Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sushi, anyone?

Work has been really stressful especially every beginning and end of the month. Juggling between 2 business, ain't that stressful enough, you tell me. When the mind is congested with errands, appointments and endless assignments, the mind will just go blank for a while.

Have you experienced when the mind just went blank and the hand starts to scribble. when you're just so stressed and the poor pen is the only victim that you can release all ur tension, that's the time your hand will be busy scribbling unrelated notes or drawings. This happens all the time, especially when you're on the phone.

Did you know that all these unrelated notes and drawings may take on meanings. Having that in mind, I saw Anoti's note pad written "SUSHI", while he was talking on the phone. I was DAMN HAPPY thinking that I will have a Japanese weekend or Japanese Dinner tonite. But bcoz I was too busy to confirm with him, I went on doing my work.

So, in the afternoon, when we went out to deliver our goods, Anoti took out his hp....

"Hello can I speak to Sushi please? I'm Anoti from XXX ...."


"Are you serious? Sushi?"

"She said she's Sushi wor..."

"Name aaa?? Its SUZY lar!!!!"

"There's such name call Suzy meh?"

*fainted on the floor*

Pardon me. You see, my Anoti knows Mimi, Amy, Annie, Mary, Michelle, Lisa, Jane, Melissa, Jessica, Joanne.....

Geraldine, Giselle, Daisy, Daniella, Faythe, Anastacia, Zara, Zaria are definitely not in his dictionary. But this clearly proves that my Anoti doesn't have many girlfriends. As far as I'm concern, he is only interested in MARIE, so it doesn't matter if he doesn't know that there's Suzy, Suzie, Sneezy or Sleezy....

But I clearly know that there goes my Japanese dinner tonite/weekend....

Have a great weekend!