Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My experience with the 'Pirates'

Baby and I wanted to relax ourselves. Hence, after dinner with Baby's Dai Gu (Father's sister) @ Grand Port View, we left at 8pm hoping to catch the next show. But Cathay was full packed with people, so no choice, we have to watch the next show which was 9pm. After I bought the tickets, it was just 8.20pm. Since its was still early and we haven't got ourselves a proper parking yet. I told Baby that we better round-round to get ourselves a parking.

So off we went, and let me tell you that it's so farking hard to get a PROPER parking in that area. Cathay's car park could hardly accommodate 30 cars. At 1st Baby parked his car by the road side with the 'No Parking' sign just next to the car. Since we're early, I told Baby we should find a proper parking as I don't wanna walk out the cinema receiving stupid ''love letter'' from our DBKK or Police.

I can swear that we have at least drove around the area for 10 times. And stupid Kg. Air just don't have enough parking bays. Whenever we passed by the 'previous illegal parking spot', he will shout and claim "That's MY SPOT!" *roll eyes*

Its already 9pm and yet we are still in the midst of searching for a BLARDEE PARKING BAY!!What's the point of going early. Getting more and more frustrated, I snapped that we should better head home!! Damn PANAS already! After 10 mins, we FINALLY got ourselves a not so perfect parking bay. I cepat cepat jump down the car and headed towards the cinema ALONE and leave him alone far behind. DAMN Panas!! No time for lomantik lomantik! But Thank God when I went into the cinema, they were still showing ads and trailers. *Phew* Just in time for the show.

Pirates of the Carribean is indeed a great show. Great computer graphics, great castings and most of all great story line. To be honest, I was a bit blur thru out the whole session, I know nothing bout the Black Pearl ( I thought it was a very valuable treassure), David Jones Locker ( I tot the valuable chest that has the heart in it), Bethren Court ( I thought its a person's pangkat eg: Countess of XX ) and Dutchman (the curly hair English man), all because I didnt watch the previous 2 pirates. Shame on me! All these while I tot it was a horror movie bcoz of the Octupus Man and all its 'exotic names' like the Dead Man's Chest. SILLY ME!

Friday, May 25, 2007

My Big Boy Turns 26!

Today is my Baby's birthday. Happy Birthday dear! This is your last bachelor birthday. Next year u'll have greater responsibilities. You have to take care of me and probably our baby too *hint hint*. I pray that u'll earn ur 1st bucket of gold and be a successful person in life. Love you loads!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Uncertain....

Am really depressed and sad today. Mum being a very miserable and sensitive person is now creating havoc in the family AGAIN. I'm fed up with all her stupid irrational acts.

Had lunch with Dad today. Dad was telling me his passwords of the banks. He later added that he wants to make a will. My heart sank! I was so scared that I cried in the Japanese Restaurant. He told me not to cry. I told him don't do anything silly as I still need him and I love him very much. My heart aches when I see Dad like that. Dad reassures me that he will not do anything stupid. He is just very down lately when he heard that Baby's uncle is in coma after being knocked down by a motorcycle and one of dad's closest nephew also in coma state is still in the hospital after 3 months.

I don't like the idea of washing dirty linen in the public but sometimes it just drives me up to the wall. I just hope Mum comes to her senses.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Baby woke up in the morning asking me bout the Wedding's Videoman. So far, I have not even shortlisted any videoman yet. From what I've known, there's only 2 videomans in KK and that's so pathetic! No competition means no IMPROVEMENT at all and not much comparison can be made!

Baby suggested that we checked out the one in Studio Galaxy at Sinsuran. As what we've heard, most of our friends wedding video footage are done by them. Its not my 1st visit, I've been there at least 3 times accompanying Mummy II to sort out Annie's wedding. During my 1st visit, I was impressed by their video clips and package. And I told Baby that I would probably take him as our videoman. But thank god, I've done some homework. Annie's video was not that superb and impressive like the one they showed us. Even Baby was not really happy with his sister's wedding video footage. Then I told him they probably have a better package now and we must checked out.

So we walked into the shop and they showed us some of their masterpiece. And you know what, after ONE year, they still show us the SAME video clip, the SAME couple, the SAME CD. Bloody hell!! Can't they be innovative and show us something new and fresh!!! So, Baby being very straight forward told the lady that he wasn't really satisfied with his sister's video footage. He asked whether he can appoint his own videoman unfortunately the lady just told Baby that its based on availability. Baby thinks that they are not being professional. He was very disappointed and walked out the shop.

Hmm....i Guess Baby is eyeing on David's videoman all the way from Batu Pahat, Johor.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

1st Place ?

Early April I received a call from Carmen my person-in-charged. She called to inform that Baby and I got the 1st place for the best pictures among 300+ plus couples taken in March 2007. As a result, our winning picture will be displayed at their shop for advertising purpose in the month of April. Our team (Danny-Photographer, Peggy-Make Up Artist & Carmen-Personal Assistant) will be awarded for dunno-what by their company. On top of that, both of us are given an extra photo + frame for our winning picture. Cheh!! I thought they'll give us CASH REBATE!! But at least its better than nothing. So now we hav an extra piece of picture that I'll give it to my parents. SO that they can show off sikit.

As for now, we have already booked 2 venues and paid for the deposit for our wedding dinner. Ocean Seafood Restaurant (Bride's Family & Friends) & Shangrila Beach Hotel (Groom's Family & Friends). Paid Ocean Seafood Restaurant RM2k and Shangrila Beach Hotel RM 5k. We have not really decided on which package we're going for as we want to leave it to our parents and let them decide.
This was the outfit that won ourselves an extra photo + frame. I called it 'The Moulin Rouge'.
Host unlimited photos at for FREE! Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

Friday, May 18, 2007

All about the ADD-ON

RM 3988 is the initial package that we signed up bcoz Baby was too shy to pose at Concord Hotel KL(RM4888). Kononnya, very pai seh!!! CIS!!!!

Since I'm not renting their gowns and using their car decor on my wedding actual day. I have to be very very 'muka tebal' to ask for MORE. I demand for this and that, I demand for extra poses, demand for Super VIP gowns, demand for extra postcards, demand for photo frames etc etc. If you see me in the bridal boutique, you can definitely classify me as the "38 ah sou" that u happen to see in the market. What can I do, its not spending RM30 ler.....its RM4k we're talking about. And before this, I was advised by lotsa frens that Jln Loke Yew's bridal shops are famous for their 'super sales talk' which make u pay for more.

So for my package, I managed to get :

30 pages 51 poses 18 x 12 Album + Lace Border (White)
20 pages 31 poses 12 x 8 Album + Lace Border (Platinum)
1 pc 3 poses 36 x 24 Enlargement Tex + Frame
1 pc 3 poses 36 x 12 Poster Frame
2 pcs 18 x 12 Enlargement Tex + Frame
96 pcs 8 poses 6 x 4 Design Thank You Postcards
F.O.C. Album Bag (1 set)
F.O.C. Master CD (51 poses)

Our Extra Add On RM2688
30 pages 55 poses 15 x 30 Album + Lace Border

1 pc (HUGE) Upgrade 36 x 24 to 24 x 60 frame
1 pc MASTER CD ALL POSES (170+ poses)

All together I have 3 photo albums and a super super huge wedding portrait to be hung in our room like the famous Mona Lisa painting. If u don't believe me, try and take out ur measuring tape. I just hope that I won't get nightmare at looking at my HUGE FACE all the time.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Organised

Time really flies. Its been months that I've last written any post on my blog which I felt terribly sorry at. I always wanted to be a very orderly person, I always wanted to write down simple little things that I've done. And most importantly my plans, my preparation up till my Big Day. Guess its never too late to update.
  • November 2006 Booked our pre-wedding shots @ TOM Wedding City @ Jln Loke Yew. It was love at first visit as we feel very comfortable and the service was good enough to cater our needs. Signed up for RM3899 package and paid RM1000 as deposit. (
  • 6th March 2007 Touch down LCCT. Unpack our bags and off we went to TOM for gown selection. Isn't it bizzare? Last minute selection of wedding gowns for the photo shoot. But luckily Carmen our person-in-charged was very proffesional at what she does and got me seven beautiful gowns.

  • 7th March 2007 Took our pre-wedding shots. It was fun, and tiring. But the experience was splendid and a memorable one. After one whole day of posing and smiling, Baby took me out for a nice dinner at Chilli's @ Mid Valley. Back of our heads, we're worried that the pics will turn out horrible.

1. Peggy & Me 2.Baby & Me

  • 8th March 2007 Another visit to the bridal boutique for our pictures selection. Pictures turned out FANTASTIC, our photographer took great photos of us. Credit goes to Danny our wonderful photographer and Peggy our make up artist. Danny and Peggy happens to be husband and wife. No wonder they make a wonderful couple. Oh! Peggy just came back from maternity leave. And i'm so lucky that I have Peggy as my image consultant. Enough to said, with such a great service and wonderful skills, there's a price to pay. The money we paid almost 'cekik' us hidup-hidup. I was surprised that Baby wanted the extra add on. I think this is one of the reason why I wanna marry this guy.

Wedding Package RM3988
Ampulse x 2 RM 60
Eye Lashes (China Type) RM 25
(I can buy a SHU EMURA with this amount edi)
Color Hair Spray x 2 RM 20
ADD ON (Album and Portraits) RM 2688

I walked out the bridal shop feeling conned. But Baby said "..its OKAY, as long as you are happy." WAh!! How can I not love this man. That's why DON'T PWAY PWAY, marriage is not for fun. There's a COST to pay.