Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby's Kingdom



My Baby had always wanted his toilet to look exactly like a hotel's one. Since, we have limited space, that's the best we can do.

Can you see my semi recess basin, Mummy II is worried that I can't wash my face or brush my teeth when I'm 5-9 months pregnant. She's afraid that my belly will be so big that I couldnt reach the water tap. Any mummy out there who has a semi recess basin would like to share
your experience on this?

Last but not least, Baby's throne. This WC is not cheap. Its more expensive than a one-seater leather recliner. It cost us RM1650 for this piece of Toto. I wanted to get a Malaysian made WC, but Baby was fussy over the quality of his 'throne'. *shakes head*

*Tips! Use Marble Top instead of Korean Klasik Cut Basin Top. Its more elegant and its cheaper!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Onn Onn

This lil' cupcake was sent away this morning. It was heart breaking to give her away.

SIGH! You see, my future FIL is a very neat and simple man. He only needs 2 pairs of shoes. His closet has only less than 15 shirts (buy him extra shirts, he will 'donate' it to his relatives). He is also someone who doesn't use a wallet, neither wear a belt nor watch. He will throw away things that he thinks is 'UNNECESSARY' eg. mummy's II hair products, mugs, living room decos, magazines & only-god-knows-item. When Mummy II lost her things, the accused will definitely be Daddy II. Hence, I dare not risk my rabbit's life since we'll be away for holiday this month. That is why Mummy II had arranged for a nice lady to take over this lil' bunny of mine. At least she will be in good hands.

In exchanged, your new owner gave us a bag of rambutans. I think u'll love her place as she has big orchard that you can hop around. Make sure to behave like a lady.

I'll miss you Onn Onn. Be Good k. Must share your food with your friends. And be nice to them. Sooner or later, u'll understand why we send you away. Love you lil' bunny. *sob*

Friday, September 28, 2007

Blissfully Yours #4

Geez!!! Time flies. Exactly 3 months before the BIG DAY. September is not a productive month at all. Too many things had occured. My bunny died on the day I renew my passport. It was devastating. I cried like there's no tomorrow. My eyes were swollen like Ultraman that I can't even put on my contact lenses for 3 days.

Then Yoga classes started. Imagine how 'rajin' am I? Kiasu ppl like me went for classes almost EVERYDAY to get the most out of it. DROP DEAD TIRED! I dunno why am I torturing myself? For the fun of exercising? For the money I paid? For health wise? HECK! I DON'T KNOW! As silly as it sounds, I was sick due to extreme exhaustion. NOW! Go ahead and laugh ur lungs out! *roll eyes*.

We took a short break instead. We attended Frankie's Bday dinner @ Maxim and Donna's Wedding at Park City Hotel, Miri last weekend. BUT I wasn't fully recovered hence I was still SICK during the whole TRIP. DAMN! FLU, SORETHROAT, COUGHING and worst still HIGH FEVER embraced me when I set foot in Miri. I was bed ridden most of the time. What a trip!

As promised, here you go 4th Blissfully Yours.

To be continued....Showcasing my NEW toilet next....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Blissfully Yours #2 & #3

Blissfully Yours #2
The Garden of Love: These were the 1st few shots that we took early in the morning. Psstt...I know I looked extremely huge in the 1st pic. But my Baby like the big size me this pic very much bcoz of my I-AM-SO-HUNG-FOOK-LOOK.

Blissfully Yours #3
The Comfort Zone: I love this series very very much. This was taken at the bridal shop's reception area, just right after u walked into the shop. I'm amazed both of us can pose so well when there were so many customers looking at us. That moment, we felt like we're superstars.

Friday, September 7, 2007

On My 12 Days of Disappearance : Part 3

Basically I've been so so busy babysitting this lil' fella.

With pneumonia and a broken limb, it aint easy to 'communicate'
with him. The only thing I can do is to feed him and pat him. No way is he going to eat from his food bowl. So what I did was to feed him by hand. So every morning and evening, I hav to spend a good whole ONE hour feeding him and the mosquitoes as well. Is this a normal behavior on sick rabbits? Can sumone please enlighten me before I spoil my rabbit.

Look at my 'mini splint'. Several of the doctors praised me saying that I did a great job.

Brought him to the vet today for his 3rd injection. I can't find a small box hence I just grabbed whatever is available and placed him inside. FYI, this is Mummy II vege basket.

Look at how manja is this sick rabbit. Don't play play! I brought this rabbit to the Sabah Animal Medical Center. SIL and BIL bought their rabbit for RM20. And I spent RM76 on its medical fees. Damn! Its the same theory as making baby. U make baby for FREE but u spend all ur coffin money on them. Ironic!

I think he's a bit over weight.

Look at how steady he is while waiting for the doctor. That's why all the nurses 'sayang' him. *roll eyes* I guess this is his tactic of winning the hearts of all the nurses.

Heh! I still prefer the small small you.Awww! Isn't he adorable. Time really flies.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

On My 12 Days of Disappearance : Part 2

I went to my 3rd Follow Up on n Natural Family Planning on Monday. So before the class started, our speaker checked on every couple's chart. She will spend at least 5-8 mins discussing the pattern of our female cycle and sometimes teach us how to identify our 'peak'. So when it was my turn, I showed her the chart and the 1st thing that came out from her mouth is that....

"You should see a doctor."

"Huh? Why?"

"Bcoz ur cycle is NOOOT normal."

Wonder why its abnormal? The main reason is that I 'cheated' on my chart. It was a last-minute-simply-fill-in-the-form homework. So the brainless me just write whatever I feel that made the whole chart simply illogical/invalid. Wet, Dry, Wet, Dry and sometimes stretchy, man! the speaker would hav thought that I'm having chronic disease at such a young age. She was very worried indeed. She recommended some Chinese Singses and told me not to drink cold water. Baby was so furious that he pinched my hand and gave me those you-are-hopeless look. Guilty as charged!

I felt so bad after that but I did not hav the guts to tell her the truth. Hence, I promise I'll be good in the next follow up and make sure that I keep track on my *ahem*. Someone please remind me EVERYDAY! I'm just not consistent enuff.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On My 12 Days of Disappearance

*kiss screen*

*kiss keyboard*

*kiss mouse*

*kiss touchpad*

*kiss gmail*

*kiss blogger*

Nothing can stop me from kissing all these around me. I can be the next Shu Qi bcoz my lips are numb for too much kissing. I miss everyone, everthing and every blogs that I read.

Its my bad that I hav abandoned this blog for almost 12 days due to unforeseen reason. mainly I was too too tired and lazy to update Too many things had happened that I wished I can update but I hav such a pea brain that can only allow me to remember my name, my Baby, my family and my SHOES. That's why I live a simple life. O_O

No way I'm going to sing you "On my twelve Day of Disappearance, my true love came to me....." this kinda crap. but I'm going to bring you news of great joy....a joy to be shared by the whole people. I'm sure it will make everyone in the family looking forward to its arrival. And just another 8 months to go, the house will be much merrier with its wailing sound and laughter. And with all of these lil' hints I've given you....

YES! you're right! We're expecting for a BABY!!!!! Another new member in the family.

Worry not! Its not mine. Its Baby's sister, my future SIL. Isn't that great. Just 4 months after the wedding I'll be officially a Q-Niong (Hakka) or Kao Mou (Canto). How cool is that. Mummy II has started pregnancy meal for SIL edi. She has special soup everyday and special meal that made me so jealous! Hehehe....shame on me! Can sumone pls smack me!

Other than that, one of their rabbit is pregnant too. While mummy II takes care of SIL diet, I'm in charged of the rabbit's diet. I must make sure she takes her meal regularly and exercise every day. Poor Onn Onn, her daddy and mummy were way too busy with the lil' one and they have neglected her.But nvm, Onn Onn still have me. I'll be your 'ai ya mummy' instead. Thank god she's been behaving really well.

On the contrary, Lok Lok has broke his right fore limb and is down with pneumonia. I made him a splint and head off to the vet yesterday. I know chances of him recovering is quite slim. But I'll try my best to make him live no matter what it takes. I could only pray for this lil' fella. Lok Lok Be Strong!!! *heartaches*

*To be Continued*