Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mr Sunny

Mummy's Sunnies. Too Oval. Skip this.

My little 'lalat' (Housefly in Malay).

Grandma's sunnies, I dont like the shape. N-E-X-T please.

*shakes head*
C'mon show me something which is cool.

Ah Hah! This is more like it. Daddy, please go to the counter and settle the bill. Thanks!
Just nice, ngam ngam hou! Not too fancy and I look like James Bond.
Now let me check whether there's UV protection or not.

Psst....Anyone looking for baby eyeswear model or spokesperson? Besides eyeswear, men's brief also can. Isaac has very impressive and charming bird outlook. Interested, dont be shy to email me, lol. Mummy is dreaming to become one of those celebrity mama.


Blur Angel said...

hahah this is funny!! Kai-Ma is dreaming to be a celebrity kai-ma too!! :) Isaac boy is so fair and so cute!!

Marie said...

min dear,yaya be celebrity ma n kai ma very 'wai sui'.if isaac is one of the celeb,make sure he gets us limited edition exclusive handbag.

mNhL said...

cool baby !