Friday, September 24, 2010

Iphone 4 Craze in KK

After such a long hiatus, it is time to get back to the blogging society. My baby is 1yo now and I have no excuse that my life is very stressful and tiring bcoz of the new addition. I'm proud to say that I've SURVIVED the infant baby days. Hooray! It's a call for celebration for us as new parents.


iPhone 4 has finally arrived. The iPhone 4 hype was really sinking in. I tell you, Anoti was like a CRAZY man.

2 days ago at 6.40am: (early morning)

"Dear, I can't sleep, I dreamt of Iphone 4, I can't wait to get hold of my iPhone4."

"Chi Seen! Go back to sleep! I need my sleep you know."

Yesterday at 5pm:

"I don't care, I must get my iPhone 4 by no means."

"You are over-reacting, do you want to pitch a tent outside Digi Center?"

"Digi 1Borneo opens at 10am, we'll have to be there as early as 9am."

"Huh? You serious a?"

And today at 9am, we thought we will see iPhone crowd outside the Digi @ 1Borneo like the ones in Maxis KL but thank goodness it is KK, no crowd and our Digi Center and the entire mall was like a library.

Digi @ 9.35am. We waited till 10.08am. The crowd? less than 10.
No doubt, Anoti was the first customer of the day.

After an hour, Anoti walked out happily with 3 sets iPhone 4. (We didnt expect my MIL wanted to get one on the spot, iPhone 4, you are nasty! You must have cast a spell on MIL.

Not much of an iPhone 4 craze over here. Anoti was so thankful that he lives in KK, no long ques, at least he doesnt have to wake up at 3am like Mr Meow did just to get his iPhone 4. What about the rest of you?

Anoti said we shud reward ourselves after ONE year of parenthood. I couldn't agree for more. I hope after Mini Anoti 2nd Birthday, Anoti will buy me a CAR to reward ourselves. *evil grin* Can someone please tell my hubby to put it on his TO DO LIST or Outlook. Thank You!


De'Little Ones said...

Glad to see that you are back blogging.

Wow! Buying 3 sets of iPhone 4. Another one for you?

mNhL said...

welcome back.....

A great rewards for yourself and hubby. Wow...your MIL so 'in'... also know how to enjoy iPhone 4. haha

Marie said...

Ellyn: Of coz, there's one for me. Else my hubby will have to sleep in the living room for weeks. LOL....

mNhL: Wait till u see the Apps in her phone. U will know how 'IN' she is.