Shame on me! I'm trying my very best to turn into a new leaf. Just give me time to adjust myself.

And now those of them who have already pimped their desktops are...

iRonnie - I Set No Corner
Thess - Thesserie
Rebecca - Skippy Heart
Knoizki - A Dialogue With K
Beng - Kauderwelch
Vanidosa Marie
Vanidosa at blogspot
MyGoodFinds with KK
Dom Lawrence
Janice said…I need a new working desk, the current one is converted from a dressing table, its a bit uncomfy to work on
Desktop of Demoments with Chinneeq
Marie with her messy Desktop

Cherry its time to show me yours. Artistic person like you must hav impressive desktop. Irene, I would love to see urs me ur Justin Timberlake, if u happen to have one.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Blissfully Yours #5

Another 13 weeks to go. I have not sorted out my wedding guest list YET. Renovation work is 90% done. I'll be having headache for the next two weeks. I need to organize my wardrobe, arrange our clothes, systematize my beauty products, make ups and hair products, decorate all my open shelves. Its not easy when I have tonnes of perfumes, jeweleries and hair accessories simply lying around the house. I need time to 'find' & 'collect' all my stuffs.

The room is almost done. Waiting for the wall paper and curtain to be up and a King size bed. Have not really decided on the pattern for the wall paper and the fabric for the curtain, just bcoz I'm too picky.

I must get everything done before I go off to HK & China. Yoga is taking a lot of my time, that's why I will cut down my fitness classes next week. Ming (my classmate) said that I'm lazy lately =( , bcoz I rarely update my blog. *so ashamed* I admit that I've been slacking lately. I think I need to set my priorities right. Gosh, I must get down to business before December comes.

To all my bridesmaids, best men out there. I will call u guys once I'm back from my trip. I seriously need u guys to help me out. *smuaks*

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

He's young @ heart!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday at TATU Cafe, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort.Perfect ambiance for special occasions.
Good food and yummy desert, I must say they have the best buffet in town.

"Daddy, tell me how old are u?"

"You don't know meh? I'm 38 today!"

"Yea right! You can fool the whole world but you can't fool me bcoz you have less hair and you're gonna be a GRANDPA soon. SO DREAM ON YOUR 38 TONITE." *roll eyes*

Daddy was speechless. He took out mummy's mirror and looked at himself, "Mummy, do you think that I'm old?"

"Hiya....Just admit that your age is catching up and enjoy life."

"But I'm young at heart......."

Yes Daddy I know you're young at heart bcoz u love to cam whore. Oh boy! Can u imagine a 48 y.o. uncle cam whoring! Checked his phone out, you'll be amazed how many pictures he took himself.

He even went to the extend of taking his picture like this....

*cold sweat*

Anyway, I wanna give my big birthday boy a big big hug on his big day. I LOVE YOU BERRY BERRY MUCH DD. You are the most wonderful man on earth. You shud be proud I inherited most of your naughty genes. And here's a present for you......

Hope you like it! *smuaks*

Happy Birthday Daddy dearest.
We LOVE you!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Last Pre Marriage Follow Up

Yipee Yay! Tonite was our LAST pre marriage follow up. After so many months of keeping charts......finally its has come to an end.

Guess what our speaker taught us today. Contraceptive Method that the church do not encourage. She showed us illustrations of all sorts of contraceptives, when she showed us the most common form of contraceptive i.e. condom, I was giggling like a hyena. Mainly bcoz the illustration of the 'baseball bat' is SO HUGE. Baby was embarrassed I guess, he pinched me so hard that I almost got bruises. But I can't help it. I'm only human. C'mon, they shud get the proportion of the 'baseball bat' right and not exaggerate it. It will only corrupt innocent mind like mine. hehehhe.....