Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Sunny

Mummy's Sunnies. Too Oval. Skip this.

My little 'lalat' (Housefly in Malay).

Grandma's sunnies, I dont like the shape. N-E-X-T please.

*shakes head*
C'mon show me something which is cool.

Ah Hah! This is more like it. Daddy, please go to the counter and settle the bill. Thanks!
Just nice, ngam ngam hou! Not too fancy and I look like James Bond.
Now let me check whether there's UV protection or not.

Psst....Anyone looking for baby eyeswear model or spokesperson? Besides eyeswear, men's brief also can. Isaac has very impressive and charming bird outlook. Interested, dont be shy to email me, lol. Mummy is dreaming to become one of those celebrity mama.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Distance surely makes mummy goes crazy

Mummy went outstation today. While my flight was taking off, I heard baby screaming and crying, That poor baby cried for almost 20mins, I think he was too tired that he stopped crying. Poor little thing. Instantly, I could only think of my little Isaac at home. And thoughts came into the mind....

"Can I handle Isaac in the plane?" I really doubt that I could handle my fussy boy.

"Will he cry like the other baby?" I have this feeling he will.

"Long hour flight to Australia for instance, is it a good idea to bring Isaac along when he's not even 1yo?"

A lot of concerns. Thinking of all the possibilities that could happen and the screams that could hijack every passengers ears. IT JUST GAVE ME NOTHING BUT GOOSE BUMPS. The idea of traveling with a baby just gives me the shivers.

Am I selfish or what?  Prolly I need time to adjust, only time will tell.

In another note, I miss my son so much. Will be back tomorrow morning. Daddy, please take care of our little man.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When the boobs talk...

My breastfeeding journey was a pathetic one. When I was pregnant, everyone was asking me whether I will breastfeed my baby. Looking at my decent boobs,  "Of course!", I exclaimed.

Then came the baby, but I was too weak after the surgery, because of that I missed my window of opportunity of introducing my lovely boobs to baby. Later, when we reached home, came the Confinement Lady who told me that I shud rest after a major surgery and let her bottlefeed baby during the nights, hence baby was taken away from me, again I missed the golden hour to establish milk supply during midnite. The electric pump was not doing any good, I have the milk but I can't pump it out, it was frustrating. All i got was elongated deformed nipples. Left with no choice, I nursed baby during the day.

One month later, when the Dr. confirmed that bloody stool are caused by Soya Milk Protein and Cow's Milk Protein allergy. I was really determined to exclusively breastfeed my baby but that was just wishful thinking because of poor establishment during the 1st month, milk supply was really low, after 45mins to 1hour of nursing, I have to supplement it with formula. I never give up, I always believe that I will produce enough milk for my baby.

For the first 3 months, baby was drinking from the boobs and later supplement with bottle. He took the boobs n bottle like a pro. Then when I went back to work on the 4th month, my milk supply has never increased. EBM was just 2.5oz to 3oz a day.

Baby went on nursing strike! I felt rejected! It was heart breaking but giving up wasn't in my dictionary. I tried all sorts of things to increase breastmilk. I had Fenugreek, Red Raspberry Leaves, Papaya Fish Head Soup, Malunggay Leaf, Barley, Cod Fish, Spirullina, Oatmilk, Soyamilk anything you can find on the internet just to INCREASE BREAST MILK. I was really determined! If you tell me taking hamster or monkey shit will increase supply, I swear to the moon that I'll give it a try. I even went to the doctors and let them fiddled with my boobs, both of them taught me hand expression. I was the master of Hand Expression at no time, but there's a price to pay, I ended up having bruises around the boobs. Back then, I could only yield less than 0.5oz a day! It was discouraging.

When Isaac started taking solids at 6 months, I told myself 'MAYBE' its about time to stop. Even I don't produce a lot of milk, I struggled for at least 3 weeks just because of weaning guilt. So many things crossed the mind and most of them were negative. I was struggling, learning and looking for an answer, it was an emotional journey I must admit.

When all I could see was soreness and bruises, I picked up the cues and I decided to listen to my boobs. And I think I made the very right choice. So I'm glad I have a pair of smart talking boobs and also a smart son who thinks that sucking on mummy's nen nen is such a waste of time. THE END

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boy! oh Boy!

Despite the labor pain, the only thing I could remember about Isaac's birth was his 'Big Bird' and 'Easter Eggs'. Instead of showing me my bundle of joy and hearing, "Congratulations! You have a healthy baby."  Dr Lim flashed my baby's private part and said "I told you its a boy".

3 days before Isaac was born, I jokingly asked my doctor, "Are you sure its a boy? All my baby things are in BLUE, have you ever make any mistake?"  D A N G!!! U see I 'dai sei' or not, unintentionally challenged my doctor. Thank GOD he didnt 'slice' me into pieces in the operating theater.


Anyway, this is my 'little burito' right after birth.

Chuckled at 3 months

Each and everyday, he picked up a lot of new stunts skills, from his first chuckle, roll over, swim, eat, sit and play,babble and shouting, Anoti and I can't wait to witness every single milestone.

Close to eight months, Isaac is no longer an infant. He had turned into a cheeky boy, he is so active that I wish I WERE A MAN to keep up with him.

My toothless little man taken on 1/5/10.