Friday, August 24, 2007

Blissfully Yours # 1

Geez! It is almost end of the month. 18 more weeks to the big day, time flies don't they. Before I know it, I'll be walking down the aisle in no time. What's our preparation like? I'm so sorry that I can't give you a definite answer to that.

According to my checklist, I have yet to choose my wedding gown and evening gown, confirm the dinner menus, meet the videoman, buy our wedding band, ATTEND 3 more Pre Marriage Follow Up by the church, register with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, discuss flower arrangement, prepare the guest list, decorate the room and house....the list goes on....*cold sweat* From the scale of 1 to 10, I have to admit that we just barely touched number 3.

Currently I'm on Pixart. I wanted to make a 'behind the wedding scene' photo album, I do hope that I can finish it ON TIME! I would love to give my Baby a surprise. And make him WEEP like a real baby. I'm so mean.

Since, I'm so busy with the preparation. I do hope that friends and bloggers are excited as I am and share the joy with me. Hence, I'll be showcasing 'Blissfully Yours' series with 2 wedding pictures every Friday without fail. Hope you guys love it.

Now presenting to you......
(Credit goes to Dinah who did a fabulous job on her daughter's pic the 'Good Morning Ashley Series', she was my inspiration to come up with Blissfully Yours Series. And Danny our photographer from TOM Wedding City.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our life turns upside down

Baby's parents went to Beijing for a week and will only be back on the 25th. Life is sure a hectic one without them. First of all, we have to wake up when the rooster starts to 'sing'. Do you know how difficult it is to wake up at 6.30am when we barely have 5-6 hrs of sleep ONLY. (I must have at least 8 hrs of sleep) Its no easy job. We have to juggle between 2 job.

Not only do I hav to take care of their business, I need to 'serve' the 2 princes, buy them breakfast and lunch(No.. way I'm going to cook for them), check on the house renovation, babysit Baby's sister rabbit, and also 'JAGA' the house at nite. THAT'S NOT AN EASY JOB!!! Its even more frustrating when I don't have enough sleep. So by the time we reached home, we'll hit the sack at no time. Darn tired!

God must have heard my prayers, this morning I received a sms from Mummy II. She told me she bought me jade and pearls necklaces. What a reward! Yiipee!! Can't wait for my goodies 2 MORE DAYS and they will be back! Gosh! I miss them so badly, especially Mummy II's healthy breakfast.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anak Malaysia

I used to hate school bcoz they made me learn the 3 languages. Malay because its the National language. English because its the International language. And Chinese because my ancestors are from the 'Sugar Mountain'. And it ain't easy for a young kid like me back then. But as I grew older, I thank the Government and my parents for forcing giving me the opportunity.

Not only do I speak the 3 languages, I can even speak Hakka and Cantonese that I'm really proud of. And sometimes I pity those who can't understand and can't speak any out of the 3 languages.

This is what happened if you don't understand Malay.....

"Any plans for Merdeka?"
"Huh? Mou Det Gah!(Hakka) Choi....You want to be alone for the rest of your life meh?"
(Translation: 'Mou Det Gah' same as 'Mou Tak Gah' in Canto means 'can't-find-a-husband-to-get-married-to')

This is what happened if you don't understand English......

".....(hakka) bilibala bla bla bla ....e-x-a-m-p-l-e....."
"Ma kai sam fu?" (Hakka)
(Translation: 'Ma Kai' is 'What' and 'sam fu' means blouse and pants same as 'sum foo' in Canto)

And this is what happened if you don't understand Chinese.....

"Do you have 'lao shu da ma yi' (老鼠大蚂蚁 mouse big ant) mp3?"
"What song is that...I only have 'lao shu ai da mi' (老鼠爱大米 mouse love big grain) "

So by hook or by crook, I'll make sure my kids learn the 3 languages before they turn into someone's laughing stock.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ouch! That hurts!

Aug 20 (Reuters) - Egypt strengthened its ban on female genital cutting in June by eliminating a legal loophole allowing girls to undergo the procedure for health reasons.

A U.N women's forum urged the world to ban the procedure last March. However the practice remains widespread as a rite of passage for girls.

Source: The Star

Female circumcision??!! You must be kidding me! I can't imagine if I have to go through those agonizing pain. DAMN! Cutting a part of my *ahem* for the sake of attenuate sex??? I rather be a NUN or MONK!

On another note, a woman was killed by her pet camel who tried to have sex with her. *smacks head* Can you believe that? This horny camel is definitely blind. This is not any hot sexy lady we're talking about. Its a 60 y.o. grandma. "OOOII YOU HORNY CAMEL, she's ur grandma's age, pick a younger one!"

If I were raped by a CAMEL? I rather drown myself in a pool of shit. YUCKS!!! Its so super gross. (I'm not referring to the pool of shit k...its the camel's 'stick' I'm disgusted at.)

I think I better warn my Baby not to buy me any exotic animals as pets! They are extremely DANGEROUS!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


As u all know, I had my pre-wedding shots at TOM Wedding City, Jln Loke Yew, Cheras, KL, which turned out real good, I must say because I've spent a fortune close to RM7k on albums and photo frames. Come to think of it, we were so silly to spend such a hefty sum on pre-wedding shots ONLY. Some indoor backgrounds were so so, but the picture came out fine bcoz our poses and expressions were good enough to make all pictures stand out. The outdoor shots at TOM Beach Club were superb too, thanks to Danny our photographer.

To be honest, TOM Beach Club concept was the main reason both of us signed up. We were very very very contented and satisfied until we saw THIS!!! #$*(^$%*@^@$ Really Kit si ngai! They set up another Bridal House (Bungalow) at SS2 with BALI concept! You don't have to fly urself to Bali to take great pictures.

SIGGGHH!!!! So much so for planning far ahead that made me missed the chance of taking such great pictures. Blame it on my kiasu-ness.

But for those of you who haven't tied up with any Bridal House. You can check out TOM Wedding City at PJ SS2. And make sure you show me your pics when its ready and make me cry like there's no tomorrow.

PS: This is not a sponsored post.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


BEFORE I CURSE YOU OR CUT ANY TIES FROM YOU! Listen Up. To all my lovely friends, customers or suppliers out there who may have my mobile number, I know its the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and like any other festivals most of you will have funny or heart felt smses to make the season/festival merrier. In order to join in the fun, you'll normally forward those 'cute' smses around. BUT PLEASE!! Before you wanna FORWARD any smses, please READ the content whether its appropriate to sms others.

This is the Hungry Ghost Festival, AND NO!!! We don't wish flesh and blood human 'HAPPY HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL'. If you eat-full-nothing-to-do, go and buy those 'paper tai kor tai' and make sure u reload ur 'paper hp' and make gazillionth calls or smses to your 'fren' from 'down under'. Its 'THEIR' festival, and they'll be throwing a big feast just like how we celebrate CNY. Call them at 1800-HELL-666. They'll have friendly 'customer service officer' to assist to you.

Plus, if you forward stupiak psychotic smses that Mummy II received today. I make sure that I'll curse you for the rest of my life. I will burn down your house and let you join 'them'. Mummy II received an sms in the middle of the nite. The msg was so scary that she deleted it immediately. It sounded sumthng like this....

'Woo~~ Woo~~ I'm a pity soul. I died 20 yrs ago. My name is Siao Lung Lui. No! I did not hang myself. I was actually raped and murdered. My body was cut up into many parts and was buried under the big tree in front of your house. My head was decapitated and was hung on the ceiling fan. Can u kindly do me a favor, please take my head down and lay it or ur pillow, I have not have a proper sleep for the past 20 yrs. ......blablabla......Please forward this to 4 ppl, or else........'

K** CCB!!! IF ANYONE OF YOU!! I REPEAT!! ANYONE OF YOU SEND ME THIS! I'll make your life miserable. BLOODY HELLL!!
After reading the sms, Mummy II had insomnia whole nite. Thanks to some brainless ppl. Its the middle of the nite for haven sake, and you stupiak idiots don't do such stupiak acts. If you are really scared that Siao Lung Lui will share the same bed with you bcoz you did not do what you're told to do, go and sleep in the church for the whole month. Jesus, Mother Mary and All Saints will protect you, or if you're a buddhist, go to sleep in the temple, Sleeping Buddha will protect you.

Its not FUNNY to scare the shit out of others and mess up their lives. What did they do to deserve such treatment. Let me tell you I'm a total coward for all these, my guts are so tiny that you don't even noticed that they exist. So please have mercy on me.

And so, to all my friends out there, if you really wanna celebrate this festival, its wise that we make it meaningful. We can gather and pray that may all the souls find eternal peace and enter the Kingdom of God. That's more like it. BE SMART!

**P/S: I'm sorry for being so rude. I just can't help it. Pardon me if I have offended or disturbed anyone with this post. Thousand Apologies!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Lunar Month I Dislike the Most

Its the month again! Look at the papers, there were so many accidents that took so many lives. No wonder, Mummy kept on reminding us to go home early yday. Its said that, poor souls 'down there' are searching for 'replacement'. *GOOSEBUMPS* Min I totally agree with you better avoid going out at nite, so I think its wise to stay at home every nite for this one month. Sit in front of the computer and blog, better than having fun outside with 'invisible' frens. CHOI CHOI!!!!! Dare not think of it.

Talking bout the month, I personally have experienced it too when I was young. I remembered very very very clearly in the middle of the nite I heard my neighbour behind us was having a party so loud that it actually disturbed my sleep. So I got up from my bed and checked out. But it was total pitch black. So i thought they might be playing mahjong inside the house and I went to bed. I swear to you that I heard Mahjong and 'ppl' laughing.

The next day, I told my mum bout it. She was shocked. She quickly told me I shud pray every nite. So I prayed everynite without knowing the fact its the Hungry Ghost Festival. So when the 'month' had ended, only till then my mom revealed that I heard 'dirty things' that nite. SO SCARY!

I must be grateful that I have myopia (short-sightedness) that I'm unable to focus on distant objects. So when I'm out of my glasses or contacts, anything out of my focus point is blurred. Even if there are 'visitors' at my neighbour's house that nite I wouldnt have seen it. PHEWWW!!!! And that is why, whenever I need to wee wee in the middle of the nite, I rather find my way to the toilet without my glasses. Bcoz its much 'SAFER'. Don't you think so?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hip Hop Rapper

I never thought that the Hip Hop National Anthem was so so annoying until today. My Baby is crazy over this song that he played it OVER and OVER again in the office. It is so so so so so so IRRITATING to have a HiP-HoP-RapPer in da ofiz. Thanks Wee! You have turned my Baby a replica of you. If only he could sing as good as you I think most of us will not mind, but that's not the case here.

So I politely asked him to switch to another song before one of the staff break his laptop, but this rapper was so high with the song that he had ignored me. Ignored me once, Ignored me twice, by the 3rd time, I shut down his computer. He looked puzzled. And this is what he said.....

"For all these years I can never memorize the National Anthem, and bcoz of this song, it actually make it so easy to remember." *slaps head*

"Lou, this is not the way, you're killing us with the song."

"OKAY LAR! I'll distribute CDs to my frens on the Merdeka Eve and make everyone sing together with me."

"Baby! I doewan to have our wedding in the JAIL okay?"

"Yahor. Okay lar....for our sake, I'll sing this ALONE on Merdeka eve."

"If like this, you celebrate your Merdeka Eve and Merdeka alone lar. I bring my parents out."

"OKAY OKAY! I'm truly sorry. Please fugip me!"

*roll eyes*

He just love to get on my nerves! Its his main interest I supposed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wedding Jewelry

Gold is a must have in any weddings of any race. Normally, the bride's mother will give their precious daughter a set of gold which includes the necklace, earrings, bangles and ring that will be brought over to the groom's house. This is to show status. Its like telling your in laws that 'Don't mess with me.' It also means "Hey, I'm 'miss thousand gold' and don't expect me to do the house chores for you." If you're from a well off family, parents will normally give their daughter gold bars for the sake of showing off 'emergency' or 'rainy days'. In case, your husband gone nuts and sell you off to the brothel, at least you have the money reload your handphone to call a cab or seek for help. It also comes handy when you find your husband cheating on you, at least you can hire a professional doctor to cut off his 'most precious' during his sleep without him knowing. As simple as that!

On the topic of gold, I received a call from Mummy II this afternoon.

"Melie~ I don't know which pattern you you want to come and choose urself or I choose for you?"
"Heh? Choose what? "
"I'm at the gold shop, they called me up this morning saying that there's New Arrival. So, I came and checked out lor...So when are you free?
"Aunty, so early aaa?? Many months to go ler..."
"New Arrival maa..."
"Aunty you choose for me lor....Don't worry, I'll like it."
"Okay lar, I'll buy the heart shape one...."

Such a big difference btween 2 mums. My mum is those typical last minute person. And Mummy II plans well ahead. 5 months to the wedding, she had already bought me a set of wedding jewelry (Necklace and Bracelet) . Heart shape summore!!! Can you see how desperate loving is she. Because it doesnt come with earrings, Mummy II had sent it to the Goldsmith to make a pair of earrings of the same pattern. *beaming*

Hmm...I don't know what my mum will give me. But I'm pretty sure that I will not leave the house 'empty'. Can you imagine I'll be decorated with lotsa gold that made it impossible for me to walk. HEH!! Dream ON! Blame it on the hot weather that had cook my brain!

Talking bout gold. Do you think its appropriate for daughter or daughter in law to buy gold for their mum and mum in law on the wedding day? Hm...I'm thinking of buying one for each of them. Any pantang larang on this?

Friday, August 10, 2007

In Love with Melody

Kau Melodi yang indah menusuk di jiwa
Tanpa Mu, Hidupku tak bermakna

多么实在的感觉 望着你的脸
这一刻 我到了被人遗忘的永远....

[Melodi, Sheila Majid/林宇中]

This is really beautiful. I love the fact that its in Malay and Chinese. I've always love to sing Malay song. I remembered the days in Perth, 3 of us Charlie's Angels will sing our lungs out especially to the song 'Pergi saja....cintamu pergi.....bilang saja.....pada semua....'-Menghitung Hari by Krisdayanti. And sometimes, Darling Jy will blast the house with Siti Nurhaliza's Aku Cinta Padamu that our neighbours thought that we are Vietnamese/Indonesians. Besides, we girls also tried our luck singing Malay numbers at Utopia Karaoke in hope to impress rich Indonesians but we failed to 'fish' any. Blame it on our Cina-eyes I guess.

And Thank God the new version of Negarakuku wasn't out yet . Or else, I'm sure that I'll learn Hokkien in order to memorize that song. Its so funny. Although what he rapped was the blatant truth but hey who doesn't know this. The authorities are not any party whom you wanna mess with. So watch out and Best of Luck!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


It almost took the lives of 2 men. It happened so fast that how I wish it was just a dream.

Something bad happen today at the workshop. 2 of our men was badly injured by a self-ignited Back Hoe. It was damn scary.

Baby and I have to rush the 2 of them into the Emergency Unit at Queen Elizabeth. The journey to the hospital was indeed very very long, I can see both of them agonizing in pain. I was so afraid that one of them might just give up and leave us. I could only pray to God to ease their pain. Baby sped with his Highlight and Hazard Lights on.

Thank God they are still alive. Some dressings and X-ray, they are ready to head home. Daddy II and Mummy II felt tremendously bad. They went to visit them at nite. As for now, we could only pray for fast recovery.

Sigh......Life is so FRAGILE!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Natural Family Planning

080807, the girls are having dinner at Delicious, Bangsar Village 2. And I'm stuck here in this piece of 'dog head'. Thanks to South China Sea that sliced Malaysia into the West and East. So much so for being the 'odd' one. I miss you girls very much. Have fun without me. :(

A continuation of my last post on Billing's Ovulation Method. I admit that its not easy to digest and I can assure you that I will 100% fail this if I were to keep track. I might end up having more than 2 babies just because I can't even differentiate mucus and discharged. Call me stupid! Or blame me for not paying much attention to my *ahem*. If only I have the chance to look at other ladies then I will not have to go through all this trouble. The speaker even mentioned that we can actually feel it. WTH!! FEEL WHAT?? I'm really frustrated bcoz Baby is owez checking on me I mean my C-H-A-R-T and make sure I do my homework.

On the horns of dilemma, I really wish to understand BOM before my life will be doomed with half a dozen of kids. If BOM is too difficult to explain, I need kind ladies out there who can shamelessly tell me what's the difference between mucus and discharged? Email me please.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Family Planning I

Remember my 2 days Pre Marriage Talk organized by the Christian Family Life Ministry. It doesn't just stopped there. The Church ain't going easy on young people like us, they really wanna make sure that couples fully understand the importance of family planning, by reinforcing natural family planning. And YES, it is so NA-TU-RAL that contraceptives pills and condoms were forbidden. Hence, we were taught Billing Ovulation Method information for achieving and postponing pregnancy, where we have to keep track on how our *ahem* behaves everyday. Dry? Damp? Wet? Its so frustrating especially for a lazy bummer like me. That's why I 'cheated' on last month's assignment.

Anyway, our speaker blurted a word that cracked us up. Natural Family Planning is all bout when 'harry' meets 'jane', how 'harry' meets 'jane' and the consequences of meeting up. How interesting is that when our speaker refer penetration as INJECTION. Goodness gracious!

Ironically, we still have to attend another 3 Follow-Up Sessions on Family Planning. Oh please...let it be interesting next time, before both of us fall asleep and make babies in our dreams. This will be really BAD! *pinch*

Friday, August 3, 2007


Taaa Daaa!! The Simponized Me!!

Its so cute. If I'm really that pretty in the Simpson world, I'll spray myself with yellow paint and be one of the Yellow People. I will play the 'foxy & sl*tty' role to make Marge and Lisa spit on me. I will seduce Homer with my wavy hair. But too bad, Homer's beer belly is a real turn off. Hmm....I think I'll join the yellow revolution instead. Be a run away bride and ikut the Digi Yellow Man, that's more like it.

Got this from 5xMom. Its a pretty cool website. Check it out and join the Yellow Revolution!!!!!!! Go YELLOW!! So that we can read 'yellow' materials without guilt and shame!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Honeymoon Destination

This morning on our way to work, we were discussing our honeymoon destination. We have 2 places in mind, Japan and Australia. Why Japan? Because I want 'mountain and water'. I wanna have a private hot spring pool just outside our room. Its a honeymoon wei....the time to make babies. WAKAKAKA! Why Australia? Mainly because we wanna bring Mummy II and Daddy II along. My Baby sayang his parents very very much, he promised his parents that he'll bring them to Australia/New Zealand when he earns his 1st bucket of gold. Knowing that we'll have no time to bring them "eat wind" next year, might as well let them tag along. Killing 2 birds with one stone, isn't that great.

But back of our minds, both of us feel uneasy to leave everything behind especially the business and shops for so long. Hence, I don't think we'll plan for our honeymoon right now. Unless, we strike a lottery, we'll leave everything behind and have a 2 months honeymoon around the world. Or else, I could just take Helen's advice, 3D2N stay at Ipoh Robin's Hotel. Since I'm Anak Malaysia....might as well sokong Visit Malaysia 2007 in a cheap and 'interesting' hotel. Not only can I save money, it gives me the opportunity to check out Robin's Hotel femes 'menu'. International flavor summore!! Must be very yummy. I wonder do they serve 'Sayur Manis dari Negeri di bawah Bayu'???

My BABY will kill me if he sees this!! Hehehe! *wink*

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a 'Y' Day!

Today me very energetic! Wanna know Y?

I brought Mummy II to Yoga trial lesson conducted by Y-Fitness Studio at Sabah Golf and Country Club 2pm today. First few rounds were horrible as I can hardly balance myself. Just a few stretches made my knees trembled like no tomorrow. BUT they have Good-Looking-Yoga-Instructor, HIS butt is a round as the moon, and that's worth the pain. You tell me, How can I concentrate or focus on my postures, when the instructor kee
p walking around with his tight pants. One second I drifted to 'fantasy land'. I guess bringing Mummy II along wasn't a bad idea at all, at least her presence made me well behaved. Baby!! You shud be thankful you are sebiji your mum.

After the lesson, we went to City Mall to get ourselves Yogur Berry. This yummilicious yogurt tasted so good that it brought us to cloud nine. Trust me! Its a must try dessert. Oh c'mon, how much harm can this yogurt do to you? Its just yogurt, less fat, less sugar and less calories. The best dessert ever! Don't believe me, taste it to believe it.

(Taken from Yogur Berry)

Yoga and Yogurt are the best combination ever. What a Yippee Yay! At least this combo can make me SLIMMER. But classes will only start around September! Sigh....shud hav asked for the Yoga Instructor's number to check out whether he offers one-on-one yoga lesson for this time being.